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April 27, 2014

Expanding The Role of The Collective Consciousness

Greetings Friends,
As we evolve in present time and constantly shift and expand in such a way to navigate through our seemingly changing times on the express train of ascension at warp speed. I would like this moment intern to extend gratitude for those and to those whom assist in keeping me in a space to be anchored in my presence to do what I have come to do. The past few years have been profound and diligent behind the scenes for extensive healing on my behalf. There are no words to express what the journey and dedication it has been in persevere not nature has required. Positively and witnessed all in divine attempt to reignite my physicality and remain present on earth to share the journey of the transcendent experience navigated to come into this “now moment”in order to be able to clearly express on behalf of source frequency evolution all aspects of frequency evolution and the Autism race. Might I include additionally sincere gratitude to the new surrounding individuals reaching out to me in interest and support in joining forces pertaining to the focus of sharing the messages in regards in nature surrounding the sensitivity and discpline required to create a transformation in light collectively together on the autism paradigm.
Perspectively, in 4D we would see the entire expansion of all geometrical information and interconnectedness simultaneously. The 5th even more so, as each dimension exponentially unfolds as an informational manifold, time and space would appear simultaneous with both a beginning and an end. A “probabilistic” reality emerges that from an information perspective knows every potential outcome of every part of the 3rd dimensional journey through time/space in a way that we might see a woven rug on the floor as time/space with a beginning and an end. It is truly an auspicious existence and balance of information as a whole

Better explained, I give to you a thread that represents the journey of beginning and end in 4th dimensional space. Our third dimensional awareness becomes a fixed point on the thread moving forward in a chronological and serialized way only being aware of what the “tunnel” vision tells us. We cannot see the rug, only the point of reference that we spatially are bound too.

Notably that we exist in a thread weaved into a probabilistic reality system and are also propagated into higher dimensions yet unable to process and be aware of that extreme volume of astronomical information, unless we somehow evolved into a 4th or 5th dimensional consciousness (assuming that is even possible). However, given the nature of this manifold, even that is possible as improbable as we might think.

Let’s go back to the singularity and add “consciousness” to the mix along the point self-awareness and consciousness “I AM”. The primordial consciousness of the Universe enfolding upon itself into a manifold of dimensional information systems.

It is here in this space that we achieve awareness that we have this theoretical self-awareness of the Universe, the “I AM” or the zero-point representation of our self. A Single Unit of Consciousness. From here, this self-awareness model intended to expands into each dimension becoming a larger geometrically bound system capable of much more data and information. Encompassing the collective consciousness.

From oneness, we now have many parts expanding in many directions creating different levels of “I AM” awareness, a very complex and compartmentalized system of “Universal Cosmic Consciousness”. And collective assist …. In a multidimensional phenomenon

Here is my recent discussion with Suzy on Spiritual Awakenings

Please share with those whom will be empowered

Insomnia and Autism

Relaxation is a key component in assisting the connection between insomnia and autism
It is very difficult to achieve optimal health if you aren’t sleeping well. I believe a major factor for the cause of insomnia is the prevalence of our exposure to electromagnetic fields or EMF produced by modern technology. A few of the sources that bombard us with EMF are cell phones, cell phone towers, Wi-fi, and Blue Tooth. These sources of EMF can weaken your energy field. When you have a strong energy field then you are healthy and can easily combat stress and illness.

Some scientists say EMF is harmless but many sensitive people know differently. Now scientists are taking a serious look at the possible harmful effects of long exposure to EMF. One study in a peer-reviewed scientific journal (J.Aust.Coll.nutr.& Env.Med, 2007; Vol.26, No.2 ) shows evidence EMF may make the cell membrane hard and difficult for heavy metals and toxins to be excreted by the cells and difficult for nutrition to enter the cell.

Dr. Carlo co-authored the study and headed the largest safety research project on cell phones in the late 1990′s states “These findings tie in with other studies showing adverse cell-membrane responses and disruptions of normal cell physiology.” The authors speculate increased EMF may be a factor in the increase of autism. 20 years ago only 1 in 10,000 children were diagnosed with autism and government statistics in 2002 show 1 in 150 children may be afflicted with autism. This is a startling statistic.

April 23, 2014

The Countdown Begins

While Major League Baseball recently began its regular season, for families living with autism, spring training never ends.

