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December 27, 2015

Grow And Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever

Feelings are important in our life as they come from heart. ❤️
If you respond back, they grow.
If you take for granted and ignore, they die
If you are present and respect, they stay forever.

?☕️The real education is our attitude and behaviour towards others…….
It defines our entire personality,
no matter how qualified we are…….!

? Hurting Someone is as easy as Cutting a Tree Within a moment.?
Making Someone Happy is as difficult as Growing a Tree;?
It takes lots of Care, Time & Patience” ?

?Smile : because it makes a difference
? Cry : because holding those emotions in is unhealthy for you ….
? Laugh : because whats the point hiding happiness ?
? Apologize : because you don’t want to loose someone special ….
? Love : because you should experience this feeling once in your lifetime ….
? Hug : because there’s no better feeling than being wrapped up warmly by some one you love ….
?Live : because you have only one life and today will never come back..!!!
Enjoy last week of 2015?
Make 2016 your best year ever??

December 22, 2015

Collective weekly meditation

Share this link forth throughout the globe. For meditation every day will raise human vibration. I believe the best way to heal the world is to heal yourself. Share in the collective mediation weekly. Raise collective vibration and the times our planet is in


December 21, 2015

Be Part of the Enlightened

Essentially, we are all mere aspects of each other returning into coherence, as one greater being. This Group coherence forms a grid of consciousness likened to a matrix of group mind. This enlightened collective mind is inter-related on many levels and dimensions…

As we evolve our consciousness, our life purpose becomes solely inspired through the guiding light born out of ‘group coherence’. Taking shape and in alignment with those in a space of oneness. This navigation is received telepathically and intuitively through the developed higher mental body of the consciously connected ‘group brain’.

By strengthening group coherence, a sense of being on autopilot is felt more tangibly with little to no ‘striving’ required in our forward momentum as one. The higher senses of intuition, telepathy and synchronicity are the new door openers. As we progress further into the fusion that group coherence brings, these higher sense faculties are the organic means through which we communicate and are guided.

In this shift of perception, from separated human thinking to group consciousness, we are learning how to connect to and maneuver from our higher mind. This higher mental body is a web of awareness, comprising many souls.. And the new oneness energy opening and expanding in 2016 to those on the collective grid in the group shift

December 20, 2015

The Age of Light is Upon Us

We are living in the most interesting and special times in the history of humanity. The age of light is upon us. Light resonates with the frequency of information and knowledge is power. This is a time that is all about enhancing and uplifting others into a new consciousness of empowerment

December 19, 2015

Here’s to 2016 and You!!?

Let’s start off with the basic tools; Ask, Believe and Receive.
Ask-Write down your intentions for the year. What would you like to happen? These are your affirmations. Keep your positive statements in the present moment as if it has already happened. Re- visit these and add in new affirmations each month. Keep all of these statements in a notebook and at the end of the year see what has come to form.

Believe- Trust that whatever comes up for you, you will be able to handle it, grow and learn from the process. Drop the fears when they arise, as it only blocks the good from coming into your life. Fear constricts your energy and ability to receive. Allow your energy to expand and flow.

Receive- In order to receive you will need to remain open and let go of the judgments of how you think things should go. This is one of the most difficult tasks when challenges arise. Feel your feelings and authentically express them in a way that takes personal responsibility leaving victim hood behind you. Accept the good in front of you and look for where you can grow. If you can do this one step, you will be victorious this year.

Trust in yourself and your journey as the months unfold in 2016. Spirit always leads you to what is best for your growth as a soul. When you have those triumphs, which you will, celebrate! Yes, it is a triumph when you manifest your desires, survive a tough situation or overcome an obstacle.

