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March 28, 2016

Florida Wheelchair Nationals CJClassic 03/19-2016


GREAT TO BE A PARTICIPANT THIS MONTH IN FLORIDA NPC FIGURE MASTERS. The journey for 2016 is here. I am excited to announce many partnerships and dates for where I will be competing and celebrating fitness with. To all of you joining me in this moment. May I give crests to Sankiglobal for the gift of wellness same opportunity brought to so many internationally. Our journey helping others in service to increase better health is an honor.

Geigerman Lecture Houston April 7th

Greetings Dear Ones
It is my pleasure to share on behalf of my dear friend Dr Kate Loveland PHD at
Landmark Charities Professor of Autism Research and Treatment
Director, C.L.A.S.S. Clinic (Changing Lives through Autism Spectrum Services)
Training Director, UTHealth Doctoral Psychology Internship Program
UTHealth | The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston | McGovern Medical School
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences/ Center of Excellence on Development and Psychopathology

The upcoming Geigerman Lecture is April 7th, 2016. I would greatly appreciate it if you could make this flyer available to those you think could be interested. This is a series on adults with autism that is free to the public. I look forward to seeing you there


March 10, 2016

Consciousness Rising

It appears that autism advocates say it is a devastating epidemic in which no one wants to take responsibility for.
In a world lacking in soul, should one consider? Autism is an epidemic due to the fact that this world has grown cold. Additionally to the idea of the soul and what powers it has on life as we know it to be in the material world. Autism will continue to be a among us as long as mothering and fathering of a child is a problem for the people dealing with the unwanted or neglect in the birth of a child. How you choose to handle everything has to do with the consciousness of a child when it comes into the world. Not every human being is sensitive to dealing with the denial that occurred before they were born. Not every baby soul being born is capable of handling the fact that the very life that it springs from was looked at negatively and in the way of their parent’s current lifestyle.
The sins of our fathers and mothers gets handed down to the next generation to deal with. What we hope for is that this generation is better at handling pregnancy than the previous generation. In 2012 it was a time for people to get out of consciousness way so that life could move forward and we could get the dilemma of making a better way for unprepared for human life to be born into the world Not by design is this a means to point the finger at the guilty parties or to make generations of children feel unwanted or unloved. It is the self is looking in on the self and the world that it has created. We have come to show you yourself. A child is born ready or not and is the result of sex between to consenting adults, we can only hope. The point is that “wanted” or “unwanted” energy or presence premise is real and in the air. It is part of the parents’ aura and the unborn child’s aura. It becomes a part of the unborn soul’s energy long before conception is even being thought of.
Like the first people of earth living in a material world and hearing the world is not flat, but that it is round for the first time, so too will this information shock and surprise and may even hinder all communication to some effected areas of science and people as we know it. The soul exists and we are all a part of it, connection can be made to a young soul before it even knows it will be born. Connection and learning of the home it is expected to be born into is also learned of and felt by the young soul.
Awareness is occurring. Some are evolving more quickly than others. Maybe you have heard of Indigo children. The Star Children of advanced awareness and sensitivities being born into the world. Here to tell the world their message, and simply the ones to bring the message. Please do not hurt or harm the messenger. No one needs to act in feeling as if to need to run and protect all life. Just listen, ingest and proceed in time with what the world needs now love for all human beings, born and unborn.
The soul, the consciousness does exist in the world. We are all here to help each other evolve. Some are more ready than others. Some will call it blasphemous and leaving the church while those who already here are aware have been waiting, are ready for further information and instruction. The moment one begin to communicate through higher vibration and thought form then there will come to be the moment to realize that all things have consciousness. Children and adults of autism are able to communicate and give accurate assessments of people and the environment. We are not here to judge, we do not comprehend hate.
Being highly aware and highly sensitive in consciousness allows opportunity to be able to have glimpse into other dimensions once thought to be unknown to anyone in the material world. What is known as “the veil” was always the obstacle to moving into areas and having access to it. The veil is your own consciousness and openness to perceive.
By way of consciousness a human being has the ability to see what environment, their parents, the love, as the construct of the life they are going to be born into before conception. Autisim is a frightening word to a parent. Autism does not need to be feared and being mindful of the challenge of the environment of the autistics is important and gives definition to the self-esteem and to the energy that will surround as he or she grows and develops in the world
Some analysis has shown that the way that autism is defined would change the charactistics of how the labeled illness itself is diagnosed, and how the children growing up in it are perceived. The symptoms of what already existed, the dynamic between the mother and the father and of the circumstances for the child to be born. These are new revelations for our time. Revelations that are long overdue. Being responsible for the energy you present in the world to other human beings does have repercussions.
Babies and children who are more sensitive will have full or some recollection of the experiences surrounding their presence, their birth announcement. Some autistics who are not so aware will only have experiences of low self-esteem.
And as Not every experience is a scientific experience. Not that science doesn’t find or experience what they feel to be biological references as to why the anomaly called autism occurred. We know that energy has an effect on water, and on the body, the hearts, blood and cells. The message may be a painful one but the role of intuition and consciousness is not viewed by science and culture as existing. Life needs to move forth, to evolve into a space and time where we place importance on this part of existence.
The times we live in are changing. The way women are treated and left to their own to experience child birth is upgrading. Treatment towards each other and the birth of a newborn child must transcend what has been an archaic view of the roll of women, the roll of a male, the roll of parents, the roll of consciousness of all living beings, and the roll of the baby being born. There is more to this material world the one in which you can only see what is physically before you. The time has come for all of humanity to revel in this new found glory.
What is said and done in the dark really does have a light to it. This experience of consciousness intends change for the world at large for children and for women. The overview of autism that defines the child/adult are characteristics that also define a child that has experienced emotional trauma, abuse and abandonment. The reason for the increase of autistic children in today’s community cannot be denied any longer. Autism demands attention. It Refuses conformity. We are Star children we are real and with soul, and the demands and the burdens of parenting are real for the young. The new research will show that the responsibility of women to their own bodies and the roll of men toward women will change.
The burden society carries in how women and young girls are perceived in the media will change and responsibility will step up and be recognized. The responsibility does not fall soley on the government and healthcare to make the transitions but with each human being as the awareness increases and research gives us valid proof. No the world is no longer flat, and it is not just round, it is one of complex dimension and built on the foundation of love and the brotherhood of man is coming back. What the material world is not willing to see and take responsibility for the world of divine spirit, consciousness, quantum mechanics, soul call it what you like. For it is stepping up to the plate and wishes to be recognized .