It’s exciting to finally see our game plan come to fruition with the Second Annual Family Fun Day, Strike Out Autism on Sunday, April 27, Opening Weekend with the Sugar Land Skeeters. Many families are experiencing something they never thought they would, a baseball game. All while making fans and supporters aware of autism, it’s challenges and breakthroughs.

Strike Out is more than an event that allows us to enjoy one of America’s favorite past times. It is an opportunity for others to accept and understand a disorder that affects children; many living right here in our community. More children than cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined.

We invite you to arrive early and witness the phenomenal pregame festivities starting at 1:30pm. Game Time: 2:05pm. Over 700 volunteers and family members join together for an autism awareness parade on field while City Mayors ready for a home plate line up to show their support. County Judge Hebert will read a Proclamation of support recognizing April as Autism Awareness month while the crowd prepares for the Grand Slam Event of the Year.

During Strike Out, there will be two spectacular silent auctions:
Game Day Jersey Auction – players and coaches wear custom puzzle piece designed jerseys in support of autism awareness. Bid on a player or coach jersey. Winners then join on field post-game to collect your autographed jersey. Take the shirt right off the Skeeters team member back right then and there!

Another “ausome” auction features packages for all ages; Family Fun Night, Golf, Jewelry and much more! An added extravaganza features a unique piece of art created by a young man living with autism, Eco-artist Grant Manier.

Grant, is whose art hangs in the US Capitol, designed an original masterpiece from recycled torn, shredded paper and puzzle pieces titled “Heroes”. You must see this exquisite piece of art. Grant will also create “Coolages” art live in the concourse. Please stop by and see this amazing young man. Auction proceeds benefit local families and children in the Fort Bend community.

Also available are First Responder vehicles for families to tour. Visit a fire truck, ambulance and many more in the parking lot of Constellation Field.

To reserve game day tickets ($12) online: A portion of each ticket purchase benefits Hope for Three Family Assistance fund. Pick up tickets from the Hope for Three table at the Skeeters Ticket Box Office.

One click of a button sharing this information to your family, friends, co-workers will provide help and create hope for Fort Bend families.

Give the gift of HOPE and join the CIRCLE:
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April 21, 2014

Bridging Local and Nonlocal Energies Through Brainwave Balance By LENS Neurofeedback

Because LENS is so effective at treating anxiety, depression and poor impulse control, there is often dramatic improvement in a variety of disorders where these symptoms are present.

It is important to remember that LENS is not diagnosis-based. We are treating a dysfunctional brain, one that is stuck in maladaptive brainwave patterns and the associated neurochemistry. Therefore, we are not treating Autism, per se, However, because LENS can be very effective in decreasing anxiety, depression, and poor impulse control, there is often dramatic improvement in treating patients with Autism. Their lives become easier and more manageable which, in turn, can make things easier for parents and caretakers.

LENS Neurofeedback Helps Those W/ Autistic Disorders, Study Finds
ScienceDaily (Feb. 28, 2008) — Research on autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) shows that neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback) can remediate anomalies in brain activation, leading to symptom reduction and functional improvement. This evidence raises the hopes for a behavioral, psychophysiological intervention moderating the severity of ASD.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by a lack of appropriate eye contact, facial expression, social interaction, communication, and restricted repetitive behavior. ASD represents a group of disorders, including Autism, PDD-nos, Rett’s Disorder, Child Disintegrative Disorder, and Asperger’s Disorder. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2006) reported the prevalence of ASD as 2 to 6 per 1,000.

Research has shown that related symptoms of ASD are the result of brain dysfunction in multiple brain regions. Functional neuroimaging and electroencephalography research have shown this to be related to abnormal neural connectivity problems. The brains of individuals with ASD show areas of both excessively high connectivity and deficient connectivity. In other words, some areas of the brain are chatting excessively with themselves, while failing to communicate normally with other relevant regions.

In one 2006 study using connectivity-guided neurofeedback, pre-post analyses showed a 40 percent reduction in autistic symptoms, enhancement of function between the brain and behavior, and reduction of hyperconnectivity. Neurofeedback is capable of significantly remedying these anomalies and reducing autistic symptoms.

Excerpt from: Child Adolesc Psychiatric Clin N Am 14 (Jan. 2005) Emerging brain-based interventions for children and adolescents: overview and clinical perspective

Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Based largely on word of mouth communication among parents of children with autistic spectrum disorder, there is rapidly growing clinical experience with EBF. In one published controlled group study of EBF for autism [33], 24 autistic participants were randomly assigned either to the EBF treatment or to a waitlist control group. Twenty or more sessions (average, 36) of EBF using a standard protocol were given. EBF participants showed significant improvements on measures of sociability, communication, health, and sensory awareness compared with controls.

