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May 31, 2014

Astute Sense Percpetion

image– excerpt from “Awesomism: A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism” To learn more about a new perspective of autism visit

Children with autism are able to sense energy more astutely than most of us. They have many challenges some of which are, in their energetic world and state of being, they are unable to articulate all they sensed and know.

May 30, 2014

Her Version

Sarah, aka “ZebraGal”, did a cover of the hit song “Let It Go” from Disney’s wildly popular animated movie, “Frozen”. She changed the lyrics to reflect what it’s like living with an autism diagnosis.

Her explanation, per the YouTube page: [This song] also goes out to everyone on the AS spectrum, especially the girls, and especially the girls that weren’t diagnosed until adulthood. This song reflects mostly how I felt growing up – being stared at and treated cruely and in acts of being flippant by people not understanding me, etc – though most of it still applies to my life now. I hope it’s relatable to other Aspies/Auties!

The lyrics come up on the video as she sings, so you know exactly what she’s saying. Listen to Sarah’s version below, and get inspired!

And remember it’s your life be surrounded by those whom embrace you for you


May 29, 2014

The Power Of Self Empowerment

Seven years ago my life took a radical left turn that was unforeseen by me and within that turn I had years prior leading up to it that by that point became overtaking. That time period for me then became a solid starting point for me and shift on all states of consciousness. Without advertising the personal detail of the catalysts into this time. I had completely disconnected and due to overload. Splintered off an aspect of the entirety that was me at least in conscious state and human experience known. What I knew was that I still existed, yet I was not the same. My entire life I have been unlike the common. And now it became largely defined for me and yet I didn’t get it. Not comprehensively anyway. I had enough development over my 20’s to apply something life changing just happened. Then realized investigating and certainly understanding the problem also propose solutions, which didn’t come easy either, and how to do it coming from a point of no point of reference in making this happen was my self commitment to figure out what was happening to me. I had to then walk through my very own definitions of ‘value’, abuse, love, trauma, physical injury, and lack of support or protection. How did it even happen to me? How does it happen period ? As we interpret the current representation of the relationship of abuse toward one another, and the rest of the constructs that we have all collectively agreed upon as a ‘default’ point from birth. To actually conduct the changes required to create a real form of power, and due to the time, the effort, that is required though that the first point of recognizing. One must consider realistically that ‘I can’ and this is no hopeful-positive thinking slogan. And more that it is in knowing that this is about genuinely becoming aware of how to investigate, understand the problem and so walk it through to a solution beginning with ourselves, which means stopping the patterns of apathy, aversion, hatred, judgment and more so Blame toward ‘those that I believe are of power or justify what everyone really identifies what power isn’t or is.
Power is the ability to recognize that ‘I can’, that ‘I am able,’ that I can direct myself and become an individual that no longer is mentally driven by seeking the kind of abuse or self sabotage from an unaware state of mind. Rather transform it into a form of personal gain called ‘success,’ but instead that I can change myself to become an individual that can demonstrate that the ‘order’ in this world is flawed and that it must be changed – but how can ‘it’ all be changed if we keep living in a bubble called the personal belief of being ‘disempowered’?

In this case, and in mine. In and of my own free will proposing self-education to understand me as an individual. And now in a placement that provides contrast of who I was before the shift the process of recovery and discovery over years devoted to the grand perspective and in this now moment did not have a time limit of what that might be for me. Or if it would be for me. The intention layer out to merely be self accepting without judgement of where I was or why or who was involved in the movie cinema action packed eventful life I knew to be real to me. I found that the responsibility to our lives and others and how we can create empowerment or create disempowerment is something to be attentively mindful to detail. So,one can realize that within doing that the realized will concede that the current system is unsustainable and so, we can also join in with our new awareness to propose solutions that can change the way we currently live in. So here we are then crossing the line from the ‘disempowered’ member of society that sees ‘no way out’ to the individual that sees that the way out is precisely through recognizing that I Can/ I am Able to understand the problem and so within understanding also conduct changes within ourselves first – and this is very, very important because most of the ‘activism’ that takes place is entirely conducted or ‘aiming’ at ‘changing others’ which is entirely futile.

