September 21, 2014

Star Beings

imageStar Children are highly evolved “aliens” who have “landed” in the midst of contemporary Earth Culture.
Everyone upon the Earth at this time is involved in a historic and special evolutionary unfoldment. Primarily since around the early 1970’s, yet not limited or restricted to this time of reference.

Please allow me to speak about the essence of what Star Children are like, ADHD Issues, Dyslexia, and Depression, as an Intro to some new ideas on what this life will be like.


Star Beings are anything but normal, and they will readily declare that order is not their highest priority in life. Anyone who takes a look at a Star Beings living quarters will verify that. Mostly, they seek the invocation of passion, though the term itself may not have meaning to them. To the adult mind, passion is equal to lust or an intense charge of emotion. To the younger mind, however, the ruling force in life becomes whatever unique blend of mind and emotion that can be compacted and distilled into a tall cup of liquid NOW.

They come in peace.

They are here to build bridges of learning and understanding between our present world and a whole new world that is trying to make contact with us.

Bridges of learning and understanding must go both ways. Unconditionally

Star Children learn best by example. The easiest way to teach them is to actively learn in their presence. As they see you do it, they immediately begin doing it too.

There are no experts where humanity is heading now. Everything is becoming new. The biggest gift that our children bring us is a continual reminder of what it looks like to be open and expectant about life and learning.

High test scores do not necessarily exude that of an intelligent person

One of the most important elements for learning and growth is having enough time to discover what you want and need to learn on your own. In your own time without force.

Star Children are not the possessions of their parents or the society in which they live. They are explorers and guides for a whole new way of being.

We know that we have contacted our Magical Child when our bodies and minds get “turned on” by what we are doing in the present moment.
The foundational power behind sexuality is present and active in people of all ages. It is a creative mindset, an expanded state of being. Its primary components are a healthy curiosity, freedom to explore, and willingness to progressively share self with others.

People are coming together in a collective and joint support systematic way of empowering each other. This induces a shift in the ecology of the body and Endocrine System……which is the body’s natural chemistry….the body’s natural healing source. If we mix up and confuse the “chemistry” of our lives…staying where we don’t want to be, doing what we don’t want to do…..then it will naturally follow …our BODY CHEMISTRY will be misaligned as well. Therefore, it would make sense that the petitioned life for the
STAR CHILDREN to live in an aligned embodiment is in that of a nurturing and a guided life, loving habitant and if there is absence of this, they will lack the self-esteem that would activate the bundle of potential they hold into something tangible and useful in today’s world.
It is those who conform to society and move on into “respectability,” that are essentially feral creatures who simply submit to external restraint. This requires construction of internal walls of protection, in order to protect the inner sanctum of the Star Child Consciousness – the place where motivations are stored and nurtured. Those who find that they simply cannot “sell out” in order to get by, become what psychologists call “behaviorally disordered.” This brings me to
Mention the whole idea of a disease process that is called a “disorder” was invented by human who make their living from defining and changing the attitudes and actions of others. Many of the basic premises and techniques for change used by these therapists and doctors are built from an extremely (heavily logical) paradigm that holds a core belief that order equates with happiness.

Many astute observers, including teachers, parents, child development specialists, and pediatricians have noticed that over the last few decades a dramatic change has been happening in the children and young adults they deal with. These newer children and young adults are brighter but in often non-traditional ways. They grow up faster both physically and mentally. They tackle problems and school subjects in often unconventional ways that work but often leave the on-looker baffled. They are more naturally spiritual but less interested in church-going religion. They abhor violence and tend towards compassion for suffering and misfortune. They often have a fascination with space and life elsewhere, and many feel a connection to other worlds and their peoples as “home” and “family”.
These are the Star Kids, and the Star Seed adults.
A Star Kid may be defined as a child with both human and Star Visitor origins.
The Star Visitor contribution to the child’s makeup may come from:
1) Star Visitor genes spliced into the human parent’s reproductive material, (genetic engineering);
2) from a deliberately-chosen “missionary” incarnation of an Star Visitor into a human body to accomplish important work here, bringing useful awareness and competencies; or,
3) from a “Walk-In” situation in which a human somewhere during childhood or later on begins to die from an accident or serious illness, but the departing human spirit/soul/personality is simultaneously replaced by a Star Visitor spirit/soul/personality, which carries on providing the life-force and completes the lifetime, and imbues that human with advanced abilities.