There is a strong consensus among EBF clinicians who work with ASD that EBF offers substantial benefit to a significant portion of this population. It seems to be helpful to more severe autistic individuals and those with high functioning autism and Asperger’s disorder. Approximately 70% to 80% of patients with ASD benefit from the treatment. The degree of benefit ranges from mild to profound.

For example, one 4-year-old boy recently was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified (NOS). He had severe behavioral and emotional self-regulation problems, with episodes of extreme aggression toward his brother and parents and self-injurious behavior, such as biting and head banging many times daily. He spoke in two- to three-word phrases, primarily echolalic, engaged in considerable repetitive behavior, and showed little social engagement, even with his mother. After 3 months of twice weekly EBF sessions, aggressive behavior and tantrums had largely subsided, language had improved markedly, he began to engage in parallel and some joint pretend play with peers, and relating with his parents and brother had improved markedly.
Generally, improvements are seen in attention and other aspects of executive function, in anxiety and emotional self-regulation, and in the degree to which a child is tuned in to or engaged with the world around him rather than being ‘‘in his own world.’’ It seems to be the case that EBF treatment in ASD requires many more sessions than for other disorders; therefore, home training under the supervision of the clinician is sometimes used.

The rationale for use of neurofeedback for ASD is similar to that for psychopharmacology. Virtually all children with ASD have significant attention deficits and impulsivity. Virtually all children with ASD also suffer from anxiety, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, and mood disturbances. EBF, like medications for ASD, is targeted at these areas of dysfunction.

April 15, 2014

Preventing the Bully, Protecting the Autistic

On behalf of my friend Ami Fountain whom I know through an expanded perception in recognizing Autism I would like to share her views and common subject she and I both share pertaining to aspects of bully’s and the importance of positive surrounding
Bullying Facts and how To potentially deal with them:

~ To stop Bullying is near and dear to my heart

~ Some of the effects it causes

~ Different forms of bulling, a surprising spin on “who” is doing the bullying

~ How Love can help and even stop bullying

~ How it relates to Living a Free

Where does the Awareness to Stop Bullying Begin?

We eventually have to face the facts….that living our life based on society’s requirements, is a direct result of unhappiness, dis-empowerment and a major reason for so much unhappiness and dissatisfaction in the humanity. Having said this, it could be clearly determined that bullying is a direct result of living one’s life unauthentically.

My friend Ami shares that all of those years when I was the “victim” of the bullys, I recognized the insecurity of those who harassed me. I could feel the pain they were in. I recognized the lack of love and most importantly, self love that they were expressing. It encouraged me to keep going, deal with the frequent incidents and still come out of it loving them and forgiving their actions

In moving forward in life I see so much in what Ami identified with that I realized the parallel we have to identify with a very important piece of humanity. Furthermore, as she did I came to recognize a culprit in the system “as she calls it – brilliantly”, that is causing this imbalance in the first place. It is the “mind virus” that is has effected humanity to make their life choices based on what they see outside of themselves as well as shut down their intuitive gifts simultaneously.

This mind virus has tainted us into believing lies about our capability to be free creators.

The good news is…we can change the way we do everything!

And it begins by Believing in our Self! We are free to do and be as we choose, even if it takes a little, or A lot of rebellion against the systems and people who tell us we can’t.

We have many choices that will catapult us into Living Free, some of which are:

Get around others who are living the way we want to live
Feeding our minds with positive, hope-filled and enriching information
Becoming more aware
Making choices based on what our heart tells us is “true for us”
Healing ourselves and coming from a place of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!! I came to recognize a culprit in the system that is causing this imbalance in the first place. It is the “mind virus” that is has effected humanity to make their life choices based on what they see outside of themselves as well as shut down their intuitive gifts simultaneously.

It made me question: “Who is the bully here?” or “who is modeling the down putting of others….especially their dreams?”


***Does it provoke you to look more closely at the way you treat others, especially children?

***Does it bring back memories of when you were younger, or thinking about your own children?

Can you relate to this new perspective?

***How are we Bullying our own Dreams?

When we make choices based on outside influences, we are moulding ourlives based on other’s terms. We do this conscious and unconsciously and in effect, we are giving our power away. We dis-empower ourselves due to “Conditioned Limitations” rather than Be Empowered by living our life based on our authentic desires. We put our own Dreams down while we “try our best” in honor of other people’s opinions/ OPP.

