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February 28, 2014

Inspire You

dedicated to my team of ladies that back me

Touching the life of somebody else in a positive way is such an important aspect of life.  We can profound impact a person with love, open heart and a gentle embrace in a powerful and uplifting way just through kindness. In the business that life becomes, and the distractions of keeping up and balancing the demands that modern life demands is overwhelming.  I keep things as simple as possible, and keep all positive aspects in life that support encouraging and inspiring others around me to keep moving.  I strive to give each person a positive embrace.  And value the reality of all the we can bring to a life through caring. Identifying with a person and who they are heals them.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed when people approach me. Even more so when it is not in regards to getting to know me for the right intentions.  I have to be aware of this daily, and so by the end of the day I truly need to decompress. Stay fit and maintaining an appearance that exudes an example to uplift others is very important to me.  Yet many times is often misconstrued in who I am from within. My heart sings when a person truly understands me, and really connects with that place of me outside of the physical presence of self. And that keeps me strong in my path fulfilling what I am here to do and inspired in my path.  image

as I strive to inspire others in the way that I do, and relate to them, I have to say that I am mindful about keeping healthy and positive people around me too. Negativity serves nobody, and I filter through my world aware of keeping my state of mind healthy.  We all know the body follows the brain. And I surround myself with those who love, accept understand the synergy of mutual support and common good.

I have great people who know my limits that are around me.  Cultivating my strengths and assisting me in areas where I need support. This creates ease for me.  And when I get to speak about how I see the world it elevates my soul. Seeing people in their curiosity and position that embraces the messages i bring forth inspires me to speak more, and express visions that help us all.


February 25, 2014

Autism Overview

More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes, and cancer…combined. In Autism we are presented extraordinary accounts of spiritual giftedness in autistic children and adults, persons often deemed intellectually inferior.
Lets recognize the unaccountable and dramatic rise in autism-with no single known cause-is a necessary part of our spiritual evolution. • The secret component that makes autistic telepathy possible for us all, and how we can learn to use it. * How certain autistics communicate with animals and how what the animals are saying is pertinent to the rest of us. * How anyone can tap into the multi-sensory giftedness possessed by many autistic children and adults. * How many inter-dimensional ones connect to the otherworld
We have much to learn from our autistic friends about transcendence rising, a new humanity accessible for all.  Open minds are the states of mind who will witness the intended ascension process in our evolution.

Aspects Of Reality Between ASD and Depression and Finding Hope

According to research carried out in the University of Gothenburg up to 70% of young Adults with Aspergers Syndrome suffer from depression. This is in stark contrast to the 18% depression rate in the general population.

Even though individuals with autism are more likely to become depressed, they are less likely to pursue treatment because they may rather internalize the pain they are feeling than seek outside assistance. It also possible that they may be unable to articulate what exactly it is they are feeling. Difficulty in reading the facial expressions and body language of people who are on the autistic spectrum also means that depression is not easily observable from the outside.

Whether the depression is a result of social stigmatization, low self-worth or other causes, the end result is the same:  a deep feeling of isolation, loss of motivation, immense sadness, and deeply impaired quality of life. In addition to the regular symptoms of depression, people with autism may experience a worsening of communication skills, repetitive movements, compulsions, isolation and changes in time perception.

There are two main causes of depression, the first is where past traumas and emotional buildup cause one to get depressed. The other is a chemical inbalance in the brain that causes a lack of serotonin (the happy chemical) to be produced.

While the chemical imbalance seems to be an easy explanation in the majority of cases, it is often not directly the case with adults with aspergers. Living with autism and aspergers, there is often a daily struggle that takes place involving obsessive behavior, alienation and coordination problems. An inability to communicate or express the feelings that get raised from these circumstances often brings on the onset of depression. When one thinks about the word itself: depression, it is actually the opposite of expression.

Regardless of the exact causes, the fact remains that this problem clearly exists and needs to be dealt with on a larger scale than has been previously done by the medical and social professions. The most effective ways to combat both anxiety and depression are always exercise and meditation. These flagship treatments are repeated so often that one may believe that they are simply hearsay from people who do not know what they are talking about. Especially in a depressive state, this may seem like a reasonable and acceptable explanation. It is not. This is absolutely not the case. The most common cause of depression in any individual is lack of exercise or the inability to control intrusive thoughts, which are both effectively remedied by exercise and meditation.

