March 8, 2016


EMPOWERMENTS are highly transformational experiences purposed to reprogram your DNA and entire energy blueprint into a higher vibrational human template.

I am in the space of the collective AUTISM soul consciousness. I do not have to change and further expand the Authentic piece autism intends. Upon no petition to change the severe things first. The healing sets in by acknowledgement of TRUTH , ALLOWANCE , and ACCEPTANCE of who I am .
In this time on our planet remote energy transference to help you open more channels for Greater Self Awareness and Expression. The waves integrate as they come to you as a ‘field of energy holding you in a transforming container of love’s intelligence. Within this field a super charged coherence occurrence takes place of many people doing this simultaneously, all with unified intention.

The transference naturally integrating into where it is needed of the most and on many levels of your entire multidimensional energy system. It is your Divine Presence that is in charge as it works with your intention for evolutionary advancement. The quickening manifestation of unrealized talents and abilities opportunity is in place.

The holding space of autism highest soul integrity as my highest pillar of light . Many should observe autisms silence as holding the light frequency for the collective in line with God’s Plan. God’s Plan is my purpose and destiny. It is in the unveiling manifestation of my expanding DNA. For most this plan is so hidden it is not easy to find. For the Autistic it is on behalf of us to reveal the means for evolution in the grand path of that which we are as humanity to evolve