September 22, 2014

Autism is more than a challenge:

It is the invitation to a world of friends, opportunities, insights and discoveries. Learn more about the autism community, autistic strengths, and programs, supports, and inspiration to inspire positive living with autism. In my life the adversities I have faced have helped me become stronger. My attention to learn to focus on developing the value and character strength I knew was on a higher level came through observing those who put me down. I leaned towards my own way and trusted the uniqueness that made me who I am. Forgiving, and deleting those who called me names, made fun of me, and accused me of just wanting attention when I was seeking real and valid help while they turned their face, acting as though they didn’t see or know me, or the life threatening challenges delt my way. I was taught that I didn’t have a choice in life and that inhibited my voice. Things I was good at were dismissed as opposed to cultivated and that was harmful to me on many levels of exists thence and confidence. We all have a mission. I chose not to give up, finding a way and within that will forged into healing and surrounding myself with the acceptance of those who were not shadowed by the ignorance of judgment and rejection. This year I turn 40 and through the choice to live in my truth and begin to speak about everything that made who I am and the purpose behind what that is begins. It is enveloped by my friends, the ones who have stood by me in my truth as I developed and healed myself looking at the adversity and overcoming obstacles I came through that were unnecessarily paved by others. Through of all the difficult spots and in applying a steadfast discipline to commit to healing my life, has changed my life and the reality that surrounds me. I am much stronger and wiser because of these moments as horrific as they had been. And they were. One would never even know the story I am soon to share with all of you to help prevent harm to another autistic much less any living being.
The common decency to provide the acknowledgement to care is powerful beyond belief

All in all being wise is having the knowledge to make decisions and solve complex real-world problems has become easier. And within that I strive to helps us to get along with others and realize what’s truly important. Cultivating harmony and integrity with a common support system for each other dispute our challenges and differences with an open mind and acknowledgement to everyone’s life lesson

I see that helping humanity understand the idea of wisdom is crucial for healthy development at the individual level and for the collective community. Whether wisdom, personal-growth, and greater self-awareness come from difficult life experiences or formal education, helping people start looking for the value in difficult situations can offer a fundamental source of strength and power.

Today I am living my life again. I’m doing what I love to do and supported by people who embrace me and the purpose intended. This post is dedicated to those of you who supported me to compete again. Uplifting me in this energy to move passed those who put me down before. Never let anyone hold you from your path. Remember you can be anything you want to be and do what you want to do.