Because both exercise and meditation release helpful neurotransmitters and jumpstart the brain’s regenerative capabilities, they should absolutely be the core of any treatment plan.

Too many people do not deal with depression until it actually occurs, but where is the harm in trying to prevent it? Staying active and mindful is a great asset to anyone, depressed or not. Especially in autism it is crucial to be wary of depression, since it quickly becomes progressively harder to treat.

If regular exercise and meditation is not enough, one could try to search for a fulfilling hobby that can provide immersion to stop becoming engrossed in obsessive thoughts. This would provide a healthy distraction and possibly a way out of the initial stages of depression. Staying preoccupied is a coping strategy that works for a lot of people, but this highly depends on the individual.

Another common issue is the aversion to certain foods due to texture, color and taste. This hypersensitivity to certain sensory aspects of food leads the individual to avoid them. What is often not taken into consideration is that this can result in numerous nutritional deficiencies that significantly worsen depression. A lack of zinc, vitamin B6, B12, or D in the daily diet is an extremely common cause of depression.

It is important to notice the signs and symptoms of depression at their onset, and catch them while they are easily malleable and not yet internalized. This is necessary because the symptoms of autism, such as obsessive ruminations, can solidify a negative mindset and make it difficult to escape. One could argue that autism does not predispose to depression itself, but rather to preserving it once even a small episode occurs. The key here would be to focus more on reframing one’s own perspectives with the intent of prevention, rather than waiting to deal with something until it becomes too much of a burden. Therefore individuals with autism should realize the urgency of treatment, whether through therapy, medication, or a combination of both. It is not always easy to do, and absolutely necessary.

February 23, 2014

The Stage Is My Platform! To Share, Inspire, And Flourish In My World, Intended To Empower Yours.

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

The mind is a powerful force. With motivational stories, we can train our minds to better prepare ourselves for competition.  At times our minds need a little boost of positive energy and motivational stories for athletes will help provide some of that inspiration.  Being able to compete at a high level takes a lot of mental preparation and in some cases even more than physical training.

The event in my life have changed my perspective on what it takes to be inspirational. A represent an example to others that reaches them in the “real space” that life is.

Recovery is hard, in what ever form recovery is for anyone.  Ive spent  just over a decade now in healing my body, mind, and spirit a very serious infection in 2002.  And the events that played a role leading up to that moment.  Right now as my body continues to heal, I know I have a lot of work to do to return to a position that is of stage condition. I’ve been here before, “I remind myself”, I know what to do and I can do it again.  Im in a new gym now and there are many other athletes doing what I do. It can be intimidating for me and inspiring too. I know that I can regroup quickly, and I try not to let the past physical injuries and surgeries I’ve had get in the way of my goals. This year is the year that sets a new energy in all that I do. All that I want to achieve, and how I am going to get there. In my gym there are other athletes that I can relate too as they overcome journeys living with paralysis. The mental strength they have to stay in the game reflects to me that I can do this too. it is confidence building for us all, and in the reality of how each one of us live life.

In  the gym people stare at me… I know it, and I know it is partially because they know I’m different I think they are curious, and I just avoid it  being a distraction to me. I am private and slow in getting to know people, and don’t read faces so if you ask me… Do I stay in my bubble? Yes, I absolutely do, and I take time talking to people that are new.

I am stepping into my show case this year in my truth and all that my life has been. Sharing with all of you the “real Life” journey I’ve had just as each of you have carried.

For me, Ive been in places and seen things that many would not think… And those moments have left an imprint on my soul and reminded me that life’s lessons often come to fruition when we least expect it.

Being “OK” with my Dx was another hurdle to accept. And it just seemed to be another hardship in the midst of the physical survival I was fighting through. In  my hardest moments my closest friends empowered my determination. I dug deep into this as I sought to repair my life on  all levels. Clarity in its place brought peace as the acceptance settled in.

And in the gym my new perspective….. Embraces those who are curious, and I see where the energy has shifted as I have given my Dx and journey acceptance.  It gives me confidence to tell others about my life. Open up to them, and share the  system I used to heal, in effort to help them and encourage them.  I believe that athletes are role models in the world for a reason and they all have stories to share that should never be untold.

The stage is my platform! To share, inspire, and flourish in my world, intended to empower yours.

February 21, 2014

Singing Bowls For Healing Autism

My Kindred Sister Alexa gave me crystal bowls for healing my body and aligning my energy frequency with my physicality.  Since my energy body is so fast it short circuits me physically. Sound harmonics are comforting for me and soothing. They realign me. Here after recent surgery and very stressful time period over the past few months I use the bowls to rewire and heal. I wanted to share the benefits of toning to you. Here is a video of how Tibetan bowls help Carli find peace through toning.