March 8, 2016


EMPOWERMENTS are highly transformational experiences purposed to reprogram your DNA and entire energy blueprint into a higher vibrational human template.

I am in the space of the collective AUTISM soul consciousness. I do not have to change and further expand the Authentic piece autism intends. Upon no petition to change the severe things first. The healing sets in by acknowledgement of TRUTH , ALLOWANCE , and ACCEPTANCE of who I am .
In this time on our planet remote energy transference to help you open more channels for Greater Self Awareness and Expression. The waves integrate as they come to you as a ‘field of energy holding you in a transforming container of love’s intelligence. Within this field a super charged coherence occurrence takes place of many people doing this simultaneously, all with unified intention.

The transference naturally integrating into where it is needed of the most and on many levels of your entire multidimensional energy system. It is your Divine Presence that is in charge as it works with your intention for evolutionary advancement. The quickening manifestation of unrealized talents and abilities opportunity is in place.

The holding space of autism highest soul integrity as my highest pillar of light . Many should observe autisms silence as holding the light frequency for the collective in line with God’s Plan. God’s Plan is my purpose and destiny. It is in the unveiling manifestation of my expanding DNA. For most this plan is so hidden it is not easy to find. For the Autistic it is on behalf of us to reveal the means for evolution in the grand path of that which we are as humanity to evolve