Brief Miami Update

securedownload1Miami is only 3 weeks away!  For those of you not traveling to the show.  It is live online. See the log on info below.

The Free Live Worldwide Television Show will be featured On-Line, Television, iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android phones. The Live Broadcast happens on Friday, June 28 (9 AM – 10 PM PT) and Saturday, June 29 (9 AM – 11 PM PT).

Watch the Fitness Universe Weekend live at home!

Note :

Please log in 30 minutes prior

I am in the figure pro division.

The schedule is on the website for times.

Media day is Thursday

Events are Friday and Saturday

Update: Prep for Miami

securedownload1Just a quick update on my prep for Miami… I fell last Thursday after rehearsal and tore a ligament in my ankle.  I am staying really low key right now and pacing myself with my injury.  I am still going to do this and I know I can!   I tore the talo-fibula ligament in right ankle.  So it’s been on ice since Thursday and I’m revamping training strategies and new foot work for my T walk.  I am looking good.  That is on track and I am working harder.

Stay tuned for more updates…

Keep Calm and Sparkle!

Good Afternoon!  Just a little update on my training for Miami.workout and sparkle

With just a minor setback of strep, I am keeping in the game through applying mindful strategies to get well and remain steadfast for Miami.  I am healing with special help from Dr’s Kathi, Alexa and Bryan.  Thank you all for helping me feel better.

I will be back in full throttle soon with more updates…stayed tuned!





Welcome to the Team! 1st Class of Elite Physiques 2013 Fitness Competition Team

good pic for oab or avi

I am honored to have been selected as one of the 1st Class of Elite Physiques 2013 Fitness Competition Team. The class of 2012 has already accomplished so much, and with teamwork and mentorship from the Veterans, the 2013 team will be able to accomplish so much more in the future.

The selection process was based on personal accomplishments, attitude, work ethic and the drive to do more than just be a competitor. The desire to become a better athlete and better person is a start, but many must possess motivation to inspire people they come in contact with.

EP stands for class, sophistication, and professionalism. They set themselves apart by conducting themselves as the ‘Elite’ of the fitness competition world. Everyone on the list below has shown these exact qualities thus being chosen to Elite Physiques. Let’s continue making headlines, working together, and making history!

Please welcome the new teammates!!!

1st Class of 2013

Amber Black

Bridget Therese –

Frank Hieden –

Priscilla Gonzalez –

Kaleigh Huff –

Laurie Wolfe –

Tanya Colbert –

Josh Burton –


My Sincere Gratitude for a Very Dear Friend of Mine

I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for a very dear friend of mine, Kerri Cribbs-Smith.    Special thanks to her for really giving me the push to get back into what I love doing.   My gratitude is a small token of how much her friendship has meant to me.  I would like to thank her for her support and believing in me.  I am truly grateful for having a dear friend like Kerri.

 amb n keri framed2

Training Update: It’s Full Throttle Prepping for Miami

securedownload3With just 7 weeks to go, I’m already into 5 days of extreme!

I am currently doing Interval Training- This method revolves around high-intensity workouts with a short recovery period. There are many ratios you can use such as (high-intensity: recovery) 2:1, 2:2, 3:2, etc. An example of interval training would be running for 2 minutes followed by a light jog for 1 minute, which is the 2:1 ratio. Since intervals are very high-intensity, short sessions are best, usually from 20-30 minutes.securedownload6

To give the idea, right now I am running 3:1 ratio… In addition to fat burning…. What a great way to improve my lung capacity in addition to endurance!!!

I am sore as ever and loving every minute of it. My training is strong and I am consistent in the conditioning as time quickly approaches. The rush of being back on stage ignites me and the excitement is amazing with the routine and everyone assisting me to make it happen!!!!!! Thank you all!

Stay tuned for my training updates as the event approaches.


Fitness America Universe Weekend is – June 27-29 at Miami Beach, Florida!  Myself and over 500 other competitors from across the world will be competing! This event is the Fitness, Figure, and Muscle Mania pro qualifier!

2013 Figure Stage Magic Has Arrived

Amber-Black-Stage1-682x1024I’m 9 weeks out from the Pro Figure Stage at The Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami June 28th & 29th .   And fitness training has stepped up a notch.  Managing the rate of the intensity in the grand conditioning plan of my figure this season is carefully regulated.

I picked up my sprints and endurance training this week.  I am in line with the focus for a tighter more symmetrical figure presentation on stage this event as suit fittings and adjustments begin this week.

My world consists in the balance of work, training, diet, rest, daily awareness pertaining to neuro-diversity, and the support network and real life care of my closest friends whom really empower the work horse in me to make this all happen.  It is in the collective orchestration of each of us and the aspects that bring it all together that propels me each day into the excitement that is unveiled as the show approaches.  The example of will and triumph after adversity is the implication for all. The experience still in motion and the language of the beauty in the journey is spoken.

I will be sharing weekly about my fitness preparations over the next two months coming into the PRO figure event in Miami, and how I navigate my life and fitness routine through the excitement and the challenges. It is in gratitude to all of you whom surround me that bring it all together…..