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August 25, 2014

The Believers


This post is dedicated to all of you who have known me and stood by me. To those of you who know the most hardest of time and celebrated coming into this moment of the truth in all this
I’ve has witnessed. To those of you who have recently brought in an abundance of reinforcement and tools for empowering the cause in your own ways. I am honored that you are participants in the unveiling journey my life has been. Thank you for your belief, opene mind and support from an allegiance perspective. It is those of you who truly now me that empower me !!!
To my surprise I am stepping on stage in September, and for the first time this year after surgery in the beginning of the year. I thought I would sit this season out. Within my will, hard work, discipline and focus. Added by your initiatives and support, here we go again.

I am more spiritually grounded than ever and intending a fun fall competitive run. I feel strong, sound and ready for this moment. I invite you to enjoy the excitement of the surrounding in all I am doing in what I love most!!! To all of you who identify in my strengths, cultivate growth where I needed it, and know that this will creates a special way. In uplifting me in such a way to feel apart of this world and step into the expression of my divinity and truth. I am so much stronger now than ever before,empowered by the embracing energies of those of you whom surround me. May my journey ignite and embrace you in belief of yourself and triumph in all you do.

August 21, 2014


What is waking up? How do I know if I am awake?

If you are familiar with our site and sites like it you may have heard this term “Waking up”. We hear about all the signs and symptoms of waking up but do we know what it is to actually BE awake?

Lets start with defining what we are talking about and then we will go into what it means on a spiritual level.

If you type “Define Awake” into Google you should see something similar to the picture below.

Lets see how these definitions help us narrow down what we mean when we say waking up or to be awake spiritually.

1. Stop sleeping; awake from sleep

What does it mean to be spiritually asleep? If you have watched the Spirit Science series or are familiar with the procession of the equinox you will see that we have been asleep as a planet for a very long time. What this means is that our level of awareness about the connections all around us has declined to a point where we feel separate from everyone and everything around us.

2. Cause (Someone) to Wake from Sleep

Waking up spiritually, in its more basic terms would be to recognize with your whole being your connection to everyone and everything around you. This is often referred to as the mystical experience as described by Alan Watts.

3. Regain Consciousness

Regaining consciousness is to remember that we have always been connected with the oneness of the universe. This is important because it can help us recognize how the mistreatment of others is no different then cutting off your left hand or to poke out one of your eyes.


4. To become AWARE of; come to the realization of

There are many levels of awareness that come with waking up and ultimately being awake.

Some people are born awake and remain awake during their lives. This is very rare but not unheard of. It is theorized that if a child is nurtured with awareness it will be more aware and able to to stay awake.
Catalysts such as events can also cause an awakening within a person. Powerful transformation doesn’t have to be painful but for some it does come with a lot of pain. Some people speed up their awakening process when they experience a powerful trauma or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.
There is also a concept of power leveling where an awakened or more aware soul can assist another soul in waking up faster and maintaining the higher awareness. (Be aware that the degree to which the power leveler is awake determines how much you will be able to gain in levels of awareness. For more information about what to look for in an awakened Soul check out the Pair O Dime Shift series.)

5. Make or become Active again

This is one of the most powerful insights for recognizing an awakened soul that has not only woken up but has been able to maintain the vibration of being awake. It is action. What do they DO now that they are awake? What are the fruits of their labors? Once a soul realizes that everything is connected, as above so below, they must decide what their work or impact on existence is going to be.

As you strive to learn more and gain in levels of awareness I strongly urge you to set up a powerful support structure of people who love you and are seeking the same thing that you are. Waking up is a powerful experience that will change everything about who you are and how you feel about things. It is important to have people around you that are supportive and nurturing to your growth.

Although waking up is one of the most beautiful and powerful things a soul can go through it can also bring a lot of frustration. Frustration with the boxes that society exists within and feeling the connections to the suffering of others here on earth can be overwhelming. If you are engaged in waking up or seeking someones assistance in this process please make sure there is a plan or support structure in place to help you deal with the new vibrations that you will remember your connected to.

