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August 6, 2017

Appreciation for Foundation of Faith



deep faith that pushes me through and grabbed on years ago; and has been my driving force ever since. One day I’ll tell you about my journey of surrender and how it found me, yet for now- I’ll leave it at my deepest appreciation , and the wisdom and discernment I’ve gleaned from it. For those filled with a lot of faith, a little faith, or none at all- Your journey is yours and yours alone. I’m here for you regardless of where you are in your walk, and to share my testimony of hope, patience, and perseverance to encourage you to keep going. Collectively we are in this together, and I’m appreciative for the foundation of faith I stand on with and for you. Come rain or shine, highs or lows, we’ll conquer this upcoming week just like the rest, each day stronger, better, and closer than before.