The absolute reality and ability to recognize our power, our ability to change things, which is not really something ‘outside of ourselves’ but recognizing our ability to act according to what we see is and would be best for self and everyone, which also is what we can also define as taking self-responsibility leading to actual self-empowerment. This is a process where we go recognizing that as we take matters into our own hands, we then go dropping all the fallacies, the deception, the belief systems that we had held ourselves imprisoned by. Necessary to begin releasing the idea and And expression within the experience of ‘feeling disempowered’ and instead, rather flag-it and see it as the excuse this word that is ‘disempowerment’ and that represents to not take responsibility, or action. Paralyzingly the ability to recognize that I can inhibit the point of abuse within myself by recognizing my equal-capability of understanding the problem/point of reference of the abuse and directing it toward a solution. And being empowered in the placement energy of acceptance in essence of truth of self.

It is of the love and support of my friends that have trickled into my life over the past seven years that I am here. The collective synergy trickle out an expression to assist humanity in the embodiment of empowerment and acknowledgement of support mutually to expand us all into higher states of existence and consciousness.

Empower another in every moment you have that opportunity. It could save their life and completely turn it around.

May 28, 2014

Rekindle The Inner Spirit

Would you recognize the one standing next you be holding the platinum ray high lite frequency vibration? Would you embrace this frequency? How would you sense it? Would you see the difference in the cellular presentation containing the vibration sustaining the allegiant force exemplified? How would you treat the one auspiciously curious one crossing the journey of your soul? The autistic nature is unique,special,delicate and strong. The sensitivity in the display of the lifetime agreed upon is beyond explanation. For the autistic a straight forward act of kindness is priceless and reinforce honorable alliances. Acceptance of the unique offerings and care in the consideration of truth in all that this awareness reveals, presents mystical and brilliant magic of source creator. Thank you to all of you who are pleasantly kind, and step into a proclaimed placement of certainty with us.


In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.
It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.
We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.
– Albert Schweitzer

May 25, 2014

Autism And An Abstract Reality Of Universal DNA

Autism represents the generation of the beings aspiring in the assistance in evolution as the next generation of our expanding existence is facilitated. For an Autistic, all senses as most people know them to be are blown. Leaving them in a hypersensitive placement in life that disables the normal filtering process and design of the human nature.


The hypersensitive state of the autistic governs the reason that the DNA aspect of them in their multidimensional reality has been deactivated. An overview of spiritual awareness and perspective in what facilitates and expands every being of conscious existence is being elevated and achieved when the DNA is reactivated or activated. This then allows for the driver to shift and expand with ease between dimensions in a multidimensional if they are conscious of the dimensions in life and in observation beyond what science understands our DNA to be dictated under as the double helix. The activation of the multidimensional DNA is beyond the double helix and recoding, and occurs by the process individual consciousness and the collective universal consciousness.

Autism aligns with the understanding pertaining to and of the being on a soul and universal multidimensional consciousness system point placement. This soul has also chosen to deactivate a portion of the DNA strand to alleviate sensory overload of all senses being blown and hypersensitivity to dense vibrations. Now with harmonic DNA reactivation there becomes allowance for multidimensional access. Conscious levels of choice in life through self actualization enable accessibility in and throughout the multidimensional DNA.