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August 13, 2014

Environmental Constraints

A friend of mine came across this interesting read. And upon moving through the expressed thoughts I saw a benefit it bringing for the blog to you. Please enjoy

Environmental Constraints. By Bushy Van Eck

For some of us our senses are more tolerable than for others.
I would like to share a very small part of my theory that I have never even thought about sharing with anyone before until now. It is one thing to just tell someone what they should do but quite something else if you have to tell them why you came to that conclusion. There are currently many therapies out there that have certainly worked for some but yet not for others. In understanding why you are doing something whatever it might be that you are doing can make a profound difference in the outcome thereof.
This is then why I will not just suggest an idea before explaining the logic thereof.

Every part of my theory is based on logical sense which is first and foremost a fundamental requirement to everything that I do.
I truly believe that what I am about to share, no matter how simple it might seem to be, could quite possibly have a great impact on your child’s life, but then of course the proof lies in the pudding as they say.
This is also something that you should not just walk into blindly although it can do no harm, but must be based on something that you could logically relate to in making sense which would help you to push it forward. As I have mentioned earlier on my intention is not to just blindly give out any advice to parents as so many do despite my theory being fool proof. What I am about to share will however need a lot of explanation for it to make any logical sense, after all, things that just don’t make common sense is certainly not worthy of being learned.

We are growing old while our children are growing up.

Time is a precious gift of life and before we realize our children have become grownups and reached a stage where it becomes even more difficult to make any profound difference in their lives.

Things that once was really important has now become nothing more than a memory, memories quite often accompanied by a feeling of regret in wondering what we could have done differently if only we took the time and effort.

For this very reason no stone should remain untouched seeking for the answers that has eluded us for far too long. As we speak time is running out for millions of parents caught up in desperation and regrettably so, for many parents that time has already became a memory of guilt.

To understand the concept of which I want to share we first need to consider a few basic facts.

Fish like all aquatic life is constrained within very specific upper and lower boundaries of their environment, meaning that specific species can only live at very specific depths of the sea. Certain species like whale’s sharks and dolphins for example are capable of navigating almost any depths of the oceans where some species are bound to the confinements of the deeper depths of the oceans which is critical for their survival with others bound to higher levels like at the depths of coral reefs for example. It is also a common fact that for every one foot that you lower into water the surrounding pressure will be raised by .43 pounds per square inch meaning that at a depth of only five feet the pressure would already be 2.15 pounds per square feet almost one kilogram per square inch.

Humans on the other hand are no different also being confined to specific upper and lower boundaries of our biosphere. We can refer to this as the environmental constraints of all species limiting the capabilities of its perceived realities which we will explore in more detail in a short while. The environmental constraints imposed on humans are no different from that of fish or even that of birds. At sea level the barometric pressure exerted on us is 101 kPa (760mmHG)

To make this barometric pressure more understandable it can be compared to that of water pressure in the following way.

If you were at the outer edges of the atmosphere with zero pressure being exerted on you then as you enter into lower levels of the atmosphere pressure would gradually increase and by the time you got to sea level it would be the equivalent of about 10 meters of water pressing down on you.

Consider this following fact as well; Boiling an egg at sea level would take approximately 3 Minutes and 29 Seconds where boiling an egg at an altitude of 30 000 feet would take approximately 22 Minutes and 30 Seconds. Airplanes by the way fly at altitudes of about 30 000 feet to give you a better idea. This would mean that a difference in pressures and temperatures plays a critical role in the outcome of the time it takes. Calculations derived from the following website.

Before we continue just consider for a moment the complicated nature of the minds and anatomy of a human not even to think of that of a child. If the difference in time it takes to boil an egg at different pressures then just how significant can such an impact of our environmental pressures have on our minds not even considering variations in temperature and humidity?

