My Story

Greetings, thank you for visiting my website. My name is Amber Black, Founder of Autisticfit Society 501.c3. I am GBO Pro Athlete, IFBB Figure Pro and Figure Universe Pro Champion, AADP Board Certified Practitioner and Health Coach. I am a world culture lover — and I live with autism.

My mission and inspiration is to exude an example of my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical commitment to overcome adversity, share about my recovery and create a pinnacle to educate about the importance of support and empowerment to others about my journey with autism.

The life contract I have is to bring forward an understanding about the vast consciousness and how I have been able to anchor that with the physical body. Through my ability to overcome many challenges and move into the rising development in tandem with the body / soul contract I have and stepping into 100% aligned integration that activates my duty to model a new way for humanity and for the planet. It has been through the past decade of self discipline, focus, research, sacrifice, nutrition, exercise, dietary supplementation, and a combination of traditional and alternative medicine, I have been able to heal my life and many of my autistic symptoms. I have dedicated my life to becoming a voice for the autistic community in order to raise awareness and understanding of what life with autism is really like.

As a new time filters through our world I am shifting into bringing forth what autism is really like for me and how I navigate through a routine principled to firmly support holding the frequency in body fully for the rising global ascension process. I am passionate about sharing my experience so that others can begin their own healing process and live a in a high vibrational and rising life.

The expression through fitness and mindful living is that of which serves to exemplify the conscious marriage between body, spirit in a state of matter. Radiating the holographic field that illuminates the permanent physically actualized new human.

In earlier years growing up, I always felt different. For years, I was unable to put my finger on exactly how I was different, but I knew. Others knew that I was different, but it was not widely acknowledged — at least in a positive way. I didn’t understand the surface reality of life and navigating tools to develop and live what many call the social norm. Even though I’ve always been active my entire life — primarily in athletics, — I’ve always felt that I wasn’t like everyone else, I wasn’t treated as such, and truly bringing out the authentic nature of what did makes sense for me began to be covered up as the years progressed. It took an extended period of mental, physical, and emotional hardship and struggle to understand, to accept, and to embrace the uniqueness that makes me who I am.

After years of struggle, overcoming abuse, 15 surgeries and a near fatal infection that took a portion of my left chest muscle, that lead to nerves of the left side of my thoracic cavity being surgically severed. The lack of understanding cognitively what was happening to me and why amd what to do was not in my box of knowing or navigating. Making a connection with my body in space so that it could heal and how I would get through it alone was all I consciously new I had to find the path to. As my endocrine system began shutting down, I realized that moving through the seizures and other traumatic events with no allopathic solutions I neeed to find another resource for answers. As more physically declining events continued  that caused more physical and neurological damage to my ability to preserve my existence. I was aware that as things worsened and my ability to survive independently rapidly deteriorated I asked the universe to show me what was happening to me. For over a year autism presented itself to me. I had experienced so much resistance up to this point and through life that I felt I would further be ridiculed if this was intact the answer in my case. I was not open to this sign at first. As the signs got bigger and louder  and began to research more about autism.  I understood it. Individuals began to surface around me whom were touched with autism in some way. As I observed this and was around it I found I understood it, I learned about many therapies that were used to improve autism and applied it to what was happening to my physical ability to Function again and applied my studies to what I knew my body had been through to heal the physical injuries and trauma codes. I was still on a quest for answers and what was happening to me. After another year of navigating ridicule and having no support I was diagnosed with autism and  PTSD at 37. It came as a complete shock to me. It took about a year for me to really move into accepting this label of autism and what that really meant. It took sometime to come to terms with the diagnosis, however the point of reference it provided me was a positive as a lot of things began to make sense to me and it opened my eyes to a lot of things about my life — from the days before, to the days now, to the days yet to come.

This website is going to be a place where I can share my experiences with others, as well as being a site that people can learn about autism and the associated challenges along with it. My goal is to empower those that have autism and create an expanded perception in understanding autism in such a way that allows people open their eyes to the fact that even with the autism diagnosis, we can still have a functional, healthy lifestyle. It is a vehicle to bring forth an energetic source of life and light vibration through a physical embodiment as awhile to embody understanding about the vulnerabilities that autistics face in life that are in need of consideration in the reality of what that innate sensitivity and truth for the autistic is about in addition to the perseverance of independence and survival and what that is about on a deeper level for our ascending humanity