These descriptions also apply to those who are Star Seed adults.
Some Star Kids do not yet remember any Star Visitor contact until a later time in their life.
These children are special, as their sometimes bewildered and bemused parents know all too well. They often seem to be little adults in children’s bodies. And they often have a gaze and a knowingness that belies their years.
Many years of continuing Star Visitor biological engineering in an ongoing effort to upgrade the Human race have resulted in children whose heads are now often so big that a Caesarian section, or at least an episiotomy, is the only way they can be born. But even though increased cranial size is a rough index of intelligence, even more important is the qualitative increase in Human development. Such areas include: enhanced psychic abilities, the ability to harness bioenergetic (chi, prana) energy and earth and cosmic forces to heal, and telepathic and intuitive linking with others and with Source Consciousness.
One of the most common, if mundane, characteristics of these Star Kids is that often they will cause a street lamp (especially the amber sodium vapor type) to go out when they walk by. This is due to the influence of their body’s bioelectromagnetic field, which has been “amped-up” as a result of contact with the Star Visitors.
These children display skills, such as: telepathy (mental communication), precognition (knowing the future), telekinesis (moving objects by mental concentration), clairvoyance/remote viewing (mentally seeing things distant in space or time), “downloading” information (from off-planet consciousnesses), cross-species communication, penetrating intuitiveness (just “knowing” something without being told), affecting electrical devices (e.g., devices turn on or blow out as the kid goes by), remote-influencing others (telepathically), inter-dimensional viewing, aura-reading (learning about another’s health, intentions, etc. by observing the energy field surrounding them), psychic diagnosis (“reading” the person’s energy field fluctuations), psychic or bioenergetic healing (transferring helpful energy to a person), invisibility work (making self “invisible” (mentally), teleportation (moving self or object from one locale to another by mental effort), levitation (rising from the ground by mental effort), mental influencing (telepathically causing another to “feel” like doing something the Star Kid wants) , earth energy adjustment work, time dilation or contraction (causing events, trips, etc. to take longer or shorter time than ordinary), pre-sensitivity to earthquakes or human disasters like car crashes, interdimensional awareness, astral (out-of-body) travel, channeling (serving as a conduit for a person not present to speak through), shared consciousness (with a Star Visitor guide), operating in close mental connection with their Star Visitor guides, and physically summoning and connecting with one’s Star-Visitor and other guardians.

These children embody physical changes that even they often recognize, such as: robust immunity development (most Star Kids have hardly any flus or bad colds), or, some Star Kids go the alternate path. These alternate-path Star Kids are highly sensitive to environmental contaminants, the sensitivity expressed as allergies, and have low digestive tolerance for certain foods, and develop disorders (labeled as “Asperger’s”, ot “Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity”) which suggest a partial incompatibility between their neurological wiring and the nervous system of regular Humans. And these Star Kids also often have lower basal temperature .Another notable aspect is for their knowing gaze, mature outlook, and appealing dynamic appearance (Star Kids), which most often turns out later in life as looking younger than one’s years (as adult Star Seeds).
These Star Kids are not just psi-savants, and recognize the importance of spiritual connection to Source in reverent consciousness. They also share spiritual insights, explore the connections between the physical (e.g., quartz crystal), the metaphysical (e.g., thought energy), and the spiritual (e.g., creating and transmitting the intention to do good deeds to those in need). Star People reverence spiritual prayer, and respect the underlying spiritual truth in ceremonies from various cultures.
They most often are imbued with a missionary zeal to make people wake up to their highest and best potential. These Star Kids also want to change the world for the better, be it by working for peace, by spreading compassion and kind deeds, by working to heal the Earth’s pollution injuries, or telling people about a larger family we have out among the stars. And what that might be for them.
These are some of the ways in which a Star Kid may be recognized.

In efforts to alleviate confusion as to whether the Star Kids are the same as what have been called “Indigo Children” or “Crystal Children”.
As described by the people who produced the “Indigo Children” label, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, Indigoes are basically children who have attentional, hyperactive or behavioral problems but are quite smart, have strong leadership drive, and are impatient with and have difficulty conforming to dysfunctional social structures, which causes frustration. Indigo children are supposed to have an indigo-colored aura.
“Crystal Children” is another label attempting to describe the new generation of psychic and sensitive children now being born, describing them as intuitive, telepathic, and possessing opalescent multi-hued auras.
“Indigo” and “Crystal” labels are attempts to describe the markedly different children growing up now among us. However, neither label speaks to their partial star heritage. Such an omission is not trivial. The Star Visitors are a key factor in our past and origin, and their coming return en masse will be an historic element of our near future and evolutionary progressions. The Star Kids are coming in now because the Star Visitors have taken compassion on our situation, and are helping arrange that the young ones being born now include the brightest and best.