We are inundated with old folk tales about how the moon can affect the moods of individuals as well as being responsible for many phenomenons in nature still not understood until this day by scientists but yet for a very simple reason, they have been taught wrong by those before them and so the curse continues.

The impact of the moon on humans is considered to be nothing more than a myth but rest assure; The moon has a much more profound affect on our mental states than we would like to believe, in fact it plays a critical role, especially so for those that are more environmental sensitive than others.

Let’s leave it here for a moment, sit back and relax while closing your eyes and then bring to mind all of the sensations that you could possibly experience while being submerged in water making a list thereof if you need to.

After you have done so think about all of those sensations that came to mind and how it would differ while sitting outside the pool.

One such a sensation is that all of your body motions are much more restricted while being submerged in water than on the outside. If you had to take a swing at something with your fist underwater it would be at a much slower rate than when you do the same while on the outside of the pool. In fact you would be acutely aware of how the water is slowing you down with whatever motions you perform, but yet you have no such a sensation of being restricted on the outside but then falsely so.
Another sensation is that you feel completely pressurized underwater but yet you take for granted that on the outside you don’t even get to notice the air-pressure from the atmosphere pressing down on you.
This is due to the evolutionary adaptation to one’s environment making you unconscious thereof.
No more than you can sense the pressurized atmosphere that you live in can a fish or sea dwelling organism sense the water it lives in. A fish is just as unconscious of the water surrounding it as you are of sensing the air surrounding you. To a fish it is almost as if being suspended in air as if by magic capable of moving around in it not knowing why and how it is possible. To the mind of a fish this remains a mystery just as much as the mysteries we as humans have to deal with on a daily basis hence the hard question.

When you feel a cold brush of wind blowing on you then it is much the same as how a fish would sense the different currents and temperatures in the sea similar to that of a wind.
In swimming fast a fish can also feel it has reached its limitations but can never realize it to be the water holding it back due to its limited consciousness but a consciousness it has indeed.
Similarly a human running at full speed will know he has reached his limits but yet can not sense the atmosphere holding him back. Do not mistakenly compare athletes performing better at sea level for a higher level of oxygen is quite something else.

In a similar way that a human can smell someone cooking a meal from a distance is no different from how a shark can sense blood from miles away. Just as oblivious and immune you are to your pressurized atmosphere a shark is immune to the sense of water only capable of sensing blood and other particles within the water as we sense smell. Only for being on a higher level of consciousness are we capable of conceptualizing the water that imprisons the shark, but yet the shark remains oblivious to this reality.


Next we need to gain a true understanding as to why the moon really creates tides but this time based on logical reasoning and not merely as being a fact foolishly being propagated to humanity from generation to generation.

We are taught that it is due to gravity being directly exerted on the oceans that are responsible for creating the ocean tides. We could argue as many has before that if the gravitational pull was indeed so strong then it would also be capable of lifting water in glass when directly overhead but lets leave it at that.

It is also believed and falsely so that carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere is responsible for global warming.

Allow me to share the real reasons why the moon creates tides and why our weather patterns has changed so significantly.

But first consider this; a geyser in your home has a pressure regulating valve. The pressure exerted from the incoming side is offset by the level of the water on the inside of the tank which is also directly linked to the outside environmental pressure. It is basically the diaphragm in the valve that is responsible for controlling the flow of water as and when a difference in pressure is sensed.

The ozone layer in conjunction with the gasses just below covering our atmosphere like a blanket can be viewed as a diaphragm. The gravitational pull offsetting the gravitational pull of the earth directly in between allows for the diaphragm to be pulled outwards towards the moon and as such creates lower pressures directly below. This lower pressurized atmosphere in turn will create a suction power on the atmosphere perpendicular to the point of origin. Due to the continuous motion of the moon the suction power will follow a path around the planet with the atmosphere and oceans following suite. The Carbon Dioxide being released into the atmosphere is doing no more than strengthening the diaphragm and as such resulting in more suction power if I may call it that. The more suction the higher the levels of the oceans will rise creating more severe winds etc… There is much more to this truth but will have to suffice for now being enough for what I set out to explain initially.

