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April 8, 2016

ASIHW Essential Protiens

Special Accolade to my good friend Ralph Benedict
founder of
ASIHW Essential Protiens
ASIHW Essential Proteins provides essential proteins for healing (nervous system, blood-brain barrier, gut etc.), immune factors for the immune system (to help keep it in peak condition and minimize oxidative stress from immune reactions) and all three direct precursors for building glutathione to aid in defense against oxidative stress. This is similar to the nutrition obtained by the infant during normal breastfeeding and should assist in reducing the harmful effects of oxidative stress. It may also provide the essential nutrition for healing recovery. It is recommended that concurrent standard treatment therapies for psychological issues or other treatment protocols be additionally utilized for optimal improvement for an individual with ASD. Additional nutritional therapies are also recommended.

ASD is a complex subject. Monitoring of oxidative stress may provide useful markers to determine or maintain a more effective treatment course of an individual that has been diagnosed with ASD. Resolution of that oxidative stress may assist in prevention and/or healing of ASD. Results will vary with each individual depending upon factors such as age, damage already present, development level (gestational periods and age), environment, nutrition and other factors present for the ASD individual.
The important role glutathione plays in an autistic individuals health and well being.

Ralph has generously provided me with this immune system building, muscle repairing and glutathione generating product for the past couple of years to help me manage life with autism and reduce oxidative stress to enhance my training potential. Please visit or contact Ralph for more information and clinical data to improve your quality of health. Ralph Benedict
(281) 461-7007 (Office)