April 7, 2018

Soul Growth


One way to describe what happens to us as we grow is that our consciousness and perception expand. Evolving through the old. unleashing the perpetual patterns of lower consciousness.

We begin seeing  changes necessary and we realize that how we once moved no longer feels right. What was once acceptable to us in our relations becomes unimaginable as a way to relate and no longer resonates from within us.
The exquisite beauty tenders each piece that we identify, the infusing and unifying sets in and expands us further into the beauty of self.
As we radiate the light of awareness and understanding onto aspects of ourselves and of the journey of our soul, our consciousness grows, supporting us in the awakening of love. Unleashing the old and rising our vibrations .

I have been preparing for new doorways as a threshold to our consciousness expanding and holds a key to our love flowing.
Through my eyes serving to activate in congruence as we do the work of embodying these doorways, and go through a process of bringing more awareness to what was previously unconscious. Moving forward and through. The body moving in a powerful way through this discovery path. It is through the body that we can contact what needs to be felt and understand its place in our story.

This work benefits from a container and a guide and heal the energy distortions found within. Shedding understanding how they are created. I have eyes to see energy, not just matter. All matter is energy moving to, bringing us through. Caring for and moving through the physical shift Is necessary in the forward moving process into the next stage.