The Important nine months growth of a baby.

Many studies aimed at finding a cause that can contribute to autism and relevant spectral disorders have been conducted.
These included for example studying the Chemokine levels in the amniotic fluids.

Keep in mind that in a similar way that all aquatic life is pressure sensitive to its environments and humans are sensitive to a biosphere an unborn baby is certainly no exception to the rule also susceptible to pressure changes within the amniotic fluids during the nine months before birth. It can be compared with the analogy of a gold fish being taken out of its bowl and put into another environment. At birth the differences in pressures will certainly attribute to the babies sense of awareness of its environmental constraints which are meant to be subdued to a level of being unaware thereof. I still need to coin a name for this. This is why fish are unconscious to its own unique environmental constraints as are humans and likewise birds.

The squeeze machine also known as the hug machine.

Dr. Temple Grandin has constructed a device during her college years that is capable of exerting a pressure on the anatomy of a human.

It is still unknown as to why this device can have such a calming effect on humans and animals alike.

Of course by know in knowing more about our environmental constraints and my theory this should no longer remain a mystery.

Extracted from Wikipedia as per the the link below.
“A hug machine, also known as a hug box, a squeeze machine, or a squeeze box, is a deep-pressure device designed to calm hyper-sensitive persons, usually individuals with autism spectrum disorders. The therapeutic, stress-relieving device was invented by Temple Grandin in college.[1][2]

Autism and autism-spectrum disorders have profound effects upon both social interactions and sensitivity to sensory stimulation in persons with such conditions, often making it uncomfortable or impractical for them to turn to other human beings for comfort. Grandin solved this by designing the hug machine so both she and others could turn to it for sensory relief, whenever needed or simply desired.

The hug machine consists of two hinged side-boards, each four by three feet (120 cm by 90 cm) with thick soft padding, which form a V-shape, with a complex control box at one end and heavy-duty tubes leading to an air compressor. The user lies, or squats, between the side-boards, for as long or short a period as desired. Using pressure exerted by the air compressor and controlled by the user, the side-boards apply deep pressure stimulation evenly across the lateral parts of the body.”

And finally.

This all has to do with our ability to adapt to our environmental constraints which is directly responsible for how we respond to the inputs of our senses. Considering all of this and now put it through the milling machines of the relativity of time and you have a conscious experience running on a very narrow line. Our subconscious realities is nothing less than the equivalent of being deeply submerged within the constraints of another reality which is why we only get to experience that which we do on a strictly need to know basis safeguarding us from the truth.

Being autistic is living on the edge of our conscious and subconscious realities not meant to be experienced. When the transitional gates go wrong then we get to experience thins such as Déjà vu, Sleep Paralysis, Autism, Asperger’s, Seizures and the list goes on.

We haven’t even touched on the passage of time and how it affects our perceived realities.

Our senses
We have more senses than we can even begin to imagine and all of these sense are responsible for what we experience and how we get to experience it. These senses, not only when out of sink but also when being experienced at different time frames of relativity can totally destroy how we get to experience our realities.

Fortunately knowing in what to do we can certainly exercise any and all of these senses as long as the transformational gate to that sense has not been closed? But even then there at other leeway’s passing through other senses that can enable as to access such a closed up sense.

In a similar way that one can improve a muscle through exercise any part of the brain can also be exercised into becoming stronger.

Just as you exercise a muscle you can exercise a sense by subjecting it to profound environmental changes.

Those children sensitive to touch and certain objects such as different types of material, sand, in need of shoes being tied down tight, in need of hugs and so forth should greatly benefit from swimming.