May 23, 2014

Role Of Support

A fact of life is that it doesn’t stop for anyone. Friends leave, things change but life keeps moving on. When we are traveling at warp speed on the express train of life, we are bound to collide into one another. When we acknowledge for a moment in our busy lives to actually care about someone else, that could be simply enough to empower them in such away to reinforce what their world holds for them in that moment. Taking a moment to add levity and support to assist in creating a place of security, positivity, acceptance, ease, and guidance for another has the power to be a catalyst for success in that space for them. Remember that a misfire in how we speak to another person if we don’t have a positive contribution can be detrimentally harmful and have negative effects on their journey. Practice mindfulness into that positive effect and support that is a guiding energy to spread all throughout everyone’s day. Even a simple kind words or one gesture of kindness, makes a difference in their day, and sometimes, in life. All people want to be is heard, but sometimes, if you want to be heard, you have to listen and be aware


May 22, 2014

We Are Like Your Child Comment For Harmony

imageGreeting a Friends,
Today among research for my extended healing and search for information on the connection of the brain, the quality of the state of the mitochondria and the roll that plays as a part of our health and the Autistic connection relative. I came along a wonderful read I believe is important to share and beneficial as it relates to the real life day to day world so many of us can identify with and how to find the healthiest path possible. In my life journey not having protection by those whom could have stepped in or provided me with tools to be safe from harm was a major obstacle for me. Autistics are on the frontline as targets of harmful a environments and of abusers. Having a safe haven and position to speak and have what is spoken acknowledged is vital for the success of all preventative measures to be taken as well as it being an avenue that opens the flow of energy of empowerment and flourish in the essence of spirit truth

Here is the content as follows from We Are Like Your Child

A checklist for identifying sources of aggression
One of the most frequent and difficult parental concerns that we see in the autism community is that of aggressive behavior on the part of a child or teenager. Caring parents are often frustrated at not being able to discern the source of their child’s distress, or worry that while they can handle the physical outbursts of a small child, they won’t know what to do when a child is older and larger.

Several of us at We Are Like Your Child have personal experience with anger and aggression, or with children who do.

The following is a checklist of questions to address when trying to identify the source of and alleviate aggression on the part of an autistic child or adult. It does not necessarily include every possibility, but is a preliminary checklist of, in our experience, some major primary issues that are likely to be related to behavior observed as aggression on the part of an autistic person. (To some extent, many of these issues can be related to self-injury as well.)

These are presented in no rigid order of likelihood or importance—they are all important factors to consider and investigate, and may affect different individuals in different ways and different combinations.

1. Make sure that they are not being abused or mistreated in any way—At home, at school, in therapy or other activities…by parents, by teachers, by classmates, by siblings (including what might seem like “normal” taunting)…physically, sexually, emotionally or psychologically.

1a. If they are being subjected to therapy intended to normalize their appearance, behavior, or mannerisms, to extinguish stimming, or ensure compliance or indistinguishability, they are being abused.

1b. Do teachers at school engage in group punishment for the misbehavior of individual students? If so, it can feel like there’s no point to behaving well or not lashing out, since they’ll be punished anyway for what they didn’t do. Extreme anxiety can also result from feeling like you can’t ever know what the right thing to do is, since punishment is seemingly random.

2. Do they have a reliable and safe mode of communication? If not, what is being done to address that?

2a. Is gaining speech being prioritized over developing a mode of communication that works better for them?

3. Is their communication, in whatever form it occurs, being acknowledged as such and honored? Do people take seriously what they say, in whatever way they are able to say it? Can they get their needs met by non-aggressive means?

4. Is their competence being presumed? Is their autonomy and right to self-direction being honored to the greatest extent possible? Is their right to bodily autonomy or personal space being violated? Are they being forced, pushed, tricked, or coerced into activities or modes of social interaction that they are not ready for? Are they being put into situations where they feel unsupported or unsafe? Are they being allowed to do academic work at their level of capability? Are their strengths being recognized and supported? Are they trusted to know and assert their own limits? Are they being included to the greatest extent possible in plans regarding their welfare, education, and activities?

5. Is something wrong in their sensory environment, whether at home or at school? Is their home or classroom environment too loud, chaotic, claustrophobic, or unpredictable? Are they trapped in an environment with other kids they find overwhelming, hostile, or threatening?

