A special thanks to those that are helping me along in my mission

I want to take the time and show my gratitude to the wonderful physicians that have assisted me in my mission to generate greater understanding within the awareness of autism.

Dr. Kathi Morgan-Yaap
Dr. Bryan Hasse DC,FNP-C
Dr. Robert Koppen
Ralph Benedict
Carlos Sandoval
Lisa Fields
Suzy Miller
Larry Allen Lane
Todd Scarborough
Dr. Lance Campbell, PharmD
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Dr. Katherine Loveland
IBFF President Andre Botha
Dr. Mike Yusim
Jodie Bruce

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I am proud to be a Featured Athlete with A-Glow Mobile Tanning services. Please click here to view for more information.

I am excited to announce that I have started a partnership with Hope For Three, a Stafford, Texas-based charity that focuses on providing resources and support for those affected by autism spectrum disorders. Please click here to view more information on Hope For Three.


If you are interested in supporting me on my mission, from raising autism awareness to assisting research programs focusing on autism, please feel free to donate. Your donations are critical in the research and awareness of autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and other autism-related conditions.

Part of your valued donations will go towards the Center of Human Development Research at UT Health in Houston, Texas:

Behavioral and Biomedical Sciences Building (BBSB)
1941 East Road, 2nd Floor
Houston, Texas 77054.

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