A child should be encouraged to take up swimming and spend especially time in a vertical position with only the head sticking out. Once a child has completely mastered swimming he should be encouraged to swim distances underwater as well. This will have an even greater effect on his or her anatomy.

And before you know it and in less time than you think your child will have acquired a much more tolerable immunity towards his or her environmental constraints impose on us through evolution.
Eventually it should lead to the permanent eradication of the condition.
But then this is only a theory, but yet a theory that I have complete confidence in, a theory based on logic. By getting a complete understanding as to what I wrote, then it should start to make perfectly sense.
Please don’t hesitate if you need some clarification on what I wrote and maybe ideas that you might come up with. There are certainly many more contributing factors that I can think of but this should suffice for now.
I only write this with the best of intentions wanting to make a difference in the life’s of those so desperately in need thereof.

Event Update

I am gearing up for this fall and having fun with the competitive energy quickly approaching. I have a few fun twists planned and a few mystery shows that will be unveiled eminently. Thank you all for your continue support as the exciting time has arrived once again. May you be inspired to live in higher consciousness, encouraged to discipline yourself in such a way that your lifestyle honors taking care of your health, mind, body, and soul. We all have our place in this world to uplift another, this is my way, and please receive a positive shift for yourself through me to be empowered, focused in a self determined way to be the best that you are in all that you are!
Thank you Jodie, Kim, Allen, John, Bryan, Kathi, Kerri, Shannon, and Chris for assisting in making this all possible


August 12, 2014

Divine Healing and the Evolution of The Soul

Divine Healing


The world as we know it and those living in it is in a phase transition of expansion into the realms of experiencing higher consciousness as “multidimensional” human beings living on this planet. During this phase of the Ascension cycle, we as human beings will experience many varied physical symptoms as we shift our cells into higher frequency patterns.

Ascension is about the bringing of layers of light, the force existing within the levels of our spiritual bodies (our Multidimensional God Selves) by descending these layers into matter and anchoring them into the physical plane of reality. Simultaneously, Ascension is a shift in energetic frequency patterns held in a dimensional space which, when absorbed and activated into the layers of the planetary and human bio-energetic field, activates its DNA template instruction set.

This catalyzes a chain of events that creates a complete transformation and transmutation of various patterns and programs held in the energetic templates of the Human Soul’s journey within a cycle of evolutionary time. When activated, these patterns begin to shift, re-emerge and clear from the layers of experiences coded into every cell and memory pattern held as an energetic vibration within the bodies.

The Ascension process is about moving the consciousness from one frequency up and expand into another and the awareness of possible multiple realities existing simultaneously. Since a “reality” is a dimension, what we are undertaking is, in essence, a complete dimensional shift. A dimensional reality is held in place by a complex layer of coded energetic grids to create the illusion of time and space for the consciousness to perceive and to participate in its own experience within the broadband widths of that specific frequency vibration.
As the dimensional grids shift its frequency and its magnetic attributes change, all things existing within that “broadband” reality will also shift and change in a myriad of ways. The “natural” laws governing that time and space as we know them will change. This also means the perception of our spatial awareness, our relationship to time and space will also change rather dramatically and how we function collectively and mutually.
Becoming as a being aware to that which is in alignment with the soul purpose and true divine essence. “Surrender” and “Acceptance” are two main characteristics required to allow to permeate through us to facilitate an easier time. In order to shift the old behaviors and thought patterns not serving the soul purpose, awareness of the belief programs and behaviors that exist as imbalances within us and the appropriate steps to integrate or clear them must be taken. This process will bring our deepest fears, beliefs of limitation and old pain patterns to the surface through events that trigger them into our awareness so that we can consciously acknowledge, resolve and heal them.

