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December 31, 2016

Train of Life

Life is like a journey on a train, with its stations, it changes routes, there’s derailments along the way! At birth we got on the train and we have our parents, and we believe that they will always travel at our side, but at a station or more, they will be leaving us on the trip alone… In the same way other people will get on, and they’re significant: joining passengers that are our brothers and sisters, friends, children and even the love of our life. Many will fall and will leave a permanent vacuum… Others are so unnoticed that we barely notice their now vacant seats! Some will stay in the coarse unwaivering through the winding trips.  This journey will be full of joy, sadness, fantasies, hellos and farewells… Success consists in having a good relationship with all the passengers, giving to the best of our capability… within This great mystery for everyone is that we don’t know in which station we will drop off on, and on some stations we can choose to renew or continue to the next station. Each station point allows for us reflection that we must live in the best way: loving, forgiving, offering the best of us… Then when the time comes to get off and leave our empty seat, leave beautiful memories to those who continue traveling on the train of life! Always wish that the train travels better every day, full of success and giving lots of love, and above all giving thanks to God for the journey…! Thank you for being passengers on my train.

Happy New Year! Here’s to 2017 !!!

December 27, 2016


Faith is the thing in which we cannot see, belief that something exists with each forward step that makes it so.the kindest of words in the moment when faith is challenged is powerful and that which moves our hearts to action. My faith has truly been tested this year, I have my life, uncertain what would become of that this summer. Pulling through once again, propels me into a paradigm new circle of hope for 2017 to move me in forward motion. Observing the doors along the journey now closed, to allow new ones to open. I do my best, in a way that works for my pace. The surrounding myself with a few close friends believing in me has reshaped me in forward motion and out of the world of life that has been known to me. The clearing out of all that needs to cleared. Opening a year for expanding to a new level. It is a better year for all. To this of you who stayed by me, stayed with me through the scary moments, helping me hold together the pieces from a place of knowing and love. Preserving my strength and standing beside me each way. Here comes another return. Each time I do. I am better for the journey. Time propels us forward on an acids of time that we can step into or stay back in. Here’s to the beautiful ways life embraces good things when we stay in faith and stand by our promises. Be authentic, genuine, and present. Fight for what you love. I hold a wish for you in love, peace, prosperity to all. Be inspired. Be encouraged

December 26, 2016

Taking Inventory




Grace shines through every pure heart, the realized intent to be positive and uplift another. There is so much to be thankful for. If you feel like there’s more upheaval than uplifting, perhaps its time for a paradigm shift. Release the resistance.  Take the time to inventory all that is right with your life. If you feel that today isn’t a meaningful day, shift your thinking. Begin with the fact that you’re still here. Remove taking the fact that your still alive for granted. Every time you wake up God is giving you another chance to change your life,  make new choices. Call those things that are not as though they are. Focus on what is good in life,  benevolent and cultivate moving into all that propels you forward with those in aligning vision. Take on an attitude of gratitude. Instead of waiting on something to happen, make something wonderful happen. Be humble, be present in the moment. Find solutions, make solutions, eliminate the stumbling blocks. Watch gods will open doors for you !!!

Make it your mission to bless yourself and everyone around you. Make it your mission to leave the past behind. Right now, give yourself the gift of perfect peace. Forgive those who’ve hurt you. Let them go. Let honor in, as ego isn’t apart of your future. What ever you declare, you will have. Keep those who support you near you. Recognize who listens genuinely and cares to be involved. Starting now – start speaking blessings over your life. Embrace yourself. Embrace those whom surround you. Know who they are !! ”let someone Know you love them. Each day let them know.  Be there, be present. Speak words to them “I Love You,” You will reap what you sow. As you do unto others, it will be done unto you. From God, to you, through me! Through all. Always touch a person in their life in a way  that’s positive and uplifting. Follow through with your promises. Follow through with actions.

December 22, 2016

An Elaborate Labyrinth


Here’s to you who know, this is for you! To those of you who will come to know this , this is inspiration for you. To those out there who do not believe or communicate with us. We are here Inspired by encouragement, support, love, acceptance, guidance, and the means to do so without ceilings and limitations on what humans are capable of.

“Our mind is an elaborate labyrinth”.

Three words we all need to live by: Patience. Patience. Patience.

View autism as a different ability rather than a disability. Look past what you may see, what you think you know vs what you know. Look past what you see as limitations and see strengths. I may not be What you expect. Or be what you don’t, yet have you noticed that I don’t lie, cheat, or pass judgment on others?

All that Autistics might become won’t happen without a positive and solid foundation. Be an advocate, be a guide, love Austtics for who We are and we’ll see how far we can go.

Here’s to all of you!!! Those of you who have embraced my journey and pulled me from the story

December 16, 2016

Love Surprises


Special thank you my fiend in Singapore “DJIMI” @ Fitharmonik for this great surprise poster and always for your support and kind sentiment !!!

December 15, 2016

The Heart of Savants

The uniqueness of each person with autism makes the experience of living with autism different for each courageous soul who has chosen to be on the journey. There are some consistent themes, There is the ability to hold and process quantities of information, both verbal and non-verbal. Proven in studies that found that prodigies scored high in autistic traits, most notably in their ferocious attention to detail. They scored even higher on this trait than did people diagnosed with Aspergers.

