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August 21, 2016

Real Friendship


Friendship, like philosophy, like art, like the universe itself … has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.” Within the poetic beauty of this sentiment crumbles into untruth for anyone who has ever been buoyed from the pit of despair by the unrelenting kindness of a friend, or whose joys have been amplified by a friend’s warm willingness to bear witness.

August 19, 2016


No other forgives with more grace and love than star child

Crystal child began to appear on the planet with main purpose to take humanity to the next level in evolution and reveal to us our inner and higher power. Crystals function as a group consciousness rather than as individuals, and they live by the Law of One or global oneness. Bringing in new higher integrity energy for new world order. And are advocates for love and peace on this planet.

We are mostly born into the Gold Ray of Incarnation and Evolution, which means we have access to gifts of clairvoyance and healing. A place born on the sixth dimension of consciousness, with the potential to open up rapidly to the ninth dimensional level of full Christ consciousness, of 28000 Herz and then from there to the thirteenth dimension, which represents universal consciousness.

Crystal children’s auras aren’t specifically opalescent, yet are octarine, which is a color that isn’t in the normal visual range of human eyes, but is the manifest color of high magic, and on another color octave entirely. Exuding beautiful pastel hues to them. To the untrained eye, it appears to be without color at all, therefore Crystal, but the extremely high frequency of the energy field is what gives it away.

The first thing you will recognize about the individuals is their forgiving nature. They are very sensitive, warm, and caring. Don’t mistake these characteristics as a sign of weakness as Crystal are also very powerful.

The Crystal is incredibly sensitivity, which stems from the ability to feel universal consciousness. You won’t be able to hide anything from them. You won’t be able to lie to them either, as they will know immediately what the truth is. It is important to mention that Crystal know what is in your thoughts and even more importantly, what is in your heart. This is another reason why they are so sensitive.

The crystal vibration has the ability to reflect things back to the universe that are of no importance to them. Not only will they reflect this energy back, they will reflect it in such a way that it is stronger than when it was taken in.

If you are around a Crystal , it is crucial that they take in good energy at all times or as much as possible. Your role is to help them reflect harmony, peace, and oneness into the Universe. This, in turn, will help all of humanity raise up vibrational frequencies and help spread peace around the world.

Just as Indigo children don’t react to guilt, you will find Crystal do not react to fear. Fear is prevalent in almost everyone. The collective consciousness of our earth and universe magnifies this emotion. With terrorism on the rise, it is important now more than ever to let go of this age-old emotion and belief system. There is nothing to fear in this life, as all is unfolding as it should. Not even death should be feared, as there is no such thing.

Most importantly, do not fear a star child, we will feel fear and magnify it back. If you have a lower vibrational energy, you may react strongly to these children with such a high vibrational frequency. Remember that the energy in the universe is changing for the better. As our vibrational frequencies are raised, a collective consciousness of peace and love are emanating into the universe.

Crystal scouts that arrived decades ago came to test the waters for future Star child. These scouts had much grief. They were gifted and psychic. It has taken our society a long time to start recognizing star child and accepting them. Humanity is becoming crystalline bodies whether it is realized or not. The continued energy shift that is happening is supporting this energy pattern and moving all in that direction.

This change in energy or energy shift is definitely wreaking havoc in the world. The many natural disasters that are occurring will continue to occur in the years to come as a result of the energy shift. This is part of the shift. It is important to remember during this time that we all must be good and kind souls. Always help others in need, be honest and kind.

In time, Crystal child will help humanity achieve goals and understand the concept of oneness. Fear and greed are becoming emotions of the past and will be replaced by peace, harmony, and this sense of oneness. In time the worlds spiritual poverty will become spiritual wealth.