In the alignment process to reconnect fully with your divinity. The clearing of emotional and energy bodies of the long held traumas, beliefs and fears that have impeded our ability to experience our true “being” and bring more joy into our lives occurs. Once the emotional body is resolved and cleared of an old pain or trauma, the physical body then is enabled to clear its equivalent of that block. The addressed can be in the following areas including and not limited to :Behaviors, Chakra Functions, Dehydration/hydration/water, Emotional States, Fears and Phobias, God Consciousness, Hidden Subconscious Ego Agenda, Interferences and Blocks from Outside Influences, Judgements and Beliefs, Key Psychological Conflicts, Life Stressors, Low Frequency Programs, Nutrition, Original Point of Reference to a Age of Cause, Past Life Death, Qi Energy in the Subtle Bodies, Releasing Blocks to Positive Living, Sabotages, Traumas, Universal Archetypes, Vaccines and Toxins, Location of Issue in the Body, Creative Power, Yin and Yang Polarity Balancing, Command Codes.

Emotional clearing is the main process we will experience and be acutely aware of as we shift through the Ascension. Since emotional pain and imbalances are responsible for our states of “dis-ease” many of us will experience illness or physical releases of pain clearing from our bodies. Some of this clearing is for your karmic, genetic or ancestral soul lineage. Some of these issues are ancestral or inherited in their nature and be familiar when brought into conscious awareness. It is important to remember that this is a clearing of the family lineage and our own individual “mind” grid, in addition to the karmic mind implications and collective (un)consciousness implications on this planet from the last evolutionary cycle.

This all occurs equal and simultaneously within all of the layers of the bio-energetic field when each healing is cleared. In effect, it is a full clearing and release of these painful events held as patterns in the bodies from the soul’s record and cellular memory.
The painful patterns or areas of shock are removed from the soul record, the clearing recodes our DNA and rejuvenated life force energy permitting sustenance in holding more light, and sustaining our new frequency and a state of increasing higher consciousness and multidimensionality. As we hold this greater light and advanced genetic package in our bio-energy field, it enables others, through the principle of resonance, to vibrate at the increased frequency rate and activate their own inner potential and divine inheritance towards Ascension.

Please visit to connect with me in this step to unlock the past and move into the higher vibration of you divine soul mission

August 7, 2014

Empowered (thank you Shannon)


Today was a big day for me.  I was heading out after training  to  face one of my biggest challenges along my healing journey.  The time had come to open up more about the story my life has been about and in a way that is vulnerable to me and in ways nobody would ever think or even imagine. I was meeting my friend Shannon and we would move beyond some of my most grand fears in learning self defense and what that aspect in my life has reflected.

Gradually as I  have moved into and through healing and the process of empowerment through accepting the invitation in  a journey, through words and pictures, about human courage, perseverance and discipline. I would speak to the note that – We all have a level in the journey to find about the potential for the healing of body, mind and spirit. What that looks like for you is not what it will look like for me.  Yet, in looking at it there is still the healing that is due however it needs to come though.

Each of us has a story to tell. We need stories to open our hearts. I am learning to share my story. Each day suggests a wave that needs to be unbound in the healing my life has been undergoing for many years. We speak…we listen…and realize that we are not alone in our suffering. When we have a support system we move into our potential for self-empowerment, and that potential lives within us. Once activated, it becomes a transformational and healing force. It feeds the energy to inspire you on your healing journey and bring you encouragement, joy, and peace. It means becoming the expert in what it means to be You – not just the victim or survivor, and shine in the whole amazing person you are.
In the realm of healing PTSD this means taking responsibility for your healing, including becoming a partner to the trained professionals guiding your case, proactively engaging in research and education, actions and commitment, and a positive support system of those who are accepting and uplifting. I want to be healed, and in that deciding, those who I needed showed up, those who cared showed up, those who believed in my truth crated safe space for me to heal, and taught me tools to make way for a new life and hot to go about doing this in a proactive manner.

PTSD may confuse the notion that regaining that of self-empowerment will be difficult to attain, the truth is, that within the heart of the soul is a quest for growth in the healing that yearns to regain the control you have lost over yourself, your mind, your body and your life.