The empathy in autism , and those ties that bind people into relationships wi those with autism are key love elements in a new expression.
Love, the expression where exploration is a crucially important role that empathy plays in all of our lives. That nurturing bond is made possible by empathy, the remarkable ability to love and to share Open heart feelings . If even with one person.

Autism brings forth a connecting knowing component bridging and teaching love -essential both to human happiness and for a functional society, and through this process reflects how it is threatened in the modern world. Activating higher qualities in the souls of those whom spirits lead them to an experience close to the love nature gifted to them that they seek to have in life.

The unseen nature of that bond Runs deep where the unseen divinely shines in such away where all magic illuminates the heart.
Autism is beyond the Savant syndrome many share it to have the capacity to encompass. The radiance of peace and love in the sensitivity from with in the heart is loyal from a place that offers a new way of knowing love, care, devotion and gentleness.

True Friendship

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Be yourself, fill your life with good people, and don’t get a big head. It can all be gone tomorrow.
It’s really important to have those people in your life who encourage you to be better, and different. Uplift you, care and support you unconditionally in such a way the soul and spirit of your being soars.
A truly genuine person will speak truth, act with truth, follow through and stand for Truth. A truly good person is not afraid to connect and think from their heart; allowing nonconformist decisions, viewpoints, and perspectives to lead their life. By following their heart, they stand with their conscience, and only with God.” The impact in life that is so important is to be sure to get your surroundings as well as yourself into an atmosphere of nurturing and care – meaning … Surround yourself with good people who participate, encourage and love you. … Life, Wisdom, Smart …meaning surround yourself with positive people, not the kind who are negative and jealous of everything you do.
The journey of an autistic path is to shed light where transforms of lower energy has been set in ones reality. Here it where we are vibrationally sensitive to negativity and unkind accusations and projections when it has taken a toll. Society must remember we operate as light generators, bringing in a higher frequency charge to neutralize the distortion, allowing the energy to re-pattern into a more harmonious state. This experience highlights the process of what autistic individuals are doing on a much larger scale. Once a divine partnership steps solid into its purpose, the unseen powers of the universe begin to operate in its favor.
The alignment of honor and place filled with grace of true high light vibration and connection. All that is required on the human level is for the partnership or union of souls to hold its own truth, follow through with action, integrity and purity, adhere to the highest good for all as its guiding principle, and operate under the charge of love as power generator.
Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.
People that are real friends who follow through with promises and respect the value of true friendship connection made

You are today what yesterday’s choices have made you. Make decisions that will not only impact you positively today and that will allow you to be successful in the future surrounded by true friendships.

December 13, 2016


The full moon tonight is not only the last Super Moon of the year, but also part of a mystic rectangle configuration. This alignment of planets is seen as a gift from the Universe supporting our growth with a wave of uplifting blessing. When we do our part to open up to that, it’s like our soul is paddling to catch the wave. Our own efforts are enhanced by the alignment, and with this spiritual boost, we make some mighty progress on our path.

In this mystic rectangle, four planets bring messages by spirit. The full moon in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. This reminds us that we need lightness of heart and a willingness to trust and act upon our intuition, being practical and grounded but not crushing hope for new possibilities with the sort of pessimistic ‘realism’ that isn’t the reality that any of our hearts wants to create in this world. Grounded and down-to-earth? Yes. Soul-crushing defeatism before we even try? No!

The Universe is encouraging us to find ways to use our inspired, off-the-wall individuality and willingness to be the leader in our own lives (that takes courage!) to be one of the ones increasing harmony, beauty and social justice in the world. It is the opportunity to truly embrace the weirdly wonderful you and bravely take the next steps on your path, realising that when we do this, we are able to benefit the collective far more than if we tried to force ourselves to fit in, losing the creative power of our individuality in the process. Dont be afraid to forge ahead, doing so with a peaceful, loving purpose in your heart.

December adds up to a 13, which in traditional numerology would be added and turned into a 4 month, a month to ground and set plans, and also balance our mind and body for greater wellbeing. Now what is even more inspiring is the unconventional interpretation of the 13 which Higher Guidance shared with me, that it is the divine feminine master number.

From this perspective 13 is the number of lunar cycles in a year, the number of Magdalene the 13th apostle, well, more on all that later! What is also amazing about 13 is that it is a circuit breaker.

A 13-way symmetry for completion of a great cycle the date is essentially the next as the cycle begins again. As this nine year cycle is finishing on a 13, truly breaking the cycle, ending an era and bringing closure to karmic patterns, freeing us to accept far more delightful possibilities in the cycle ahead with beautiful divine synchronicity.

December 10, 2016

The label

Autism, Our being tossed in the world came by a choice made before us.
That choice led us to an existence of choice points for our own journey and to enhance the lives of others whos souls were ready on a deeper level to develop, and needed an activator. In such choices we were led to blessings or curses. In the midst of absurdity we continue to have choice points of what we think, what our attitudes will be. For some choice becomes freedom, for others it leads to a bondage. Many remain on the razors edge for a time, inevitably forced to choose. It is in the opportunity of the next choice points bringing light in changing their patterns and cultivating a new life cultivated in a new way nourishing their soul and development enabling moving forth. Thought finding that the entire universe and all forces of nature have become part of the expanded process. That higher sense and connection to self responsibility, responsibilty of action towards others and soul realization is an eternal evolutionary process. Intrinsic, and forever. What is required on the human level is for the partnership or union of souls to hold truth, integrity and purity, adhere to the highest good for all as its guiding principle, and operate under the charge of unconditional love and acceptance.