February 28, 2018





There will come a point in life, when we are sick and completely exhausted of all the masks we’re juggling. For some it’s when death is approaching, and at this time you realize the futility of the masks.
During illnesses our minds can be so tired that it no longer has the energy to create and hold up the masks, so we finally appear in our true being, and others often say, “You look peaceful.” Does this peace have anything to do with freedom?

Innocence is not a weakness, it’s a great strength. Masks are a sign of weakness. Remaining  true to innocence  aligns with life’s stream and therefore will be privy to an influx of well-being and love.

Masks are harmful, creating resistance to life’s natural movement.

We can tell when we’re in the presence of an authentic human being, one who isn’t “putting on a show,” they are just true to their humanness. This comfort is felt because in their presence we can sense our own authenticity and we sense the deep peace this authenticity brings.