June 12, 2014

Rise To The Occasion

As the second part of this year has arrived the excitement is back. I am delighted to say that I’ll be back on stage this fall!!! So please stay tuned for the events schedule coming up!! I’m kicking it off here in Houston TX with a little warm up for all my local supporters and fitness enthusiasts



By years end I plan to have my first book ready for Amazon in light of supporting others with autism and family members with autism tools I figured out for myself in order to heal so that they can be empowered in their own healing journey!!

I have a lot of exciting new work changes coming forward in assimilating others in their understanding of the new earth and higher conscious living. The applications intended to support the betterment of the community are so very important for people to come into a higher and expanded way of being from a comprehensive understanding mind, body, spirit.

I will be joining other speakers on many spiritual topics and providing my perspectives from the high light vibration that we are universally extending into moment by moment.

Fitness is my contribution to inspire others. Coming back after injury and insult and rising to the top proves it can be done !!! Do it your in your way. Live in your light!!!
Be Inspired!!! cherish, support, understand and accept unconditionally !!!