June 12, 2014

Big Question

imagePeople ask me, How did this all happen for you?

It is a largely complicated answer with layers and layers.
More importantly I will share that it. Isn’t what happened that’s important it’s the direction of importance that I am heading into
I chose to eliminate any aspects in my life that were unhealthy for me and I turn replaced all of what that was with the following

Devoted myself to allegiance with myself. Knowing that if I had that from within everything would align accordingly with the synergistic frequency ( like attracts like) I had to learn to stay in positive environments and with people who were loving and supportive. I decided to surround myself with people who were participants in life and from a mutual understanding of common regard and higher level of humanity than what I’d known in earlier years.
Creating a different life, not a deprived life or a life where those who were around me ridiculed me and alienated me for being different and forced me into positions and situations not healthy for me
Loving my qualities and each aspect of my uniqueness Awareness and understanding of authentic self Forgiveness of the past and finding allowance in letting go of the adversities in life we have NO control over and moving forward in truth
Accepting Loving who you are completely and without guilt and regardless to the words and actions of others and what that might be
Act as your body’s own health expert and give it what it needs from a responsible position. You are an expert to your body’s needs Trust in your body’s ability to heal without prescription meds and given the proper inner guidance and patience it needs. Commit to the healing journey with a focus that does not waiver the success available in complete restoration of health and in the waves and time that it is needed to be in Staying involved with like minded people in community that you believe in and make a difference collectively Providing new perspective opening steps to change the way one views the world Acting s role model to bring forth support and inspiration to empower another and establishing positive actions and with an open heart embracing love and friendships with an open mind!
Staying engaged with surrounding that nourish my soul and spoke to my spirit is where I vowed to myself that I would land, and anything beyond cultivating positivity in life, any judgement or criticism of or by another is what I chose to remove from my life journey and continue with what is right for me. That’s when things changed for me

Be true to your self. Who you are, And love life as you are. Love and be loved