The process of becoming empowered involves some if not all of the following actions and situations:
developing and maintaining decision-making power
utilizing access to information and resources
identifying a range of options from which you can choose
exercising assertiveness
thinking positively about the ability to create change
learning skills for improving personal power
initiating and then following through with self-growth activities
evolving positive self-image
developing skills for rational thought
Qualities that self-empowered people share include:
Self-appreciation – a view of the positive aspects of the self
Vision – an idea of what goals are to be accomplished in the future
Purpose – a sense of meaning in how one is proceeding in life
Commitment – to realizing the vision and purpose one defines
Contribution – we feel most empowered when we help others

The major benefit of self-empowered healing lies in its oppositional relation to the helplessness we experience during trauma. Developing a self-empowered approach to overcoming PTSD is the beginning of taking back the power trauma stripped from you. This is a critical step and a crucial component in healing PTSD.
There are four major areas in which to develop self-empowerment:

In autism trauma induces on many levels the tendency to retreat from the self through such actions as dissociation, numbing, and avoidance. Activities that promote a reconnection with the self can form the core basis for becoming self empowered. My positive construct is fitness and living within that energy where I flourish.
A major benefit of becoming self-empowered lies in the redevelopment of self-trust, self-knowledge and self-care. This blog goes out to my friend Shannon Orsak MD, who created a new experience for me today that was empowering for me beyond words in the world known to me. The impact of a friend who shared in a piece of what my healing is, and from what it has been to open a place of security in my reality, through stepping in and compassionately assisting me in learning how to protect myself in way that not only empowered me, it grounded my sense of support and trust in another is life changing. I chose this healing for myself, and in taking action the universe blessed me with the next step I needed through the care of my friend.

While a self-empowered healing perspective strengthens and facilitates a quicker and more genuine healing, it also builds a stronger identity for the PTSDer to inhabit during and after healing. I have further perspective of self-empowerment and how it is the first step toward reversing the deepest essentials of trauma’s effects.
Thank you Shann

August 5, 2014

Open Heart – Open Mind

Humanity has the opportunity at this time to connect in the heart and access higher consciousness and guidance for solutions on the planet. The human emotions and consciousness interact with and encode information in the geomagnetic field. An important contribution that can be provided is with each time we add coherent heart energy to the global field environment, and each time we make a shift within our own hearts to forgive and release old hurts and resentments.
As we generate coherent heart energy of love, compassion, care and forgiveness into the global field environment, we draw more facilitation from Universal Source to help resolve our individual and global problems. It’s a gift to serve the planetary Shift in this way and help co-create peace and harmony on Earth. While our problems won’t resolve overnight, as more of humanity come together with compassionate hearts, then resolutions can occur faster than we might imagine, and in unanticipated ways.

Care Focus – Acting As A Compassion Operative
Center in the heart and breathe in the feeling of love and appreciation to increase your heart energy and coherence. Appreciate the opportunity to serve humanity during this time of the planetary Shift.

Connect in the heart with people throughout the planet who are generating love, care, compassion and forgiveness to help humanity dissipate separation and come together in peace and heart-felt cooperation to create healthy global environment

Be in the conscious flow of those who are awake


Spirit Science Phenomenon

imageThere are many layers of understanding that relate to the phenomenon of autism, and each has to be viewed in its own right. The value of a spiritual view of autism is that it enables the pain of limitation and helplessness suffered by those who experience significant impairment and those who care for them to be held within a sense of purposefulness and meaning. This can support individuals, loved ones, friends, and families with a sense of truth and love, even during times of greatest challenge. Walking hand in hand, hearts connected in the divinity of autism so intended purpose.