Crystal singing bowls remove negative and blocked energies and emotions within the chakras, aura and physical body. They relax, re-align and balance the body, mind, heart and soul. The sounds emitted from the bowls are enchanting harmonic tones reminiscent of an angelic choir. The bowls create a feeling of peace in a loving and compassionate way, bringing us back into perfect balance and harmony.

Negative states of mind, stress and tension, as well as daily life may cause disturbances in the natural flow of energy in and around our body’s energy systems. Energies become disrupted, causing blockages, which create dissonant vibrations as we become out of sync with our individual, unique and natural rate of vibration, and this over time may cause disease, stress, tension or disharmony to manifest.

Quartz crystal singing bowls (the ones I have) bring us back into our natural state of balance, retuning the chakras, aura and physical body to its natural state of healthy resonant vibration. These bowls allow the body, mind, heart and soul’s highest potential to vibrate in perfect balance and harmony. If you are in a state of perfect harmony your potential will shine and vibrate out into the universe.

Crystal singing bowls have the power and potential of both the quartz crystal with which they are made and the sound that they emit. The physical body is made up of various crystalline substances. The bones are made from a combination of collagen, which is a protein in the form of a double helix intertwined around it that forms the framework for a type of calcium phosphate crystal called “Apatite”. Apatite crystals exist throughout the body, in the skull and in our teeth.The crystal that is in our physical body, resonate with the crystal singing bowls sounds, which travels effectively in the water, which makes up more than 70% of our body, means that crystal bowls have the capacity to alter the structure of our being. These bowls re-align those parts of us that are imbalanced with the use of sound combined with crystal. This creates a vibration that will amplify and transform the healing energies, which are stored within the bowl, and work directly with the crystalline structure of the body as well as alter brain wave frequencies, allowing us to enter into the alpha-theta optimum healing frequency and also creating a balance and synchronisation in the two hemispheres of the brain. Generally people have one hemisphere that doesn’t fire properly, and this is true in Autism as well. My energy body runs between 200-500kHz. the avg person is at 50-100 with a median of 80kHz frequency. Neither of my hemispheres fire in harmony of one another for the other. Out side of it just being that way with one side. The bowls attune my brain and at least bring me back into 5D. As the bowls are made of quartz crystal and the physical vehicle strongly resonates with the energy of quartz, then the crystalline and cellular structure and makeup of the human body, which is combined with the sound vibration, enables the energy to echo throughout the body’s cavities, thus creating an extremely dynamic level of harmonic response. .

February 20, 2014

Event Update

Its now six weeks post surgery and I am about half way through healing, and preparing for how the line up of events will plan out this year. I am being encouraged to share more about the typical day of my routine…. And it is methodical. For me work is demanding, and I rely on those around me to do their parts so that I can do my part. I have the most amazing individuals surrounding me and in the most unique ways that make things run ever so smoothly for me. I see anywhere from 5-30 people a day and in a tedious yet and enjoyable way. I love my work, and I am blessed to have everyone that help me balance it all and keep the synergy of fun, beauty, safety, and skill on point. It is fun for me because I am the only doing so many things and from unique perspective. That is lightening. And for those of you who don’t know what I do… Its facial aesthetic injections and other healing modalities to alternative health and healing regarding life coaching, weight loss, and functional med,

I am in the gym everyday and have been progressing daily in regards to how much I can shoulder with my lifting. My conditioning is a very important part of my life and staying strong physically as years move forward is crucial for my well being and immune health.  My limits seems to be physically lessening more and more each week. I train currently at about 80% since I am recently post op and I am hoping to start core work next week as I move back into my strength.  I know that by May I will be completely healed. Allowing me to project that at the earliest July seems realistic for a potential event run, with my focus on staying dedicated to the goal targeted, and staying steadfast in getting there. This year has a whole new feel to it and collect effort in sharing a view of who is in my plan and how everything comes together. Im excited and I have a couple of people mapping my events and coaching me this year. And not to forget to mention my dear friend Jodie who makes my beautiful suits is always my  right hand…. And ward robe savior.