Empowerment or Victim…Which Do You Choose?

It all comes down to a basic understanding. We are all powerful beings who have not tapped our personal power fully, in a very long time. The time has come, where we can now bring conscious awareness to any situation, especially one where your power seems to be taken from you. “It’s not fair!” we all hear ourselves say. Or….we quietly pout and bow our heads in shame when someone tells us we are not good enough.

Yet when you begin to embody your

Light = Become Empowered = Take your power back with a simple DECISION….

We come to remember and realize that that fair is as real as we make it.

All of these moments of choice when we can choose to stand tall and in the face of adversity. The habitual pattern/mind program tells us that being empowered is selfish.

But truly, our heart feels like it could burst from lack of expression.

All in all, we have a choice that could not be any clearer right now!

Are you living your free life? Or is it in accordance with what others/society say?

It’s YOUR Time! It’s My Time! It’s Our Time! ….To Live FREE and


April 8, 2014

Support Autism through Amazon

Support Autism through your Amazon acct. If you have an account, would you register your Amazon account on the Amazon Smile page? Basically anyone that registers for Hope for Three on the Amazon Smile page, Amazon will donate .05% of the purchase price to our charity. This could be a great way to “trickle in” donations over the year. I just registered my Amazon account.

Also, would you encourage (ask ) your friends to register their Amazon accounts and put Hope for Three as charity of their choice?
Go to, then in the search engine type Amazon Smile and then follow the prompts. The registration page will have a box to select a charity of your choice (like Red Cross, etc.) below it is another box to enter a charity’s name and search. Enter Hope for Three, and select search, and the first one that comes up will be Blessed Be Hope for Three. Select that it and you should receive an instant reply that your account is registered for Hope for Three.

Thank you so much for your time and for doing this! Every little bit helps. For those who do not know about autism, please visit and see who we are and what we do. It costs a family anywhere from $3.5-5 Million dollars to raise a child with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Early intervention is crucial to the success of a child’s future outcomes. Every therapy costs money, and even if insured. Insurance companies may not cover these therapies for a diagnosis of autism because they are “experimental” and not considered medically necessary, even though doctors write prescriptions for the therapies–which do help. Families need us more than ever! We so very much appreciate any and all support received.

Assisting these families is a way to give back to community and to God. It is the calling of our times. Thank you for your support!

With kindest personal regards,

April 1, 2014

April Autism Awareness Month In Sugar Land, Texas Events and Hope For Three


April 1, 2014 – Today begins the journey of a month long recognition of April, Autism Awareness Month. The Centers for Disease and Control announced last week, “1 in 68 children in the United States, with 1 in 50 being school age, have now been identified with autism spectrum disorder”.

Join Hope for Three as we continue to empower our community and make others aware of autism. Acceptance, understanding and support are needed now more than ever. 1 in 68 cannot wait. YOU can be the difference …

Join local teens as they turn suds & shine into support.
3rd Annual FREE Car Wash for Kids
Sunday, April 13, 11am – 3pm
C&C Dental, 17003 SW Freeway, Sugar Land (corner of Hwy 59 & Sweetwater Blvd.) Volunteer registration closes TODAY.

A clean car and clean cut!
Haircuts benefit kids with autism.
Sunday, April 13, 11am – 5pm
Beauty Indulgence Day Spa, 4715 Sweetwater Blvd., Sugar Land
Haircut with blow dry offered at $24 ($65 value). $12 donated to H43. Hope for Three Moms register for a FREE spa day! Visit salon for more details.

The GRAND SLAM event of the year!
2nd Annual – STRIKE OUT AUTISM –
Sunday, April 27, Game time 2:05pm
Constellation Field, 1 Stadium Dr., Sugar Land
Support “ausome” kids! Buy tickets on line:
Many families living with autism have the chance to experience something they never thought they would, a ballgame. Join Presenting Sponsor Rangeland Energy, City Mayors and 300 volunteers as we inspire others with a fun-filled FAMILY FUN DAY. Family & volunteer registration closes soon – don’t delay – register today!

Hope for Three’s purpose is to create awareness so others will see how important knowledge is; with your support we can build HOPE and empower change. “I give here because I live here” is our motto and this is no April Fools, 1 in 68 cannot wait.

Give the gift of HOPE and join the CIRCLE:

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