5a. If they are intense sensory seekers in any way (and remember that someone can be sensory-defensive in some regards, and also sensory-seeking in others), do they have an outlet for intensive physical input and focus, such as a martial art, sport, hiking, swimming, or horseback riding?

6. Are they allowed to say ‘no’ and have it mean something? This does not mean that they never have to do something they don’t want to do (like go to the doctor or dentist), but if the matter at hand is not a matter of life, health, or immediate safety, are they allowed to refuse activities or situations that they find uncomfortable or have no interest in?
If an unpleasant situation is truly unavoidable, is everything possible being done to identify and address their discomfort?

7. Is sadness, grief, or anxiety being expressed as anger or irritability? (This is VERY common in autistic people.) Have they experienced a loss of a family member, friend or favorite classmate, pet, or member of their support staff recently?

8. Have their plans, routines, or need for ritualization been disrupted? Has something changed recently in their environment, family life, or social milieu?

9. Have they had a full medical checkup and blood panels recently? Is it possible that they’re in pain or discomfort from a treatable medical condition or food allergy/sensitivity that they lack verbal means to communicate? (Even in verbal individuals, alexythymia, body awareness issues, effects of compliance training, and atypical pain perception can make communication about illness or pain difficult.) Nutritional, dietary, and metabolic issues can also wreak havoc with our ability to self-regulate.

10. Are they being allowed sufficient down time and privacy? Or does their school and therapy schedule mean that they’re working the equivalent of two full-time jobs? Is their ability to multi-task or process being overwhelmed? We are very vulnerable to sensory, information, and emotional overload. Do they have truly free time to spend as they choose or be alone? Do they have a space that is their own?

Finally, something that we very strongly recommend, if you are looking for further guidance or input, is to find an autistic adult or mentor local to you, who can meet you and your child, observe their environment and interactions, and give feedback on what kinds of changes or interventions might be helpful.

May 17, 2014

Comprehensive Analysis of Glial Abnormalities in the Amygdala in Autisn

Background: The amygdala plays a modulatory role in social and emotional processing, which are core deficits in autism, and has been strongly implicated as structurally and functionally abnormal in the disorder. In a previous postmortem brain tissue study, we reported a reduction in the number of neurons in the amygdala in a cohort of seizure-free, age-matched adolescents and adults with an autism spectrum disorder. Microglia are innate immune effector cells in the brain that when activated carry out an array of functions ranging from phagocytosis of apoptotic neurons to neuroprotection. Increased microglial activation has been found in other brain regions in autism, but microglia have not been assessed in the amygdala. In addition, the other major glial populations, oligodendrocytes, astrocytes, and endothelial cells, have yet to be stereologically assessed for abnormalities in individuals with autism.

Objectives: The primary goal of this study was to comprehensively examine glial cell abnormalities in the amygdala of adolescents and adults with autism. In addition, we wanted to investigate if the reduction in neuron number we previously observed might be related to glial pathology.

Methods: We carried out a comprehensive stereological study of the number of microglia, oligodendrocytes, astrocytes, and endothelial cells in the same defined regions of the amygdala and in the same cases (n = 8 autism, n = 10 control, ranging in age from 10-44 years of age) as the prior stereological study of neuron number. We also measured microglial cell body size, as somal enlargement is indicative of substantial activation.

Results: We observed significant increases in both the number of microglia and the proportion of large microglial cell bodies in the autism cases, indicative of increased microglial activation; there was marked heterogeneity in the level of activation among the autism cases. A striking reduction of oligodendrocytes was noted in the subgroup of autism cases with pronounced microglial activation, and reduced oligodendrocyte number was significantly correlated with increased microglial cell body size. However, there was no relationship between the increased microglial activation and the reduction in neuron number previously observed in these autism cases.

