Training Update: It’s Full Throttle Prepping for Miami

securedownload3With just 7 weeks to go, I’m already into 5 days of extreme!

I am currently doing Interval Training- This method revolves around high-intensity workouts with a short recovery period. There are many ratios you can use such as (high-intensity: recovery) 2:1, 2:2, 3:2, etc. An example of interval training would be running for 2 minutes followed by a light jog for 1 minute, which is the 2:1 ratio. Since intervals are very high-intensity, short sessions are best, usually from 20-30 minutes.securedownload6

To give the idea, right now I am running 3:1 ratio… In addition to fat burning…. What a great way to improve my lung capacity in addition to endurance!!!

I am sore as ever and loving every minute of it. My training is strong and I am consistent in the conditioning as time quickly approaches. The rush of being back on stage ignites me and the excitement is amazing with the routine and everyone assisting me to make it happen!!!!!! Thank you all!

Stay tuned for my training updates as the event approaches.


Fitness America Universe Weekend is – June 27-29 at Miami Beach, Florida!  Myself and over 500 other competitors from across the world will be competing! This event is the Fitness, Figure, and Muscle Mania pro qualifier!