Energy is the essence of life…
As our star children raise their vibrational frequencies, they will experience a shift into a multi-dimensional awareness, energy, or a shift in consciousness. In fact, this can happen in people who have been on a spiritual path and are able to handle this type of energy shift.

Celia Fenn has written about symptoms that may occur during a vibrational shift, which may include:

1. Sudden extreme sensitivity to people and environments. A person who has previously been sociable and active suddenly finds they can’t bear to be in shopping malls or in crowded environments such as restaurants.

2. An increase in psychic ability and awareness. This most often manifests in the ability to almost hear the inner thoughts and feelings of others. This can be disconcerting if the person imagines that everyone else can also read his or her thoughts and feelings. Also, an extreme sensitivity to negative energy in certain environments or people, including the inability to tolerate someone who had previously been close.

3. This increased sensitivity can lead to panic attacks or anxiety attacks. These can occur at any time, even when the person wakes up at night. Often there is no valid reason for the attack, although the person will often seek to find a reason.

4. People might also find themselves zoning out for long periods of time, just wanting to sit and do nothing. This can be irritating to someone who has previously been very energetic and active. This is just the consciousness adjusting to spending more time in the higher dimensions and less time in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Related to this is the need to rest and sleep for far longer than usual and a general slowing down.

5. Obsessive anxieties about humans being destroyed (by pollution, lack of resources, aliens, technology, etc). This is because multi-dimensional consciousness can access all levels of the group mind, including that part which holds the fears and anxieties about the survival of the species. Since the person is often concerned about their own survival, they tend to resonate with this part of the group mind or morphogenetic field.

6. An obsessive need to understand what is happening, leading to the mind becoming overactive and the person fearing they are losing it or suffering from burn-out. Also, a fear of going mad and being unable to cope with everyday life in the future. Psychologists and doctors seem able to offer very little help.

7. Depression for no reason, or related to the crisis state. This is often just the consciousness clearing out old layers of energy that need to be released. It is not necessary to process or relive the experience, just allow the body to release the energy. Have patience with the process and know that it will pass.

8. Disrupted sleep patterns, often waking up to 3 times a night, or just at about 3 a.m. Again, this is just the consciousness adapting to new cycles of activity. Higher consciousness is often more active at night since the lower dimensions are quiet at this time.

9. Feeling strange electrical energy waves through the body. The Crystal body is incredibly sensitive and feels solar and lunar waves, cosmic waves, and energies from the galactic center. Often these energies are assisting in the process of rewiring the body to carry higher energies. Speaking from experience, I know how uncomfortable this can be. But the body eventually acclimates to dealing with these energy waves. You will probably find them to be more intense around a full moon. The best way I have found of dealing with this phenomenon is to go outside and stand barefoot on the ground and imagine the energy running through your body and into the earth.

10. A whole range of physical sensations and experiences usually related to detoxification. The Crystal body holds no toxins, but allows everything to pass through it. In fact the eventual trick to being Crystal is just to allow everything to pass through and hold on to nothing. This is the ultimate state of detachment. At this stage the body needs to release years of toxic waste, whether physical, emotional, or mental. The release is always through the physical body, which presents symptoms such as intense fatigue, muscle and joint pains, especially in the hips and knees; headaches, especially at the base of the skull; and neck and shoulder pains.

11. Dizziness and spaciness. This is because you are in higher states of consciousness. You need to get used to being at these levels and staying grounded at the same time. These sensations tend to increase with solar flares and full moons as well.

12. Increased appetite and putting on weight. This is because the body needs huge amounts of energy to power this process.

13. The ability to see beyond the veils. That is, to become aware of spirits, devas, Ets, and angels as a reality and to communicate with these. This can be very frightening if the person is not accustomed to this kind of other dimensional awareness.

The purpose of the Indigo to Crystal to Rainbow transition is ascension. We are all ascending to a higher dimension of consciousness and a higher vibrational frequency. This spiritual evolution is often referred to as ascension, or consciously elevating the vibratory rate of our physical and other energetic bodies to the Christ level.