Conclusions: Increased microglial activation is present in the amygdala of some but not all adult and adolescent subjects with autism. The autism subgroup that displays strong microglial activation may also demonstrate reduced oligodendrocyte number. This may reflect oligodendrocyte susceptibility to factors produced by microglial activation or another perturbation that causes both oligodendrocyte loss and microglial activation. These findings may define a distinct phenotype of autism with multiple related glial abnormalities, and confirm the presence of heterogeneity at the cellular level in autism. We found no association between microglial activation and reduced neuron number, suggesting that microglial activation in autism is not strongly associated with neuron loss as would be expected in a classic neurodegenerative profile such as that in Alzheimer’s disease. Additional studies are needed to explore if increased microglial activation and its relationship to reduced oligodendrocyte number is present in children with autism or is a phenomenon that occurs later, during adolescence and adulthood.

J. T. Morgan, D. G. Amaral and C. M. Schumann, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute, Sacramento, CA

IMFAR 2013 – Amygdala Research – MIND Institute
In “Autism”
Immune Cells and Autism
In “Autism”
Nerve Growth Factor and Non Verbal Communication.
In “Autism”

May 13, 2014

Time/Space/Reality -Reload

Greetings Friends,
I came about a passage today written by an autistic being and on behalf of the extreme nature the autistic journey displays for autistic beings. This article touched me deeply in regards to the similarities in nature that are relentlessly bound in riding the spirally waves of this experience of life that I have exhausted and how the script identified a mirrored reflections known to me, yet, of a different experience placement.
What is shared is truth for the autistic, and it invite you to really read this reality we live as you may not be fully aware. For the next time you meet an autistic managing through the course of the different mind consciousness system placement please understand the grander version of what is truly occurring!!!

Albert Einstein was one of the greatest and well known scientists of his time. If he were alive today, what would he say about autism? I believe it would go something like this:

You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to say these words to those affected by autism. There are no words I can even conceive of to express my deepest concerns to those who are challenged with autism. For some people it has been a tragedy, yet for others it is considered a gift. But for all of humanity it is time we came to understand autism from the relativity of time.

To help me explain this I needed someone who would explore my theory of relativity and make their own great discoveries. I knew it would have to be someone like me, on the autism spectrum. Actually when you think about it, many of us are on the spectrum, be it even on the most miniscule level, because very few people’s minds perform at optimal perfection. Once you understand autism from a new perspective you will appreciate your own differences for what they really are. Furthermore and most importantly we get to respect each and every other person’s differences in a whole new way. So from here I have to leave it up to my brilliant friends Bushy Van Eck, Author of Prisoners of Our Minds, member of Mensa, with an IQ higher than most college professors, and his friend Clayton to help us understand autism from the relativity of time.


By understanding autism from the relativity of time, you will understand how it can be a tragedy for some people as well as a gift to others.

I have been ridiculed most of my life for being different. I have felt both gifted and tormented at the same time. I became obsessed searching for the answer as to why my mind works so differently than others. My research is based on scientific data as well as my own observations and conclusions. For me my dream has come true, getting the answers I was looking for. Please don’t worry if you do not understand everything you are about to read, for it took me over 25 years to make this discovery. Have you ever noticed it seems like the oddballs of the world help move us forward the most? For some people one profound moment of clarity opens them up to a whole new world of knowledge and takes them to a higher level of existence. I believe we are truly on the brink to this new expansion. It happened for me and I know it can happen for you too if you give it a chance. When I set out to discover the truth behind our existence, so many years ago, I certainly ended up getting more than I bargained for. I truly hope I can help you have one of those “Moments of Clarity” and it brings new meaning to your life and those around you a whole new way. When someone is interested in something they tend to want to learn more. Every person who opens their heart and mind can learn something that will have a deep impact in your own life. You can gain a new respect for autistic people, now having infinite empathy because you understand how it can be a tragedy for some people as well as a gift to others. We will now be able to respect each other’s experiences, struggles and opinions no longer offending one an other.

The Foundation to Understanding Autism in a Meaningful Way
Because my intention is to make this simple and easy to understand, I am not going to clutter you with a lot of big scientific definitions but will include links for clarification. Once you gain a basic understanding of this theory, it may become an instant realization that was always right in front of you but never explained in a meaningful way.

