December 28, 2014

Framework For Global Raising of Humanity

Humanity has the opportunity at this time to connect in the heart and access higher consciousness and guidance for solutions on the planet. The human emotions and consciousness interact with and encode information in the geomagnetic field. An important contribution that can be provided is with each time we add coherent heart energy to the global field environment, and each time we make a shift within our own hearts to forgive and release old hurts and resentments.
As we generate coherent heart energy of love, compassion, care and forgiveness into the global field environment, we draw more facilitation from Universal Source to help resolve our individual and global problems. It’s a gift to serve the planetary Shift in this way and help co-create peace and harmony on Earth. While our problems won’t resolve overnight, as more of humanity come together with compassionate hearts, then resolutions can occur faster than we might imagine, and in unanticipated ways.
Care Focus – Acting As A Compassion Operative
Center in the heart and breathe in the feeling of love and appreciation to increase your heart energy and coherence. Appreciate the opportunity to serve humanity during this time of the planetary Shift.

Connect in the heart with people throughout the planet who are generating love, care, compassion and forgiveness to help humanity dissipate separation and come together in peace and heart-felt cooperation to create healthy global environment