Let me take time to thank Alexa, Kathi, Kerri, and Bryan for their attentive care and recovery. Surgery is a major undertaking and there is an importance to preparing for it and being in the right environment to heal. Stay posted for video and pics over this year as promotions and publications are in the works on  aspects Im sharing more about in mainstream about my journey and how this story has all come together through inspiration and dedication!!

be the best you are in all that you are.



February 19, 2014

Autism Spirit

To All of You Who “SEE” Me,

To All of You Who “WATCH” Over Me,

Thank you for seeing, knowing, and understanding the embodiment of the journey of auspicious intent. You make my path doable, keeping me in my showcase… Thank you for your unwavering acknowledgement of support intending a delivery beyond words. In my journey I need that strength to share that of the otherworld holographic vibration. And in this field you may find. Conditions such as substance abuse, head injury, stroke, breakdown, chronic stress, epilepsy, severe viral infection, bipolar disorder, depression, OCD, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalitis, Tourette’s, Alzheimer’s, eating disorders, MPD, Schizoid Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia even an extreme ‘Spiritual Awakening’ might potentially bring on SOME of the experiences which can also occur in Autism. Furthermore conditions like Munchausen’s or some personality disorders might well lead some people to identify with all kinds of experiences which occur in autism whether they in fact have these or not.

When a person has a range of conditions amounting to the same challenges seen in Autism this is sort of like an adult onset ‘Autism’. The major difference is that when you have a range of conditions in early infancy compounding to cause the developmental condition of Autism, you don’t know any other world and the impact on development of communication (both receptively and expressively) can be extreme so it’s so hard for the world to ‘get in’. You take your stuff as ‘normal’. It Is your normality. Unless it is an uncomfortable place (and some aspects can be very uncomfortable and imprisoning and others wonderful, mesmerizing, and an altered reality) you don’t find any reason to fight it or change it and many people with autism both fight the prison and defend the sanctuary of their autism. So the psychological impact on sense of self and perspective on the world is very different to those who are suddenly ‘visiting’. For the person with autism who leaves much of their old world behind, there can be great loss (as well as gain) in becoming ‘less autistic’. So the emotional reality is also different. For the person with autism taking on the world of interpretive meaning and directly confrontational interpersonal interaction can be like a second language, foreign and whilst now ‘part of the mainstream world’ perhaps never ‘at home’.

Autism is an incurable pervasive developmental disorder that I cured after the trigger with lots of help from other places. Not much was to be found in this dimension. Otherwise autism would not be incurable.Bottom line is I cured or was cured by the process.� Lots of barely understandable things happened. Now  2014 as the dust begins to settle, I see truly.I learned to heal from within incurable genetic disorders. Witnessing the acknowledging fact that truth alone heals. Truthful seeing was supported by my will to survive

Being open to the stories of people with all kinds of conditions, we better understand ourselves. Autism has relevance in understanding not just the aliens who have it, but those visitors. Revealing the propelling portal of advancing by way of the gate keepers, or the bridge keepers, who encounter some of its component parts.

February 17, 2014

A Gift To Lightworkers and Humanity

On behalf of AWEtizm it is pleasure to share a profoundly accurate offering of what our ascension process encompasses and how each of you can harness this movement for yourself and assist in your own healing and healing of the ecology of our existence. The understanding of our current shift and how to anchor ourselves into a place to find peace and balance as we  translate out old energies of the past that no longer serve us are so profound for us to transform as our new energy integrates in

The AWEtizm Toning Meditation is a unique spiritual practice that was introduced to the public in November 2011 by the co-authors of AWEtizm, Gayle B. Lee and Lyrica Mia Marquez. The meditative toning practice serves Autism Truth, that is, Autistics are higher spiritual beings here to help the spiritual evolution of humanity.

A group led by Gayle B. Lee and Lyrica the Autistic Mystic, began to tone via teleconferences every other week, beginning January 2012 and climaxing with thirteen Kundalini Fusion Points on June 27, 2013.  Over 300 Lightworkers have joined this cause and have practiced toning either through teleconferences, listening to toning recordings, or they have toned privately.

Leaders Birth New Leaders

True leaders birth new leaders. Gayle and Lyrica have moved on to their next phase in revealing Autism Truth. They have gifted the AWEtizm toning spiritual practice to the world and trust that some of the toning participants will continue the powerful transformative practice either privately or perhaps even becoming a leader by sharing the practice with others.

Who Benefits from toning?

The toning benefits Lightworkers, Autistics and humanity. Lightworkers are those individuals incarnated at this time to help with humanity’s ascension. Autistics with a capital “A” are those beings labelled with autism who are here to reveal the true role of Autism in humanity’s ascension process.

