December 27, 2016


Faith is the thing in which we cannot see, belief that something exists with each forward step that makes it so.the kindest of words in the moment when faith is challenged is powerful and that which moves our hearts to action. My faith has truly been tested this year, I have my life, uncertain what would become of that this summer. Pulling through once again, propels me into a paradigm new circle of hope for 2017 to move me in forward motion. Observing the doors along the journey now closed, to allow new ones to open. I do my best, in a way that works for my pace. The surrounding myself with a few close friends believing in me has reshaped me in forward motion and out of the world of life that has been known to me. The clearing out of all that needs to cleared. Opening a year for expanding to a new level. It is a better year for all. To this of you who stayed by me, stayed with me through the scary moments, helping me hold together the pieces from a place of knowing and love. Preserving my strength and standing beside me each way. Here comes another return. Each time I do. I am better for the journey. Time propels us forward on an acids of time that we can step into or stay back in. Here’s to the beautiful ways life embraces good things when we stay in faith and stand by our promises. Be authentic, genuine, and present. Fight for what you love. I hold a wish for you in love, peace, prosperity to all. Be inspired. Be encouraged