Just like we all have our own personal finger print, the same goes for our minds. To help us understand autism and how it relates to time we need to understand what a unit of time is and what a moment of awareness entails. For most of us we know what a minute of time feels like. But why does time seem to go by faster as we age and slower when we are younger? How do our minds use up more time? And the most important question is: How can time perception problems help explain autism symptoms?

The Theory of Time Perception by Cornelius (Bushy) Van Eck
Think of time as a sequencing of units. These units are called Planck Units in Physics.

Each Planck unit is equal to 1 bit of data (or information or knowledge); these bits of data form sounds, words, colors, thoughts, touch, etc. into moments of awareness. In other words it takes so many required units of time, depending on the substance, to form a moment of awareness. Read this paragraph over and over until it sinks in deep into your psyche, the human soul, mind, or spirit.

A Moment of Conscious Awareness: the “Miracle of life”
The more sophisticated and technological society gets the more time we are using. Each moment of awareness consists of past, present and future Planck Units of time. Play almost any video game today for what seems like a few minutes and realize hours later “Where did the time go?” As we get older we obtain great amounts of data and become more intelligent. Each moment of awareness now requires much more Planck Units of time. Example: In a flash of a second when you see a picture of a steak dinner on the menu, you know everything about it from past, present and future. Past -what it tastes like, present -how much it costs, future -how much you will enjoy it! This moment of awareness took many units of time to process. The higher the definition of data per moment of awareness, the more time will be perceived to have gone by. The lower the data per moment of awareness, the less time will be perceived to have gone by. If we truly want to live longer lives, then we must consider limiting technology that steals away our time. You now have a whole new meaning to “Managing Your Time.”

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
Enhanced Motion Perception in Autism May Point to an Underlying Cause of the Disorder Now back to understanding autism in a meaningful way so that you will be able to make sense of most new related research. How can an autistic person “see faster”? All of the data or units of time and information is first processed in the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is where it all takes place and for an average person the processing speed of data is very similar in performance. But what happens when the data is being passed on to the conscious mind too fast or too slow, or by too much or too little? For example, you are receiving too many sound bites of data. It will create havoc for a person’s sense of sound hearing all the voices in a room all at once. The same would go for any perception of touch, sound, sight, thought and so on. Once you get to conceptualize my theory you will be able to apply it to many mental differences. You will understand people in a whole new way realizing our brains all work slightly differently and enabling you to appreciate and respect that we are all different. Do you know someone who seems to always talk faster than you? Does the waiter or waitress seem to be on another time scale: -too slow or even too fast but never realizing it? Do you answer a ringing phone so quick it surprises the caller? You may be hearing sound slightly faster. The analogies are endless once you have a clear understanding of this theory. Right now from this very moment of awareness you will notice a whole new world. Things about people you never noticed you will see and understand clearly. And it will change you forever. You will become much more empathetic and your humility will become limitless.

Understanding Autism Continued
An abundance of information at the subconscious level, when not being sorted for relevancy to the situation with the rest being disposed of, will cause an overflow of data onto the conscious awareness. Your conscious mind will literally be drowning in data, suffocating you in information, literally slowing the world down around you. During such a moment an autistic child will literally hear every word of every conversation, smell every fruit on every shelf, see every move of every motion, and feel the wind pushing him. It’s like time is standing still, being frozen up in the moment.

Asperger syndrome on the other hand is the transformation of a normal set of high definition conscious moments into only a few super enhanced moments of awareness, with the individual being oblivious to anything else for that duration. This is an explanation I am writing an entire book on; for those interested please follow our Facebook page ImAutisticToo

Biological Signatures of Autism: a Larger-Than-Normal Head
Why brain size is more significant than thought

A baby’s brain at birth is around half the size of an adult’s brain. As such the baby’s mind would encapsulate time to last twice as long as that of his parent and therefore would perceive each and every movement, every single sound and every touch, to be lasting twice as long hence everything being very slow in the mind of the baby. For more on this read Autism and Head Size Study. When the brain of an autistic child develops too quickly, the whole scenario around him changes. Everything around him which was supposed to be transpiring at a very slow rate enabling him to follow through is now happening way too fast for him to comprehend, literally stripping precious time from his mind. Our every move, sound and even touch would become no less than terrifying for his now almost adult mind, a mind still in dire need of the relevant data and know how to help him make sense of the world around him.

