September 2, 2018

Pure Essence of Choice , by Spirit, Heart and Soul

i have not posted  in awhile. As I’ve moved through the past couple of years my health took a turn for an unexpected collapse. In the midst of still yet to be the what is unknown. What I do know is that my lungs are shrinking. The cause , is yet to discovered. The regimen each day unpredictable to move me through the unbeknownst is precarious.  As I speak with those whom see what is evolving and changing. I am in the first time of my life softened by them as they step into offer solutions and support to find measures to salvage what we still are seeking answers to.

I know this is the catalyst for change to propel me into the next piece of where my focus will be directed moving forward. The events unfolding in the meantime through this process and experience seemingly bring me into the hopefulness success intended to access the next version of where I need to be and  purpose of my journey.

A lot is changing so quickly. And in some moments I cannot so much, grateful for the awareness of those whom are knowing of me in this reality and have a clear perspective beyond what they see by my form and structure. As my internal environment collapses and I step Into yet another opportunity to improve my health from the past.

Though my heart has been broken into a million pieces at key moments within my lifetime, like many of you, I’m ever aware that I am protected and walk a different path than most. I’ve felt powerfully protected along the way.  Thank you to those that have supported, persisted and insisted that I move beyond and have shown up this time to stay . I am growing leaps and bounds again with this hurdle and so supported by the best humans I know.  At different points throughout my lifetime, I never thought I’d live to see up to this day. My  will to conquer remains steadfast within me with those of you who believe in me and accept  truth of the the way

From this space, It is in this place that  I would like to share that  In order to change our external environment. We must first change from within. You have to be aware that it’s a choice. Or you can’t make a choice.  You have to be aware to move closer to the gift. Or move further away from it. And sometimes certain things show up to guide us to become closer to this rising Phoenix  

It is where  we must see that the connection in the heart is where we also realize we have a mind and intellect. Yet we are not our mind or our intellect.

We are a pure essence of choice, by our spirit, heart and soul .