The layers consisting of impaired ability to neurologically express or perform easily is vast.
Another is the layers in thought and speech that have to do with difficulties in communication, strange thought patterns that are related to non-ordinary perception, the difficulty in forming coherent thoughts, or forming thoughts where sequence is intelligible only to the person that is expressing them. Patterns of thought and speech that are pervasive having to do with brain synapse functioning, and in which neural energy gets released. Within and of the social and emotional aspects of autism that are considerably different from one another.

Bringing this topic to the point of the spirit connection, the purpose of autism, and how it relates to brain function within the human race. Throughout evolution humanity has emphasized on the left side of the brain, once the right-brain functions went into recession thousands of years ago. This left-brain functioning has overemphasized certain aspects of the brain’s capacities and eliminated or significantly reduced other capacities associated with right-brain functioning. In today’s moment of humanity’s natural evolutionary process in the ascension of existence brings us into a time where bringing into balance right and left-brain functioning in due, and within purpose of this, heightened neural and brain activity is needed to connect the two hemispheres. This increased activity requires an adaptation by the human organism in order to tolerate the increased charge to the neural pathways, and sometimes, when this adaptation is incomplete or limited, it is possible for the system to become overcharged or overstimulated, with subsequent problems in releasing the excess energy that is taking place on a cortical level.

This feature is often associated with a particular genetic picture or predisposition. Adding a more grand perspective it is more that a wider and more expanded spiritual phenomenon is occurring today which involves humanity’s movement into the next level of its spiritual expression – one in which right and left-brain functioning will be more in balance and in which new capacities will emerge that will enable a wider range of mental and perceptual activities than are present today.

There are implanted reasons that are karmic path that a soul chooses to experience in limitation in autism plays a roll as well as in other areas of life. The karmic purpose of limitation can also be employed in service to the larger spiritual purpose of evolving brain function and capacity.
Many of those who are presently diagnosed as ‘autistic’, today, are the forerunners of this transition into a new level of brain functioning and the new neurology of our time. Thus expanding the human existence into a high level of consciousness. The mainstream do not always identify with this as autistics do not appear as such due to the limitation that autism brings to their lives on so many levels. Autistics have agreed to experience this limitation in order that further on in their development, they may express as more evolved and balanced beings and ones for whom more will be possible. The reason for this choice is hidden within the inner motivational pattern of each soul according to its own Divine essence or source origin, and need to manifest truth of self.

Giving credit to those already aware that the ‘autistic’ are pioneers and forerunners of a new generation of capable souls who will emerge from these very limitations, are by those whom have perception that requires a deep understanding of the sequence of lifetimes and how they contribute to and enhance one another. Conscious awareness from this angel is widely needed as such a perspective of this context for viewing autism. Within such a perspective, however, it may be seen that what has limitation on one side, may have advantage on the other, and that souls may have chosen to experience both the limitation and the advantage because of their desire to quicken their own spiritual development. Congruently bringing forth purpose for the conscious collective sacred transition of Earth into light by manifesting both the energy and consciousness for possibility, this brings a new way of life to each individual being and new relationships to the inhabitants of the Earth.

The condition of autism is indeed a challenge for individuals, for families, and for society as a whole, with much involved on a personal and familial level pertaining to the emotional and physical challenges are large. However, as with any other physically manifesting problem, it can be considered to be an avenue of growth as well as of adversity. One way of looking at this in its present context through identifying vehicles of supporting the positive qualities of functioning and of life that are present within autistic individuals. Emphasizing and knowing that these are always there, no matter what external behaviors exhibit. Such support can go a long way toward affirming the value of a lifetime in which great limitation is present. Providing acknowledgement of the soul within that space that has chosen the limitation and can accord to that soul equal dignity and equal opportunity to live to the limits of their capacity, rather than seeing the diagnosis as a Lendl of lesser or as a detriment to life. Vantage points of acceptance, optimistic, and support serves society as a whole with a perspective view of the sacred life within the limitation, rather than viewing the person as the limitation, thus enabling a life to live that is safe, free, fuller and more fulfilled.