June 26, 2014

Prevention of Autism Severity Through Conscious Parenting

When we think of autism today and what it has been label as today and what the suspected causes are by the common. One must think more clearly about the grander scheme of what so intended by such challenge in the life experience of a person. Why it is so vastly variant in condition and display from one to another. Is my please to share that I will be launching my first book by years end titled “Lifting the Weifht of Aitism”. The title is a play on words as it relates to my life in the gym and the significance that is for me in this journey and message I bring forth. I collaborated with my dear friend Lauren on the title and must give her due credit there….
The book intends expanding the perceptions of the common into a spiritual understanding of the autistic mind and operations in existence that are not governed by the material world. Yet severely harmed by it and many beings in it. The book intends to give light to parents and friends of autistics purpose and that protecting them is crucial, as well as accepting and understanding what environments and embracing tools in th material plane are of assistance to crate ease and harmony. The autistics purpose is to assist spiritual evolution, and is hope to give a more clear understanding to you in the way of which it is taken by you to evolve yourself higher and in a conscious manner. This book focuses more on individual opinions that are helpful in harmonizing the autistics life and what I have found to assist me. The content doesn’t focus to much on how things became for me and more imptotantly encouraged by this moment of the present. The system understanding and applications in a routine and guided way need to be vastly applied as waves of the crystalline beings continue to incarnate. Application needs to be collective and if parents start in an open minded and embracing position then the ease from early years sets the needed foundation for the autistic to flourish and prevent adversity