June 23, 2014

Healing Singing Bowls

Invoking sound healing through singing bowls and that connects soul sound. Emits waves of healing energy and a subsequent release and calm. Combining intuitive voice work with singing bowls creates an experience of peace and refreshment.

Playing Crystal Singing Bowls for each of the seven chakras, the music moves through your entire body. In some settings where people want to join in, songs and/or chants, chosen to nourish the spirit, are used to help the audience engage in singing from and connecting with the soul.

Crystal Singing Bowls have been scientifically shown to help us reach a deep state of relaxation through the stimulation of Alpha brain waves, during which we are able to releasing tension and outmoded mental-emotional patterning at its root.

The sounds of the Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls help to bring deep relaxation and lifting of blocks in the mind body and spirit
Benefits include
Reduced stress
Improvements to relationships
Improved physical and emotional resilience
Improvements in physical conditions
Strengthened relationship with Self

Sound healing is a holistic means to assist the body in healing and into state of deep relaxation through the penetrating sound of singing bowls. In energy sound healing the delivery of the healing sound tone and bowls provides a deeply soothing meditative and healing experience. Many people have experienced deep.
It has been well recognized that illnesses often occur after some kind of emotional stress or trauma. Emotional traumas that are not released, remain as emotional blocks and we react to each other out of them, which contribute to misunderstandings and challenges in relationships. Unhealed events settle into the physical body chronic illness.