Autism and Solutions
I believe there is much that can be done to rectify time perception simply by knowing how to manipulate awareness of time and steering it in the right direction. This can be achieved by means of virtual realities and the administration of very precise doses of task specific drugs directly related to the metabolic rates to bridge this problem during the important developmental stages. Some of the work of Bill Mueller is directly addressing issues with over sensitivity to sound. It is my deepest intention to open up new ideas to help solve the struggles related with autism.

Some of the many research studies supporting this theory

It is generally considered that the sensory inflow to the neural system is cut into fragments, which then are bidden to each other, based on their features, to result in sensory perception. This idea is supported by flicker-fusion of visual images, when perception of continuous movement might be provided by a series of fixed visual frames.

(Ruben Tikidji-Hamburyan and Witali Dunin-Barkowski Congress of Neuroinformatics

“Publicly announced in September 2013 Research led by Trinity University of Dublin in collaboration with a few other universities announced a remarkable discovery relating to the perceptions of time amongst the animal kingdom of which humans certainly are no exclusion.” Flicker Fusion Frequencies

The pillars upon which my theory is based
No man has nor ever will be capable of any profound discovery no matter how small, without having trampled upon the hard built foundations constructed from the blood sweat and tears of others. Not even Einstein could claim otherwise.

Only by gaining a fundamental understanding of Time, Space and Energy, based on pure logical reasoning will you be capable of understanding what the true realities of the Present, Past and Future really entail, being responsible for our perceived realities. Any one moment of awareness can never consist of anything less than an equal duration of the present, past and future no matter how long or short that duration might be.

Take careful note of the following statement which is fundamental in getting to understand the true realities of our existence, especially if you eventually want to gain a complete understanding of autism.

The only way possible to see into the future is by living in the past of which the present moment has already occurred.

Only by coming to understand this is it possible to understand the true nature of our realities. The transitional gates of our minds are responsible for the transformation of consciousness into any one single moment of awareness, of which the metabolic rates plays a critical role.

It is these transitional gates which are responsible for safeguarding us from the harsh realities of our physical interaction at the subconscious level constrained to a different level of time perception.

Yet these transitional gates for various reasons are quite often compromised causing all types of phenomena resulting in the likes of autism, aspergers, ADHD, sleep Paralysis, déjà vu, bipolar disorders, multiple personalities, schizophrenia, seizures and the list goes on.

In Conclusion
Although our realities are not that difficult to understand, there certainly is much more to be learned to gain a clear understanding thereof.

What you, the reader, has been exposed to so far is merely a taste of what our realities consist of. There are numerous mind blowing facts that will change the way you think and behave forever, for once the door is opened it can never be closed.

A Message from Clayton
Bushy Van Eck has spent his entire adult life working on his theory. Although being ignored by some, he has never given up hope to share his theory. Bushy was born and raised in Brakpan, South Africa. The school systems of the 1960’s and 1970’s in South Africa had no place for a gifted child. What he was especially ridiculed for even until this day is his lack of handwriting skills, writing he can mostly not even read himself. Bushy took on a normal life and a normal job until the internet allowed him to become self taught in Physics and much more. I have had the privilege to study and learn his theory. If you have read books like The Secret, The Law of Attraction and hundreds of other self-help books but still felt something was missing, Bushy’s work can help fill that gap. Bushy is honored to be included this summer in the filming of the US Autism Road Tour. There are no words that can express our gratitude to all the supporters, especially those affected by autism. No theory that can expand our understanding of autism should be ignored, for that could be an injustice to those who need it the most.

