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June 28, 2015

“Love is something we nurture and grow”

autism and metaphysical studies has largely become expanded among the globe. The personal stories of autistics coming forth in such a way provide the ‘multisensory’ experiences described by intuitives, mystics and psychics, that call to mind the abilities of the autistic to traverse between the world of spirit and this physical plane. The amazing realization of our times is of the open minded -that those long considered mentally challenged may actually be far more advanced in terms of spiritual perception, and those persons have been able to self evolve into a more expanded and higher vibration to align with and merge into the path that joins the travels into being spiritually quickened their level of understanding by intent to love another unbound by condition. Awakening the neurotypical spiritual gifts knowledge and ancient wisdom, through space time.

June 20, 2015

Celebrating the Aspie

celebrating wonderful Aspie traits

1. Aspies are honest
Ever noticed how much more often others tell little white lies (and some biggies) than the more plain-speaking people with Asperger’s? For Aspies, the truth tends to be just that – the truth, unvarnished. A kind word or compliment from an Aspie should hold greater value simply because it is so often profoundly meant. An Aspie will never find white lies, half truth, or lies in general acceptable

2. Aspies Live in the Moment
Aspies are more truly available to the sensory inputs that surround them. So many have achieved the ideal of always being mindful of their environment.

3. Aspies Seldom Judge Others
Who’s fatter? Richer? Smarter? For Aspies, such distinctions hold much less importance than they do for typical, primitive people. In fact, Aspies often ‘see through’ such surface appearances to discover the real person.

4. Aspies are Passionate
Of course, not all Aspies are alike, but many are truly passionate about the things, ideas and people in their lives. Some may think aspies are not listening … so where exactly did they learn all they know? Makes you wonder? Just how deeply are they reading your book or watching the documentary you made?

5. Aspies are Not Tied to Social Expectations
Cars, money, social stats, clubs, etc, you know those who find it hard to be true to self. For Aspies, social expectations can be honestly… irrelevant. What matters is what they really like, what really interests them, and the passion they associate with those pursuits — not keeping up with the Joneses. Authenticity of character and honoring truth in divine nature does.

6. Aspies have Good Memories
Aspies are often much more ‘attuned’ to details. They may have a much better memory than their typical peers for all kinds of often critical details.

7. Aspies are Less Materialistic
Of course – this is not universally true — in general Aspies are not only less concerned about outward appearances than their typical peers, materialism and other expensive but unimportant externals than the bulk of the populace might.

8. Aspies Play Fewer Head Games
Most Aspies don’t play games – even assuming wrongly that you don’t or won’t either! It’s a refreshing and wonderful change from the emotional roller-coaster that can harm many typical relationships.

9. Aspies have Fewer Hidden Agendas
An Aspie well share with you what he/she wants – and when they do, they are telling you what they want. Period. No need to beat around the bush, second guess, and hope you’re reading between the lines! They do have their agenda, but it tends not to be hidden anywhere near as much as most others, certainly seldom as well hidden if anything else.

10. Aspies Open New Doors for Neurotypicals
For some non-Aspies (‘neurotypicals’ or NT’s), having an Aspie in our lives has had a profoundly positive impact on the breadth and quality of our perceptions, our beliefs, our hopes and expectations. For instance, the ability to focus for a time on what concretely “is” rather than constantly musing on what “should” or “could be”.

June 17, 2015

Forgotten History of Autism – To those of you whom love us and want to understand the truth

To those of you whom want to know the expanded and accurate perspective about autism and the spiritual connection. The autistic spectrum is a continuum from the nonverbal all the way to the brilliant genius mind. The autistic mind identifies with detail. Understaning in pictures and the all encompassing geometrical perspective!! Patterning in numbers, abstract vantage point and matching synchronicities thinking.

Decades ago, few pediatricians had heard of autism. In 1975, 1 in 5,000 kids was estimated to have it. Today, 1 in 68 is on the autism spectrum. What caused this steep rise? Steve Silberman points to “a perfect storm of autism awareness” — a pair of psychologists with an accepting view, an unexpected pop culture moment and a new clinical test. But to really understand, we have to go back further to an Austrian doctor by the name of Hans Asperger, who published a pioneering paper in 1944. Because it was buried in time, autism has been shrouded in misunderstanding ever since


June 14, 2015

Do you know?

The Universe is knocking itself out to show you!!! When more of you come into the essence of unconditional love and acceptance, take less for granted, then less of us will need to come in autisitcly to teach you…. We Are That We Are

June 13, 2015

The connections in autistic brains are idiosyncratic and individualized,(Each autistics’ brain is distinct; non-autistics’ brains are remarkably uniform)

The New York Times Magazine recently ran a cover article about mapping the connectome, all of the connections that link all of the neurons in someone’s brain. Many of these connections are formed and reinforced as a result of our experiences, and their sum total constitutes everything about our personalities: the memories we’ve formed, the skills we’ve learned, the passions that drive us.

