June 17, 2014

Autism Beacon


On behalf of my friend Lyrica I would like share with you a very defined look in her words to describe autism from a unique and rarely found expansion in the comprehension autism truly is. Rarely, beacons of autism in the true sense of what a beacon of light means is found.  People feels the energy when in the presence of the being that chooses to hold this frequency. And those of us upon earth who do carry this frequency have a very unique understanding, and perspective of life.  How we navigate  through and within this world is profoundly auspicious in it’s own right.  Upon a great conversation with my dear friend Alexa (whom is one of the few who saw me for me, and knew I had not had a positive supportive hand in most life who is very special to me) today about what my frequency. What that is for others in the rarity it is and how I can navigate what this frequency intends for the expanded understanding of the expression autism. I would like to share with you that,upon really finally having a point of reference of myself, with myself after many hard years coping end due to the fact that I did not grow up with a support system. For me the relief in the end of the constant struggle, to my life threatening, paradigm-shattering, belief-altering experience in life that eventually became autism burnout in what became a health crisis! Might I share with you, for me it didn’t have to be this way. Had I had support in earlier years, it wouldn’t have gotten to that point. And in saying this. It is because I am not alone, I am many, and more of me exist. Nothing will test you more … no other experience will require so much of yourself. Relentless suffering, pain, heartache, isolation, fear, daily challenges, incomprehensible decisions. It can either break you or make you … I chose my will, and people showed up for me, that inspired my will. A greater understanding is needed, more people like me, need people like Alexa, and the others who have become apart of my life in a genuine and open way, and like you. We need you to understand two very distinct differences about the frequencies that Autistics choose to hold in the experience of their journey. Thank you very much




Here is Lyricas passage and meditation
The AWEtizm Toning Meditation was made available during teleconferences early this year to those individuals who desired to be a beneficial presence and felt strongly that they are here to raise the consciousness of the planet.
Since January this small, yet growing group has toned every two weeks which has solidified a powerful foundation to move into the next phase, which involves what Lyrica refers to as Autism Spark Activation.
All autistics hold the Autistic Spark and many, though not all will choose to “embody” more. The purpose of embodiment is to bring about the truth and reveal autism’s role on the planet. Since the Autism Spark (or the Light of Autism) is such a high frequency gift, it’s too high for most people to receive, and this is why Lightworkers are needed.
Lightworkers can hold the Autism Light and during the toning meditation they can help anchor it into the physical earth plane which will support the creation of a template for all to evolve.
Our toning meditation group consists of Autistics and Lightworkers, and many have already experienced shifts. Participants call (or Skype) from all over the United States, from the east coast to Hawaii, and an international involvement is growing. While some autistics join toning teleconferences in the physical, a huge soul group joins in the nonphysical, through soul traveling.
Gayle and Lyrica have received heart-warming notes from parents of autistic children who share positive experiences related to the toning and are more hopeful than ever before. Additionally, several educational professionals have revealed a sense of enthusiasm and hope, and are relating more authentically to their autistic students and families after reading AWEtizm and joining in the toning practices.
Lyrica has embraced an inner knowing that she walks this planet to assist in humanity’s spiritual evolution. She and her mother have two missions: to bring to light that autistics are higher vibrational souls, and to help birth the Christ consciousness in humanity.
To do so, we need your help.
If you consider yourself an old soul, Wayshower, Lightworker, Starseed or an Indigo child join the AWEtizm Toning Meditation teleconferences, where there is never a fee and always the payoff of raising the frequency of the planet.