During toning, Lightworkers join with Autistics who are either participating in the physical or on an energetic level in an interactive Divine energy matrix known as the Chrysalis Gold Grid. Lightworkers receive the higher vibration Light patterning of the Autistics, while the Autistics receive the more developed physical patterning of the Lightworkers.

An Invitation to Lightworkers

Gayle and Lyrica are inviting Lightworkers to practice the AWEtizm Kundalini Fusion Point Tonings either individually or in a group (which could be two or more). This protocol was designed from on High as a support system for ascension. Families with an Autistic member have already chosen to be a powerful presence in the ascension process and the AWEtizm Tonings can truly enlighten your family’s expression of this purpose.

If you are interested in participating individually, or forming a group, you can become familiar with the practice by either reading about it online or register below for the online recordings. The AWEtizm Experience Facebook Group offers an ongoing forum for sharing experiences and exchanging ideas that may emerge out of this Light-charged practice

February 15, 2014

Connctions At A Glance, Ausomely Autistic

Thank you all for the tremendous emails lately. The expressed sentiments shared with me about how I create an inspiration to uplift you in turn uplift me as well. We are all connected in our reality that we all have a life journey to move into and through.. The easy and not so easy moments. The moments expressed to me about your journeys and how they relate to me help me also. I too, like you, have days where the most kindest gesture make all the difference.  There are many ways to touch a life and doing so in such a way that empowers, and uplifts another creates a greater place for us all in the ecology of humanity and our existence. Collectively with mutual understanding and acceptance that embraces the unique beauty we all have in our own ways sets forth a new foundation of  high  allegiance.

In this month and most of January  I have spent my time pacing each day with a steady rate that allows me the next few months in healing from recent surgery. This years intends a whole new energy for me that I am planning to share with you all that includes, publications, new projects about more details in journey of the story about my life and direction in my field of work, and of course a plan that has me healed completely and back on stage before you know it!!!

I have the most encouraging friends and support that reinforces my unique ways, they give me strength, as many of you have expressed that I give to you. Sharing about our stories can be a challenge in the truth of the universal eye. At times it can be scary, knowing that the unique ones and ways will be heard, acknowledged, and supported. I have many good friends that support me unconditionally, and we are a group that seemingly have all connected through autism. We deal with our lives, and hurdles and ease of various moments. And on the side with my work comes a little fun in all of the botox and bling that keeps us uplifted in the seriousness that times can be. I am the only one with Autism in my world, ( and my beautiful cat, Angel) and I am blessed with a profoundly protective group of friends that see my truth and the sensitivity in nature that it intends.  We all need these individuals in our lives.

For me, support is new, and it isn’t something that I have experienced until the passed few years. It is wonderful mechanism to help save and support each other. As I learn to accept the embodiment of the embrace before me I notice people have begun to see. They seem intrigued with my conversation, even through I am just being me and speaking about what I know, its the unusual aspect that makes things lighter too.

As I move into the divinity of sharing the core aspects of my path  more each day I find greater ease and it has taken a good friend of  mine that encourages me profoundly to share more about who I am, and things about my perspective….And the things that Ive overcome in earlier years. How I got my health back and survived near death.  The years and dedication I committed myself to in quest for competing again. And I did it in 2012, with many good years looking ahead.   Sharing about the hardships and perseverance has been a hurdle for me, as I have had many hurts, and abandons to overcome, and finding trust to allow people to see my world….  she said, “Amber, You have had the most amazing life”, and to me I hadn’t seen it this way. Her comment marked the new path for me this week that proclaims coming into a space to share more details about the inventory that my life has been, why, and how I have come into the place I am in now.

To those of you who have story to share … Just think, “You’ve had an amazing life”   In light of the complete journey it is, embrace it and love it in every moment through the expression it is that translates each integral piece that becomes the next.

I have amazing support with work and I am surrounded by positivity and care. Remember in each day observe who embraces you, and how that looks for you. Choose all things that form allegiance for greater good  and in a place that  supports an environment that is. Knowing that there is a “why” for all the reasons in being different and that explanation for all the horrors of my childhood, and earlier years that induced struggle and for all the difficulties I face on a daily basis. Knowing that there are others like me, and others that care about those who are different. remember a whole world out there waiting to accept us with open arms, and let us be unequivocally ausomely autistic healthy for you!