Ascension is about realizing our God and Goddess selves and creating Heaven on earth. It is about embracing who we really are and dispelling the thought that we are separate from our Creator or the Divine. Ascension is also about bringing the higher and lower aspects of our being into complete harmony and alignment with our higher self or higher purpose in life. Every thing in life that isn’t in alignment with our higher purpose will just fall away with this process. There can be a difficult period of adjustment during the process of ascension and some of the adjustments can be hard to view as positive circumstances. This may mean ending relationships, moving, changing jobs, and further changes that may seem unsettling. However, it is necessary for these old patterns to fall away to make room for the new higher energy.

The ultimate goal in spiritual ascension is to align with a higher source and keep vibrational frequencies at a higher level to help you live out your life’s purpose and find the special gifts and talents that you have to offer.
Autistics are advocates in many forms to assist in this process and for love and peace on this planet.

They are mostly born into the Gold Ray of Incarnation and Evolution, which means they have access to gifts of clairvoyance and healing. They are born on the sixth dimension of consciousness, with the potential to open up rapidly to the ninth dimensional level of full Christ consciousness, and then from there to the thirteenth dimension, which represents universal consciousness.

Crystal children’s auras aren’t specifically opalescent, but are octarine, which is a color that isn’t in the normal visual range of human eyes, but is the manifest color of high magic, and on another color octave entirely. They have beautiful pastel hues to them. To the untrained eye, it appears to be without color at all, therefore Crystal, but the extremely high frequency of the energy field is what gives it away.

The first thing you will recognize about Crystal beings is their forgiving nature. They are very sensitive, warm, and caring. Don’t mistake these characteristics as a sign of weakness as Crystal being are also very powerful.

The Crystal being is incredibly sensitivity, which stems from the ability to feel universal consciousness. You won’t be able to hide anything from these being. You won’t be able to lie to them either, as they will know immediately what the truth is. It is important to mention that Crystal being know what is in your thoughts and even more importantly, what is in your heart. This is another reason why they are so sensitive.

Beings with a crystal vibration have the ability to reflect things back to the universe that are of no importance to them. Not only will they reflect this energy back, they will reflect it in such a way that it is stronger than when it was taken in.

Special Note

If you are the parent of a Crystal being, it is crucial that your child take in good energy at all times or as much as possible. Your role is to help these children reflect harmony, peace, and oneness into the Universe. This, in turn, will help all of us raise our vibrational frequencies and help spread peace around the world.

Just as Indigo beings don’t react to guilt, you will find Crystal beings do not react to fear. Fear is prevalent in almost everyone. The collective consciousness of our earth and universe magnifies this emotion. With terrorism on the rise, it is important now more than ever to let go of this age-old emotion. There is nothing to fear in this life, as all is unfolding as it should. Not even death should be feared, as there is no such thing.

Most importantly, do not fear star beings . These gifted youngsters will feel fear and magnify it back. If you have a lower vibrational energy, you may react strongly to these beings with such a high vibrational frequency. Remember that the energy in the universe is changing for the better. As our vibrational frequencies are raised, a collective consciousness of peace and love are emanating into the universe.

Crystal scouts that arrived decades ago came to test the waters for future Star beings. These scouts had much grief. They were different and possibly psychic. It has taken our society a long time to start recognizing these types of people and accepting them. We are all becoming crystalline bodies whether we realize it or not. The continued energy shift that is happening is supporting this energy pattern and moving us all in that direction.

This change in energy or energy shift is definitely wreaking havoc in the world. The many natural disasters that are occurring will continue to occur in the years to come as a result of the energy shift. This is part of the shift. It is important to remember during this time that we all must be good and kind souls. Always help others in need, be honest and kind, and remember your good karma piggy bank.

In time, Crystal beings will help us achieve our goals and understand the concept of oneness. Fear and greed are becoming emotions of the past and will be replaced by peace, harmony, and this sense of oneness.

Doreen Virtue, noted author and expert on Star Children, has written about the characteristics of Crystal children. She says these characteristics may include:

• Have large, communicative eyes and an intense stare.

• Are highly affectionate.

• Begin speaking later in life, but often uses telepathy or self-invented words or sign language to communicate.

• Love music and may even sing before talking.

• Are extremely connected to animals and nature.

• Are often very interested in rocks, crystals, and stones.

• Are extremely artistic.

• Are highly empathic and sensitive.

• Are forgiving and generous to others.

• Draw people and animals near them and love attention.

