Monthly Archives: January 2017

January 30, 2017


Vulnerability is not weakness. That myth is extremely dangerous. Vulnerability is the beginning of innovation, creativity and change. Do what you do best in the development of change 

January 25, 2017

Autism Vantage Point

The Autistic will observe everything, notice everything, including your attitude and integrity toward them

what if the assumption of knowing so much about the autism experience has prevented society from really looking and listening to the autistic ?

join the peace and light of the environment autism intends. Step out of the resistance of the old.

Be helpful. Listen with open heart flow. Forgive with no judgement, choose the dance in a sacred space of being and grace

nourish and repair

love has 4x the power of all else collectively

January 15, 2017

New Spectrum Energy

There is a new spectrum of energy coming to Earth from today that is to the power of 22 times more powerful than previously. This is creative energy flow of God mind.

It is a time of new ways of being and seeing. There is a level of uncertainty to it.

What the future holds is uncertain. Now is the time to Surrender to trust to allow for the changes you desire to manifest with greater ease and go beyond what Is possibly imagined.

Now is time To use our mind to tap into this flow and vision and create so much more powerfully. The secret is that it will become easier and easier without us seeming to do anything.


January 14, 2017

Chemical Pool


we attract what we need to heal through  the chemical projection of  that which our soul seeks for us to experience. Trust the chemical pool. It is that space when we have an open heart where opportunity for the atoms to expel the chemical memory of the old to allow for our atomic expansion for manifesting the new. The desire of the soul.

January 8, 2017

Times of open hearts


We are in a blessed and Holy time of enormous transformation and the opportunities to ascend to great levels of Love. You will feel the many ways of this transformation consciousness at this time and years to follow, some may seem overwhelming and foriegn, be sure to allow this process and embrace every gift of God’s within it For this will miraculously enhance your re-perceiving concepts of all we are here in God’s light of love and all that you can be herein. Open your hearts to truth and allowance of receiving and it will move you away from the veils of untruths and illusions, we have all been apart of here as humans. The ultimate gift you will receive: is the knowing of God’s great Joy. Allow this amazing love into your hearts and feel the elation of presence.

January 3, 2017


Evolution requires vision and collaboration and multiple partnerships with aligned interest. Keep those who embrace you close, stay focused on the goal and among those who care of you with genuine intentions