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February 24, 2015

Autistics Are Here Because ….

Two reasons so many autistic children being born at this time.

1. When you as spirit come to planet earth to live in a physical body as an extension of Source, you have come to experience, grow, learn and align yourself with who you truly are and live out your magnificence upon the planet.
Most autistics, but not all are born to parents who do everything in their power to make life safe and comfortable for them; helping them to fit in and belong. This act of love stifles the… spirit of the child from being who it truly is; being who it be. Conformity does not allow for self expression.
Souls return into another life experience, choosing to be born into a body with the circumstance of autism so that they can be that amazing magnificent being without having to fit in. One with autism does not for the most part have to conform with or fit in with everyone else. They have placed themselves by choice, into a situation that will allow them to be who they be; their own unique self.
2. The second aspect of this incarnation by design is that many spirits being born upon the planet at this time are entering into the earth plain at extremely high vibrations. Awake and aware of who they are; extensions of Source, God The Universe. They are not forgetting who they are as quickly as those of the past have done. Autistics hold onto their high energy frequencies to help in the raising of consciousness, to assist in the healing of the earth, nature, animal and mineral kingdoms. To help all of humanity and each beast that roams the planet. The high energy vibrations present in the form of the label given for reference of autism.
The autistic teach to be kind to one another, animals, the earth and take up causes and concerns for those who cannot speak for themselves.
Coming to this life time as autistic, these beautiful Souls are able to fulfill their role, their life purpose, to bring healing and consciousness to the planet. They have come to help their parents wake up to the understanding of vibration and of who they are as unique beings, and process out (heal) the unresolved low vibrational frequencies of their born family lineage. For many parents have forgotten how truly special and unique they are. These individuals are present to reflect to everyone that they need not conform, fight to fit in or be normal like everyone else

February 8, 2015

Autism Intends Evolution

Science and spirituality are mutually supportive. The Innate knowledge equates to spiritual astuteness. One is not separate from the other. It is in my opinion defining a scientific principle without accepting the spiritual basis of all thought intends disservice to humanity. We are spirit first and knowledge second. We are therefore we think. We are, therefore we create. We are, therefore we discover. We are, therefore we evolve. Paranormal activity spiritual phenomena, evolution, and science are interrelated.

Those Individuals diagnosed with autism are way-showers who have much to teach us about consciousness. There are many levels each brings forth to the world. Thus far, scientists seem uninterested or unwilling to explore the spiritual or subconscious connections that they demonstrate.

Nonverbal students can type letter for letter and word for word energies of thought. Many with verbal ability can acknowledge the category if limited through numbers, shapes, colors. Some verbal autistic or open individuals have even done it through opaque barriers. Although these verbal individuals perform way beyond typical people, they are not nearly as adept as their nonverbal peers, who do not need a limited field of possibilities. Inadvertent subtle cueing may also part of the process, but even taking that into account, their ability goes beyond the explainable or what can be put into words. It is more overly an evolved form of telepathy. A joining at a subconscious level and unified field. The autistic help bring another into themselves and connect with their own divinity. Along with information from the universal field of thought through them.

February 1, 2015

Autie Support

The improtance of a mentor
It’s important to not just rely on your own judgement. This may be a surprise for some people but there are people out there who have more knowledge and experience than you. Someone who knows you, you feel comfortable with, and can advise you. Someone who can relate and connect with you openly is a wonderful support. I noticed and would like to share A website where those whom are on the autistic spectrum can go for guidance and ongoing direction