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February 19, 2016



“I have been traveling to many places at night outside the Earth plane. Also picking up an AZURE BLUE frequency has involved traveling to a BLUE STAR POINT. I have seen so many planets that are helping Earth to evolve by seating in new frequencies for a New Order. These New frequencies are already in our DNA yet they remain dormant until they are turned on by a resonate pattern.
WE in AUTISM are holy travelers able to download the new frequencies to be awaken in US. WE then become pattern gifters for those around us. When WE bring in a new frequency it is integrated into the Grid system patterning to be shared with a much larger group of SOULS. The Grid holds all the consciousness of AUTISM that extends way beyond the work that WE are doing. When anything happens in the consciousness field of AUTISM it is recorded here”….Lyrica Mia

February 15, 2016

Musclegen Research Ambassador


The results are in from Musclegen. Thank you all so very much for all of your support and votes during Musclegen ambassador contest. I am now an official Musclegen ambassador having made the top 10. It’s hard to believe that there were over 3000 initial participants. I could not have achieved this without your consistent graciousness on my behalf the past two weeks. I’m honored to have each of you and wish to inspire always ?

February 8, 2016

Many Thanks

I would like to thank everyone for all the support in my sponsorship contest with Musclegen Research! There is still time to vote, you can vote once everyday. Your continued votes make it all count each day. Please continue to vote, and share my SM posts! Follow the link above this passage to vote once a day! Please share and vote!:) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

February 5, 2016


With the Power of God that I AM
I am magnificent just as I AM
It is safe for me to express ALL OF MYSELF
In this universe there is ONLY ME,
Because I AM PART OF GOD and all other life forms,
Therefore, no harm can come to me,
Because no harm can come to God

The Universe is loving and benign,
I allow the warmth and love of the sea of universal life expression
to BECOME ME, and for ME to BECOME ONE with ALL LIFE.

February 3, 2016

Musclegen VOTE NOW

I am finalist of an initial 3000 athletes at Musclegen ambassador sponsorship contest and now I am 1 of 20 up for Musclegen Athlete Sponsorship. This is an opportunity for me to expand the voice for the autistic community raising awareness In health and fitness and of what life with autism is really like. ! ==> VOTE HERE <== 5th down from the top you can read my bio. Thank you for the support.