• Often have good sense of balance and are fearless when exploring high places.

• Often see or hear angels and spirit guides – both their own and others’.

• Dislike high-stress environments with many distractions.

• Dislike loud/sharp sounds.

• Dislike bright, unnatural lights.

• Often enjoy choosing their own meals and/or when they eat them.

• Often speak about universal love and healing.

• Sometimes show healing gifts at young ages.

• Don’t react well to sugar, caffeine, or unnatural foods/chemicals.

• Dislike fighting or refuse to keep an argument going very long.

• Often show strength in telekinesis (or Psycho kinesis).

• Often amplify emotional energies they gain from their environment (such as negative energies).

• Can become uncomfortable when around electrical devices too long (watching TV, computer, etc.), sometimes resulting in a trance-like state.

• Sometimes seem ‘clingy’ to their parents until 4 or 5.

• Often stare at people for long periods of time (this allows them to read a person and find out more about them through their own personal memories and energy).

• Can sometimes be manipulative and throw tantrums if they cannot create a reality that is good for them.

• Are easily over-stimulated and need to meditate/be alone often to replenish themselves.

• Don’t usually have trouble with fear or worry.

• Enjoy discussing spiritual or philosophical topics.

• May appear to be looking at nothing or talking to no one (sign of clairvoyance and/or clairaudience).

Indigos and Crystals work together to tear down archaic systems and build up new ones. Again, parents of these special children need to realize that they agreed to bring these wise and powerful children into the world whose mission reaches out to the globe as a whole and not just individuals or individual families. They are also here to work on the energy grids, raising vibrational frequencies to help facilitate global changes for a more peaceful earth.

It is important to support these gifted young children and to be cautious not to stress them or put them in busy environments. Like Indigos, Crystal children will also help raise the vibrational frequency of their parents. Crystals have a way of drawing other people with the correct energy to interact in a family’s life. Parents of a Crystal child will benefit greatly from these incredible children through their powerful, loving, and creative energies.

Star beings come with their higher level of consciousness, should be considered equals in families regardless of biological age. They should be involved in family issues and be allowed to give options and solutions to problems. Don’t forget that they are on a much higher vibrational frequency

Thus looking at the Vibrational frequency closer it is known to be the rate at which atoms and sub-particles of a being vibrate. The higher this vibrational frequency is, the closer it is to the frequency of light. Your words and thoughts send out a vibration that attracts an experience of a similar vibration. If you send out fear, you attract fear. If you send out love, you attract love.

Everything in the universe is energy and energy vibrates at different rates. You have a unique vibration, which is the product of all of the influences you have encountered. The influences you focus your attention on are those which determine your vibration. Negative vibrations are associated with the lower chakras. Negative vibrations Tips for Building Confidence for those with Asperger’s Syndrome hatred, anger, doubt, fear, jealousy, envy, judgment, impatience, disharmony, imbalance, and insecurity. Positive vibrations are love, harmony, peace, balance, kindness, understanding, and compassion. The negative emotions are not “bad.” We all, at one time or another, experience emotions of a lower vibration. These emotions only become harmful when you base your words or actions upon them. You can feel anger about something and still make a conscious choice to act out of love. When you do this, you are raising your vibration from one of anger to one of love. Changing your thoughts and actions will help raise your vibrational frequency.

Leading into another phenomenon associated with the Crystal being and that there are delayed speech patterns. The fact is not surprising that delayed speech is rising in children that are incredibly psychic. Why would they need to talk when they can communicate with their minds? It is not uncommon to see Crystal children that don’t really speak until they’re 3 or 4 years of age. Most parents are in touch with their children and know what they are communicating. These children may use sign language, sing, or make specific sounds to communicate.

Like Indigo children being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, the medical profession will also label Crystal children. They will say that they have abnormal or delayed speech patterns. Parents should remember to look at the big picture. If children are successfully communicating at home and not having any problems, the medical profession should not try and make it a problem.

The new generation of children of the 21st century cannot be labeled and stuck into a box. Most people are on the old energy grid. It is difficult to try and keep up with the energy and higher vibrational frequencies of the new souls coming here to help us.

It is important that health care professionals update their diagnosis and become more aware of what is happening around them. It may be difficult to understand energy and realize that we are moving past medicine and things that will pull our vibrational frequencies to a lower level. People have been self healing with their own energies for quite some time. This trend will continue and even become more common in the decades to come.

