Theta Healing and Rewiring the Brain

I have used many healing therapies in the entirety of all that I have needed collectively in coming into the place of restoring my life.  ThetaHealing® is about instant change, healing and creating a life of your own conscious choice. You can alleviate or minimize your struggles with issues regarding your health, emotions, love, money, work, phobias, depression, abuse, self-forgiveness, or chronic pain.  This also facilitates changes in the DNA on a cellular level by transforming beliefs held on four different levels.

ThetaHealing® is the fastest way to access and reprogram the subconscious mind that runs 95% of your responses to life.  Harness the power of your mind, make deliberate better choices and know how to take charge of your 95%.

ThetaHealing® was created by Vianna Stibal, a visionary Medical Intuitive and Healer more than 15 years ago. She healed her terminal cancer and healed or improved thousands of other diseases and conditions. She has shared her healing knowledge worldwide and trained many theta instructors. She empowered people from all walks of life including medical doctors to make a significant difference to humanity, find joy and reduce suffering.

  • Core Beliefs – Are what we have learnt and stored in this lifetime
  • Genetic Beliefs – Are inherited from our ancestral lineage
  • History / Past Life Beliefs – Are carried from past lives and from historical data and collective consciousness. These have real impact in this lifetime and need to be resolved.
  • Soul Level – Our souls are still evolving and learning and carry programs from all other levels.

This is the only modality that trains and rewires your brain to be in theta and facilitates immediate reprogramming of limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind.  Re-wire your brain with new life enhancing habits and possibilities. This modality also teaches you how to create wonderful new feelings, connect with your magnificent spirit and achieve healings on the deepest level. This rewires your brain to be in and maintain a theta state at will.

ThetaHealing® is constantly evolving, changing and leading the way, as the expansion of individual and global consciousness grows from the speed of a trickle to a tidal wave. And it occurs in our dream state.

You are empowered to no longer be a victim of genetics or past circumstances. You can choose to be your own genetic engineer, a powerful creator and manifest inner change.

Shift your perspective, your feelings change and a better inner state of being is manifested instantly!