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May 24, 2015

Physical Change Unviels Healing Morphogenetic Fields For Evolution

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Autistics are here to process severe past life trauma of the passed generations within the karma family of which they were born into. This is to exported lower vibrations of the family system the autistic is born into for processing the unresolved aspects of the lineage and in light of human evolution. It is important to understand energetic boundaries and Healing and how the body structure goes through a physical processing clearing after an energetic exchange takes place. The morphogenic fields which are the physical foundational fields of which the body is created is the field that holds energetic distortions from trauma. As the autistic processes trauma for others, (usually by soul agreement) there is trauma incurred to the autistic in doing so to uplift the other soul in need to release the patterning of the trauma held. The autistic repairs the morphogenic fields of the stored patterning to release the physical body as the morphogenic field is released. Thereafter must then heal their field as well. This clearing of patterns of rigidity within the morphogenetic field (by the autistic) assist 7 generations past and future to transcend and heal the foundational morphogenic fields for the new pattern of the body to manifest without trauma distorting the energy fields of the body on all levels – cells, chakras, and auric field.
In new earth times allowing the grid of high lite vibration energy with no distortion to allow divine work to unveil for the mission of each intended soul within 5D. The body flows into a new harmony relaxed and fully present. Allowing For alignment between the new earth and new body to coexist as times move into higher vibrations of habitant. Help protect the space we hold