December 18, 2015

The Power of Support, Acceptance and Positivity

imageToday I came across a post by my friend Nathan Stewart on his experience living with autism. I was deeply touched by his words as the vast description he shared reflected my journey. Awareness and positive reinforcement of our reality living with life in such a unique way is very much needed. I never had support and my life has been difficult in many ways that could have been prevented. My life would have been spared years of despair, abandonment, abuse and struggle with the encouragement, care and guidance I needed in younger years in light of the acknowledgment of my reality. I would like to share Nathan’s post on behalf of early intervention and the Power society contributes to autism and the imperative roll that positivie support and participation play in the development and cultivation of a peaceful and positive life for those diagnosed with autism.

For those with Autism, it is not easy to describe sensory overload, and often they aren’t believed by people who don’t understand. Autistic brains are wired differently, and the senses are enhanced quite dramatically. Typically, Autism is labeled as a disorder. For me, Autism itself isn’t a disorder. I love who I am. The “disorder” came from not knowing I had Autism until the age of 39. By then, I had developed severe social phobias which came about through 39 years of sensory overload, the cause of which I did not understand. Had I known early in life that I am Autistic, I could have taken certain measures to prevent the breakdowns I suffered from not knowing and not understanding. I am not writing this post to explain my situation. Like I said, I love who I am, and there is a reason that I am who I am and why I had to go through life in the way that I did. I am writing this post for others to understand that they may have children with Autism and do not know. You can prevent many struggles the child may go through if you do not become aware of the child’s unique and beautiful way he or she is experiencing the world. Sometimes it does not require much but simple awareness and understanding for a child with Autism to be the amazing gift that he or she is. Peace!!

December 15, 2015

Empower, Enhance, Support

imageEveryday we touch other people’s lives. Touch another life in such a way the it is uplifting and is enhancing and supportive. Even the kindness jesture to another in a time of hardship creates an impact to ripple a waves of positivity to nourish the soul

December 6, 2015

Do You Know A Crystal


Characteristics of Crystal Autistics s
* Natural Healers
* Affectionate and Loving
* Intuitive Communicators / Late Talkers
* Spiritually Sensitive
* Close Bond with Nature
* Appearance of Crystals
* Dreamy and Talk about their Dreams at an Early Age
* Misdiagnosed as Autistic and Asperger’s Syndrome
* Drawn to Crystals and Rocks
* Highly Sensitive Body
Natural Healers:   Many are natural healers.   Many can heal from afar; that is, they do not need to be in the presence of the person they are healing, or even to touch them.   They are natural helpers.   
Affectionate and Loving:   The Crystals embody the vibration of love that they are bringing to the planet.   They not only remind us of who we are – beings of love – they embody it.   They are gentle.
Intuitive Communicators / Late Talkers:  Because they can communicate through telepathy, often they are late talkers because they don’t need to talk to communicate.   
Spiritually Sensitive:   Crystals have a highly developed spirituality.
Close Bond with Nature:   Crystals have a natural affinity for the plant, animal and insect kingdoms.   The Crystals can communicate with nature, and they go to nature for rest and rejuvenation.   (Many Indigos’ do this too.)   
Appearance of Crystals:   The Crystals have large blue eyes or large dark eyes.   They look at the world from a place of deep knowledge and wisdom.    They have an intense, knowing stare.
Dreamy and Talk about their Dreams at an Early Age:   Many Crystals have the ability to communicate to the other side, from birth.   Some have full access to their memories of life on the other side and/or of previous lifetimes.   (Good Morning America had a group of Indigos’ and Crystals and their parents on the show.   One of the children was fully aware that she was her mother’s mother who had passed away.   And she had the memories to prove it.)   They are so in touch with the other side, they go there frequently and can have a dreamy look.   They may be called day dreamers – because they
Misdiagnosed as Autistic and Asperger’s Syndrome:   There is a dramatic increase in the number of Autistics.   Crystals are very sensitive and vulnerable.   Some go deeply within to protect themselves.   They disconnect from their environment and people in it.   This mirrors the symptoms of Autism and Asperger’s, so Crystals can be misdiagnosedimage