May 10, 2014

Source Of Inspiration

I have been receiving lately many emails about where I know my self to be of and what that is. I intend this blog to bring forth more clarity for what a portion of this involves. My entire life has revolved around stars. Just the idea of the Cosmo brings comfort and alignment for me in the experience of my path here on earth, and from where my divinity originates from the planet Avalon in the star system of the Pleiades found in the constellation of Taurus. Pleiadians are very common to humans in physical aspects and in our ability to feel emotion and express emotion; the connection is made brought by sound frequency vibration and electricity. However are energetically very different.

Identify that – The word “electricity,” may be traced back to the star Electra, which is supposed to be one of the little lost sisters of the seven Pleiades. Perhaps the Pleiades are the source of the atomic life of our Signatures, the active intelligent aspect, which we might call electrical matter.

: The Pleiades: Source Of Inspiration

The Pleiades consists of seven stars, to which certain seekers are invited to receive, while asleep or in deep meditation, knowledge that is engrained in pure Being. However, those who are attuned to the Pleiades must first have integrated their Perfect Mold and should have started to consciously unfold the qualities that are inherent in their Perfect Model. Prior to their invitation, the seekers invited to the Pleiades have been purified and cleansed of the blocks to their astral and mental bodies so that they can assimilate the knowledge received, which their purified mental bodies will later translate and interpret into simple words for the rest of humanity.
The Pleiades have a tremendous influence on our consciousness, and contact creates a sacred “void” in seekers to allow them to integrate with a higher and more subtle level of the Divine and Abstract Mind. The void is a “mental energy” that transforms intuition into consciousness. How? Because receiving such a high dosage of Pleiadian energy unites consciousness and mind so that both can simultaneously perceive spiritual and divine knowledge. Moreover, such sacred receipt of Divine Wisdom also resonates in the self-consciousness of these seekers, which helps them to harmonize their mental and intellectual faculties with those of the Pleiades. This in turn helps them to become powerful “transmitting stations” that broadcast, albeit on a lower level, their own understanding and interpretation of what they have received.

The Pleiades, therefore, open a higher level of consciousness in seekers, unfolding within them the potentials and gifts that are inherent and manifest on the higher planes of Being. Thus, the Pleiades have the power to manifest and energize the qualities that are inherent in the seed ideas of seekers by enhancing their intuitive and mental faculties, or the intelligence of the heart.

The seven planets of the Pleiades thus represent a “faculty” of learning whose influence awakens and transforms the rational mind into becoming a clear vehicle that can receive and translate into simple words what consciousness experiences and lives. In turn, seekers on that spiritual plane receive an enhanced level of consciousness that overflows with divine seed ideas that must be expressed and shared with others.

The Pleiades open up the intuitional intelligence of the seekers to a high level in which consciousness and knowledge become one. This is the only way that Divine Wisdom and Knowledge express themselves in seekers so that they may share them with others. To be able to impart wisdom to others, seekers must first become that wisdom.

The Pleiades’ role, then, is to help seekers become consciously aware of Divine Knowledge and Wisdom, which is why their etheric, astral and mental bodies must be purified before being able to integrate with that spiritual realm. The Pleiades represent a spiritual “station” where the Perfect Model within seekers is energized and comes alive on earth.

Seekers who resonate with their Ideal Model gradually integrate their consecrated Perfect Mold so as to be assimilated and “remodeled” in it once they have dissolved the illusionary creations of their egos. However, if we want to start the inner process and enter our consecrated Perfect Mold, we must first consider it our inner starting point

The first phase of the process involves great changes within yourself, dying to your old patterns before being “reshaped” in it. Once you are in the mold, you will never be the same, and will remain in it until you and the mold unite, manifesting your Perfect Model in and around you. In due course, you will emerge renewed from the Mold. Initially, however, look upon it as much more than just the inner starting point