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June 17, 2016


“Forgiveness is a spiritual process, which requires faith, Not necessarily faith in a higher power, the faith that hearts heal. The body restored completely from injury or illness on all levels of creation. True friendships exist. It is faith that we have all the resources to recover and be loving and compassionate once again. Faith in the knowledge that true healing is not about reclaiming yesterday but fully opening up to today.”

June 13, 2016



?Special thank you to everyone who has embarked on my journey the last few years returning to the sport I’m passionate for. After the decade long dedication in restoring my health from a place pre diagnosed with autism and suffering a severe infection that nearly took my life and a portion of chest muscle. I am an overcomer. With the focus and determination to have all of the discipline and background I needed to figure out how to heal my injuries and the entirety of my mind, body and spirt template collectively in the functional space of the human expression. It’s my honor to share my latest victory. Here’s to those of you who stepped in with me the passed few years that recognized, understood and cultivated learning and growing with me along the way. As a coach when I help people i have to be brutally honest with them. Make them see their strengths and weaknesses. Within the inspired journey of recovery there is so much more to shape that is In store to work with and to come to know. One must own what is earned and always be hungry to expand, honest with self and enjoy the ride for the sake of the ride.

The acceptance I have I come to know in overcoming 15 surgeries, years of seizures from the trauma, recovery of severed nerves on my left side. Collectively with the impact of the aspects many know that come along with managing autism symptoms and functioning harmoniously in a sensory sensitive reality is a unique road.

This last event was a victory on many levels. Trusting my body to be able to do again after 14 years to what had been lost to injury.

Stay true to your dreams and those who recognize you will show up for you. And it shows. Stay humble and hungry. The years develop and shape character. Essentially exhibiting that kind of body of this collective mental, physical and emotional discipline.

Thank you all for embracing my hard days, strong days and backing me up so that I can do my part. It’s my honor to move into a new chapter and essence of my life journey ?