June 23, 2014


The best way to ground is to return with nature. When we see an autistic on their toes.
(even the new children whom are not autistic) whom are walking on their toes. Clearly exudes showing an ungrounded state. This high vibrational beings are clear to spot and continue to incarnate into this world. They need kindness of the aware and the ones whom support and care.  A simple way to ground can be as simple to go and sit out in the grass. Connect. Return with nature and the vibration of self. The autistic is a fifth dimensional being and beyond into higher dimensions. Autistics are in need of a facilitator to assist in the grounding process. It is as simple as holding into the wrist of the autie and anchoring the energy body into the ground. There are many healing modalities. They all work. A powerful measure is to remove from the harsh energies of city energy fields.  I live near a very large city of millions of people. I am used to very large cities. The importance of harnessing good energy and grounding into a place to connect with earth is much easier to accomplish in an area that is clear of the city. In order to shift and heal is very hard and even more challenging after a very difficult journey. Surroundings of nature, peace, and the organic elements in life and stillness profoundly aid in the grounding and healing of autism. Immediately upon leaving the large city I immediately had a sense of calm and peace. I encourage any effort to find a tranquil space to harness and ground the energies whether you are autistic or not. Find an area to ground and designate your sacred power energy source location to connect, ground, recharge and heal