There is even data suggesting that some neurological disorders are in fact “connectopathies,” characterized by either aberrant connections or an unusual extent of connections among neurons. Some studies have found that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is associated with decreased functional connectivity in the brain, but other experiments have found increased connectivity in autistic brains. A new study may have reconciled these contradictory findings. Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel determined that brain regions with high interconnectivity in controls have reduced connectivity in ASD, and regions with lower connectivity in controls have elevated connectivity in people with ASD.

The scientists analyzed fMRI scans from high functioning autistic adults and controls, obtained from five different data sets. When the scans from the controls were superimposed upon each other, a typical, canonical template of connectivity was clear. Certain regions had high inter hemispheric (between the right and left sides) connectivity: primary sensory-motor regions like the sensorimotor cortex and the occipital cortex. Others showed low interhemispheric connectivity: regions like the frontal cortex and temporal cortex, which are involved in higher order association. Overall, the control brain scans looked pretty much the same as each other.

Autistic brains, in contrast, were all different. Each had regions of high and low connectivity, and there were regions whose connectivity was increased relative to controls and those that were decreased. But no standard template emerged; when these scans were superimposed one atop the another, no distinct areas of high and low connectivity were discernible.

This comparison of grouped brain scans, rather than just the individual ones, revealed that the unusual pattern in the connectivity of ASD brains is due to the topology of their connectivity patterns and not necessarily the strength or weakness of any given connections. It also revealed that people with ASD have more individualized, idiosyncratic connectivity patterns than controls do. Each autistic brain differed from the norm, but each did so in its own way. The researchers couldn’t even find subgroups of ASD brains that were similar to each other, although they noted that larger data sets might uncover some of these.

Autism is diagnosed not by anatomical criteria, but by deficits in social and language abilities and excessive repetitive behaviors. When the researchers checked if the level of disturbance in the connectivity pattern correlated with an individual’s behavioral symptoms, they found that this was precisely the case.

This effect, just like the degree of connectivity pattern distortion, was most pronounced for homotopic interhemispherical connections—those that went from a specific location on one side of the brain to the corresponding location in the other hemisphere. But it was seen to a lesser extent for connections between different regions of the brain, whether on the same or different sides. This connectivity pattern distortion, in contrast, did not correlate with IQ scores.

Since the study did not include children, the authors were not sure when or how these effects might develop—if they have developmental origins, or are some sort of compensatory mechanisms that occurs later in life. They did note that the idiosyncrasies did not seem to stem from anatomical differences in autistic brains, as they did not have significantly atypical shapes or significantly asymmetrical hemispheres.

An intriguing possibility is that, because neural connections are shaped by the routine behaviors and experiences that we have every day, people with ASD each exhibit idiosyncratic connectivity patterns in their brains because they each experience the world and interact with their environment in an idiosyncratic way. Their idiosyncratic behaviors prevent them from engaging in the typical interactions that create typical brain scans.
Citation:Diana Gitig

Nature Neuroscience, 2014.

June 8, 2015

Autism Spiritual Prism…

Have you been touched by Autism? The new paradigm….What do all of you think you know about the vibrational language unspoken? The future expression of the future piece of this AUTISM work that is revolutionary to the planet. Then, if AND WHEN you come into that place of clarity, see that you can be so blessed by the vibration of the feeling from the intoxicating energy brought to you by the autistic design.
aspergers indigo

Invited to find a trusting piece to see something beyond YOU, reflected to YOU, for YOUR evolution and potential expansion. Recognizing how that happened by petition of your desire that aligns you in coming across the autistic vibration. You will tap into the bringing forth, blending and still place where the autistic design and vibrational language emit in as the paradigm evolves into the next vibrational integration. Opening up to an even more expanded state for the new system to filter in higher vibrations to come. That state aligns with everything and maximizes feeling everything and having pure potential to connect with blending through thought and the vibrational alignment of inner self, unconditional love and expansion.

June 4, 2015

Merging 5D/6D Ascension New Earth Grid

The final merging of the grounded Earth grid systems, crystalline grid, the 5D/6D New Earth grid systems – which are a much more flexible, less static system – was completed this past January 12. In continuance
2012 ended pillar work, 2013 released resonance for the work of transmuting for the collective, and earlier this January we completed the necessary gateway work to fuse the 4D grounded and 5D grid systems of Gaia via the crystalline grid. Vastly known by the wayshowers -Shasta serves as a holding for ancient templates from various civilizations. Known as the I AM templates, Violet Flame/Germain templates, Native templates, Pleiadian/Lemurian templates, Sirian templates, Arcturian templates. Venusian templates, Golden Race DNA templates, and a host of other well-intentioned holographic templates that are guidelines for this moment, within this Shift of the Ascension now quickening that were deeply encoded. Shasta beholds a giant etheric crystal geometry resonance below. Metatron identifying it to be the Crystal of Om. Interpreted solar light within the mountain in the past. A path structures operate the same as the body vehicle, planets, solar light, galaxies and Universes – they are tube torus energy fields with a central chamber linking them to the Higher dimensions. Linking the tube torus of the heart center with the torus energy fields of the body vehicle, Higher Self, and Higher dimensional expressions of Self is one of the goals of the Ascension process. Linking all through the heart center, containing pure connection to Source, and the levels radiate out from this core point as dimensional expressions.

