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December 4, 2016

Challenges and the 9 Cycle

We are approaching the closure of a profound and challenging year, and a nine year cycle. Here it is – the moment to allow your soul a complete exhalation, to release all that you choose not to take with you into the next cycle. This is the time to ditch the ways of thinking and being that do not honour your beautiful divinity. You can choose what you wish to nurture and grow in your heart, your mind and the world. Now we plant those seeds with care.

If you feel you are a crossroads, that the old life you have known, or the person you have been is somehow coming to an end, and you are yearning for a new way to be you and live your unique journey, know that you are supported by the Universe and you are meant to be making this sacred transition now.

The Gemini full moon falls on 13th – 14th December, depending on your time zone. This full moon invites us to open up and confront our fears about what is happening in our lives, and in the world with lightness of heart and playfulness in spirit. When we think about the gravity of many situations in the world, this may seem inadequate to the task, yet with lightness of spirit, our creative resourcefulness, energy levels and inspiration increase. We have more power to help lift each other, to encourage, to generate the hope necessary for us to take action on what matters most.

When we open our hearts to the light, we aren’t denying problems, we are saying to the Universe, “let’s find a solution outside of the current paradigm of suffering. There is time to be inspired, energized and uplifted to conquer the darkness in the world with love and creativity. Show me how to live in a way that can help the world as I courageously use all of my gifts and talents. Let’s transform what isn’t working for all into a solution infused with divine grace.”

Together we are building a world for all – we can do that with fear in our hearts (and we have daily evidence of where that leads us) or we can try a different way. Tapping into joy – through gratitude, appreciation and reverence (for love, for courage, for divine beauty, for laughter … ) opens the heart. When the heart is open, it can lead, create and empower. We become able to pray with conviction and divine demand rather than pleading and doubt. An open heart encourages us to take action, to care enough to vote with our wallets, supporting business that supports what we believe in. We are inspired to use our words to encourage and show a different way. We have the strength to be honest and real and yet we are anchored enough in our divinity not to be overcome by fear, anger and hate. With our hearts open, we can empower a new world order together, based on respect, affirmation and care for each other, rather than exploitation at any cost.

Each one of us has the power to call loving divinity into our own lives and the world. There are moments when it may seem like the problems are too big to change, that everything is just going to remain the same. But when we refuse to remain the same, the world must change. No matter how crazy the world around us seems, the creative resourcefulness of the divine working through our willing hearts is far more powerful.

Whether you want to make changes in your personal life, or you are a visionary activist hungering for the way to activate your soul purpose and birth the new world consciousness, this month is your time. Now is time to let go of what isn’t working. It is time to believe in the power of new beginnings. A time to create space for what will lift you – and all of us – rushes into our hearts and ignite love’s empowering grace in the world.

May you be one who is encouraged and encourages, brings energy and receives it, uplifts and is uplifted, creates hope and remains hopeful. May we claim the divine love that allows us to become an influencer, not just one who is influenced, and may our influence be helpful, effective and ever-aligned with divine grace.

Wishing you such sweet blessings and beautiful divine light through this month of transition, paving the way for the new and blessed in your heart, and the world. You are so very needed. And so very loved

December 3, 2016

Grace and Moral Example

We all go through times when we feel as though life is leaving us in the dust. Our instincts may tell us to panic, or to push ourselves harder. We berate ourselves for not going fast enough, not trying hard enough, or not being good enough. The transformative process that we move through as we transmute the energy of change that raises us in our service of higher realms

“A leader is best when people barely know that he exists.He is the teacher who succeeds without taking credit. And, because credit is not taken, credit is received.”
— Lao Tzu, 6th Century BC

Benevolent leaders are those who create observable benefits, actions, or results for the common good. Grounded benevolent leadership observed based on four streams of creating common good in organizations; morality, spirituality, vitality, and community. Another contribution is the development construct of benevolent leadership. Measurement composed of four dimensions: ethical sensitivity, spiritual depth, positive engagement, and community responsiveness. The next contribution is of empirical nature; the exploration of potential outcomes of benevolent leadership ; affective commitment, and organizational citizenship behaviour.

Benevolent leaders exemplify whole-hearted and genuine actions at work that benefit people around them. Therefore, they navigate by means of love based intention by imperial nature for highest potential outcomes. They reinforce potent catalysts to produce great change. Leaders of high ethic demonstrated a level of integrity that emphasizes their trustworthiness, and this trust enables followers to accept the leader’s vision. Moral leadership means following through with promises made, owning up to mistakes, living with grace, making decisions that respect the rights and dignity of others. #benevolence #leader #vision #dignity #morals #trust #trustworthiness #love #wholehearted #soul #genuine #community #explore #spirit