June 16, 2014

Acceptance and Openmind

I met up today with a new friend of mine. We shared different things about our life journey and how that journey had brought us into where we are in life. My new friend learned a bit about me today, my journey, and what that has been beyond what I generally open up about. For me the aspects of maintaining positivity and surrounding myself with genuine people, interested people, and those with direction and purpose is whom I surround myself with, and I rarely go into anything that isn’t in or of this moment. Most of what I have learned about what the truth of life for most autistics hasn’t been friendly in the expression. My journey from many early life years was so very different, hard, amd involved a lot of pain that took me into autism burn out. I am an extremely deeply felt person ( most don’t think this of autism) and impacted profoundly by the expressions in the experiences I have. I am profoundly impacted by harsh environments and words and actions of other people. And even more impacted when those who I care about are separated from me, in my world this is an absolutely devastating experience. Many autistics don’t do well with separation, I am one of them and I can attribute that there are no words to describe the traumatic internal despair that ignites. That’s another topic, and the point of this post is to mention that we are all different and have different ups and downs in the journey of life. Stay on the positive note, and what I have to say about my new friend today,
With complete interest and intrigue in what my life is now, why, and in this moment what it is…. I got an inviting text later on that read ….

” I just really like you and want to spend more time with you!! I think you are a really amazing woman and I have a lot to learn from you.”

Upon reading this and in knowing what was spoken of today. The warm welcome this was is the fuel that gives me a place in my world and the expression that it is and with what I have to share about how I understand it lives.

Encourage another and listen. Even if it is different and even if you don’t understand right away. Remember the universe is always on time and people show up unmistakeably. In this I feel ease to speak about what my life has been for me. And to continue to speak into what it’s intended