Shasta has a massive energy field. Earlier this month the crystal sphere which holds a unique technology of shifting geometry (it adjusts to currents of cosmic consciousness) rose up the central chamber of the torus and fully activated the templates which are in alignment with our current phase of ascension. As it lifted it raised the templates into activation and is now beaming forth those codes and DNA sequences making them readily available to all who choose to engage with them via the crystalline grid dimensional interface.

The merging of the gates around Mount Shasta began on the 11-11-2013. Gateways – the actual structures, not the windows of dates given to interact with them – work with the same delivery system of the infinite structure of the tube torus. For years it was the Gatekeeper’s work to open these, because there had to be grounded consent to this activity, and it also gave the Higher levels a monitoring system for where our collective level of consciousness was, and how willing we were to participate in the process.

This is why Gatekeepers called forth accelerations in the highest interests of all concerned. Gatekeepers heard the energy fields as they approached them, and some saw them. And work included an alignment of energy fields through the heart center in order for those gateways to amplify. By way of the open heart…

Grounded work of alignment and activation is complete, waves of cosmic energy are now released more frequently, more consistently, and with a greater intensity. It is an act of grace that our Higher levels have been able to filter these energies up to this point. Now that our level of consciousness, our collective agreement, has consciously opened these pathways between the Higher and lower levels of Gaia, our experiences will become more profound, more creative, and align with a true state of Creator consciousness.

The fascinating and exhausting practice of Gatekeeping takes on a new level. Some will move on to holding space for others to experience 5D/6D heavenly realms and beyond. Some may teach alignment, some may serve as interdimensional escorts,others move on to the multidimensional merge which my Divine Team is currently referring to as the Royal.

Where the contiuumm merging of grid systems provides constant opportunities to everyone for engaging with the Higher realms in a direct, clear way. As always alignment is key; if your heart torus is not aligned with pure intention and Higher levels, the experience in these chambers of light will spin you off-center. This is when a person is spun out; their torus energy fields are getting warped by lesser intentions/lower energy structures (either their own, or something else’s) so they spin off-center. inevitably becoming unsustainable…

The Equinox –

As our alignment with Zero Point becomes more acute, as parts of our brain awaken to interpret the multidimensional Self, and as we call forth Christed DNA, the experience grows more profound, more unfamiliar, and more calm and centered.
Equinox March 20 – Blood Moon Eclipse April 4 (15 days)
Equinox September 23 – Blood Moon Eclipse September 28 (5 days)

Serving like a sieve for cosmic energies becoming more and more focused in their delivery. Knowing timespace is an energy contained in tube torus structures. The resonation of your own torus fields expands and accelerates to match a Higher spin of our collective experience of time. Density burns off as we heat up/spin faster; the collective is free to experience a faster rate of time, and for those resonating through the heart center, you will experience profound stillness as you align with all aspects of your True Self. In the stillness of center, movement of energy fields align with the highest possible experience available.
This is what the Equinox through Blood Moon passages provide for us, just like the Gateway passages of 2012 through 2014, only it is a much more precise activity. Availability of higher choices. It is highly complementary to anyone on the path of Mastery, Solar Cosmic Christ, and Alchemy to align with your own true center and navigate your experiences from the heart. In pure moments of alignment, your DNA, brain, pineal, and awareness will experience tremendous expansion.

Multidimensional Mergence

As portions of the brain activate, awakening are cells that have been working from a lower level construct. A command new neural pathways within the brain operate in a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, creating
experience moments of blank-slate or blank stare. The crystalline structures activating within the brain and the activation of the long-dormant areas of the brain will be driving activity, thoughts, and energy fields to align with the Higher Self.

Understanding that the Higher Self operates from a much more pliable state of timespace, the brain begins to attune the consciousness to a new Higher state of beingness. This is why the psychological fallout from the Shift was such a concern.If older parts of the brain attempt to control new parts of the brain that are activating, there can be considerable conflict in consciousness. Surrender and alignment have been so important as these structures activate. I absolutely am navigating through restoration of the physical with simultaneously merging with 6D/9D Grid
integration process of self.