The medical profession should also understand why autism is on the rise. It is higher vibrational frequency, are unable to handle vaccinations and other low frequency agents and compounds. These souls have loose ethereal bodies and the poison from the vaccines literally pushes them out of their bodies. You can protect them by keeping their meridians balanced and purging these toxins from their bodies by whatever alternative medicine you agree with. This may include getting their meridians balanced, chakras balanced, detox therapies, safe environments , energy work, Reiki, or whatever you are comfortable with. It is important to purge toxins from your body within 24-48 hours after giving medicine, especially after giving your children vaccinations. This time frame is when it is easiest to purge toxins and do the least amount of damage to the body. After 48 hours there may be some damage and it will be more difficult to eliminate the toxins.

Crystal beings are among the most connected, communicative, caring, and cuddly of any generation. They are also quite philosophical and spiritually gifted. They display an unprecedented level of kindness and sensitivity to this world. Crystal brings spontaneously hug and care for people in need and yet are aware of maintaining distance too

In the past, the vibrational frequency of the world has not been high enough to support these special souls. The energy shift that is occurring is changing the vibrational frequencies and these frequencies have finally become high enough to support these beings.

The beings of Crystal vibration are what you would consider to be the magical beings with abilities that you may have yet to understand. The attributes of Crystal beings are simply two-fold, they are extremely powerful and yet extremely vulnerable. They are highly evolved beings and have an understanding of what simple energy really is. Feats that you would think impossible may seem like child’s play to humans carrying the crystal vibration. You will begin to see magical abilities in human beings that you have never seen before. Their basic understanding of energy will make it possible to manipulate energy in new ways.

Many Crystal beings can levitate inanimate objects with their minds. They also have problems with electricity and will go through many watches, phones, and clocks next to the bed. This is because their vibrational energy is on a much higher frequency and it effects electrical objects.

Sensitive that they may feel threatened by the harshness of what people are holding in their hearts. Some will find safety in retreating and going within. There are some people who will think this is a sign of weakness and may even attempt to exploit these gentle beings. Let us set your mind at ease when we tell you that exploitation will not be possible. The beings crystal vibration are powerful beyond your understanding. Even though they may have great difficulty understanding and interacting, they will always know their true power and who they are.”

The grandest challenge is their inability to deal with other people’s fear. Fear is based on a belief in lack, and these beings will enter with a belief system that knows nothing of lack, and therefore nothing of fear. They will need help in dealing with the general fear around them, which means that we will need to start dealing with our own deeply ingrained habits of fear, separation, limitation, and lack.

These Crystals and scouts will know how to heal. They can also do this for other people. They know of others like them, because they can sense them within their own minds, but sometimes feel isolated physically. They are in touch with fairies, angels, and multidimensional cosmic beings. They have a hard time finding people they can trust and have learned that it is not always safe to share too much of their world with adults around them. They have great difficulty relating to the self-centered and limited perspectives that human society operates within. Most people find them very threatening in their vulnerability and directness. They feel frustrated because they know they are here to help, but feel that if they unleash their powers to assist the world, it could leave much chaos in its wake.

The difference between Indigos and Crystals lies in their vibrational energies and their auras—Crystals have an even higher frequency than Indigos and their auras contain unique colors never experienced before, or at least not that we have ever been aware of. These beings have strong emotional and spiritual needs and their high vibrations make it difficult for them to participate in the world as it exists. When things get too tough for them, they simply cannot cope and they retreat to the peace and safety of their own inner world.

One aspect of the Crystal energy is that Crystals require a great deal of physical attention, and protection which involves being held and touched in loving and nurturing ways. Crystals are so loving and gentle and they need a great deal of physical contact that is more than just touching and holding. There is a strong energy exchange with physical contact and from that they get the reassurance that they need to know that they are here at the right time, there is love for them, and they will be safe. This will help meet the Crystal needs so that they can be prepared for their journey when it is time for them to begin their work here to teach us the ways of love and peace.

The Star and Crystal beings are moving into our hearts and upgrading our energy systems. The Crystals are helping us to claim our power, expand consciousness and open our hearts, and to anchor ourselves firmly in the new energy grid. They are teaching us to accept our spiritual gifts as our birthright, and to see the creation of miracles as a normal activity. They are teaching us to honor our planet and ourselves and to see the beauty and the wonder and the joy of all creation.

Star beings teach the learning to live from the heart, to forgive and exercise tolerance and unconditional acceptance.