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December 29, 2013

Interpretating Overload – Be A Participant

Many people ask me how I function, in what appears to them to be in a “very high functioning way”?

This is a simple, yet complicated answer. It  all really depends… It depends on the strength of my immune system, my environment, (stressors), energy levels, and largely it depends on those whom surround me. One most very important player of what my life can manage is in regards to those whom surround me… Is it positive or negative. One might say, well nobody would flourish around negativity.. I agree, yet when a person on the spectrum is impacted whether positively or negatively. The impact of anything that a NT feels at 10% is felt for the autistic at 110%. It is a very profoundly deep way of being and hard to convey. Just remember, regardless that there are ways to impact anyone’s life …. Be sure that it is to support, cultivate and strengthen them!!

In my experience it truly takes someone who cares, and wants to connect to the uncanny energy of autism and really truly identify and know the all encompassing way of being living on the spectrum involves. A self centered person, and person who takes life in stride that things are too much trouble will never be apart of what the true expression of autism is and the unique offering that spiral through in waves. And that has more to do with the fact that a higher vibration doesn’t know self centeredness, and cannot calibrate to the energy of compassion, patience, and identity

Many autistics find unique ways of navigating in life, Even those who do not speak…  I have come to learn to identify with specific clues, or signs in my life to tell me about what position I am I, when I see a red flag, or indicators of a green light. When navigating a situation or when engaging with people and how closely I engage. I listen to the economy of the vocabulary in the dialogue of a conversation. The way someone speaks largely influences my awareness and ground of security in how close they get to my life. Common sense would say “trust takes time” well, I believe this to be true and logical, but to the autistic. The translation of how that comes through and developed when establishing trust  is not processed like the way one would expect. “IE actions speak louder than words….”  I am very conscious of how people engage with me and know who I am dealing with.  I appreciate people who have a powerful energy and know how to come forth with social grace.  I feel their energy and when a clear and concise conviction is presented that gets my attention. That eliminates all of the unneeded disruption in between. My mind resonates with this and interprets this laser like approach. The grace of the person in any approach confirms me opening up to them.  And with that my senses find balance in connecting with them and sharing in what ever way that might be for.

I do well in crowds of specific audiences. Like lounges, offices, resorts,  I prefer the lower key,  settings of where I go, and avoid large crowds like malls, and concerts… When I compete I am very structured and rarely will you find me in the audience or mingling. I am focused on my part and delete the rest out or it is too much for me to juggle. It slows down my ability to filter making it through the event and the extreme that it already is and with usually over 600 athletes. Its fast paced, and I slow it down by focusing on my part only. Executing that, photo shoots and nothing else.  I love the lights, the music, the stage and the bling. The stage is very comfortable for me because I am solo up there, and in my space…The stage makes a boundary and safe zone for me, the audience is over there and I am up here( = safe). Back stage I have my gals that I know on the circuit, and we have a good time, I stay quiet for the most part and very centered. Once my division is concluded I retreat to my suite to reboot with whomever is traveling with me.

With work, I have learned to do many things basically by way of adaptation and survival. I am good one on one with people. And I am not one for computers, all the options and things to keep up with just to deal with anything electronic shuts me down. I freeze, that right there traumatizes the brain creating further adversity.   I am an autistic that doesn’t find choice… I can come up with ideas and see a big picture, but sifting through on how to get from here to there is not something I have a file for. Many autistics are good with computers. My mind is more abstract and formulated in how I approach how I understand anything Eliminating anything that causes a stressor or overload I immediately delete. Recovering from anything that stresses me out is beyond what words can convey. And then to compile that on top of the reality of keeping up with life is just too much. When I find it I review it,  and if it is perpetual I completely go the other direction. What stress for me is something that you may not realize. Just throwing a change in my schedule jolts me. I can adapt to change and make adjustment. And in todays times, flexibility is important.  However, I need fore warning!!!!   I need to know what to expect and what the plan is. Once I know I have to calibrate to that and implement what that is for me in a comfortable place to transition. I like to keep things simple….

Here is a little video link I found that really gives a good idea about the processor of many autistics and why . This video demonstrates what I feel when too much comes at me too fast or if I don’t have a formulation on what it is to identify with for my change.   There is truly so much more, yet this is a good start and one that resonates with my reality. Remember one thing about spectrum people is that if they know they are safe then they have balance, and a calm place to implement with ease… Be a participant!



Fitness America Weekend 2013

Here are photos from the 2013 Fitness America Weekend event held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in November 2013.



My world revolves around a reality that is not easily put into words.  And in my experience there those who “just get it”, its automatic in seeing the autistic from within. Then there are those who  “don’t get it”, – and realize that there is something to “get”, those who see the energy frequency in the gift that dictates multidimensional realities of the autistic and want to learn, and those who are just still living unconsciously in a 3D  mentality.

I am here to tell you that my world is interdimensional x5 in multidimensional realms. This in turn is quite  complex to explain and definitely not to reference by bulletpoints

I came across an article that is quite accurate in the description of what autism is from a spiritual perspective and with regard to understanding the intention behind what autism proceeds to assist in ascension and evolution of existence. I share this with you in efforts to bring forth understanding of the divinity and purposed filled life autism brings. I intend for you to come to know the sensitivity in nature that ones life leads with autism, a delicacy and importance that is not yet truly seen by the common.

Please enjoy the read….

Written by: Michelle LeRoy

November 2011

Autistic Children are here to demonstrate our heightened levels of consciousness and our 360 degree perspective of awareness and possibilities. They are here to demonstrate the ability to access all levels of the Divine in their own unique ways. Every child has a unique piece of the puzzle. They will work best when they are able to work together. They will work best when they are in a place where they can commune with each other, communicate with each other and interact with each other in the subtle unspoken realms. They sense each other, they get each other, and they are in harmony when they are amongst each other. The physical coming together of these children is vital to their mission, their purpose. They will heal the world with their singing, dancing, tapping, sounding, movement and will point out things that only the highly tuned in adults around them will be able to understand and articulate to the rest of the world. Their frustration comes from their inability to communicate effectively with the masses; they want to reach the masses. They know their work is big, they know their messages are important and they need a platform to have them heard and understood.

As an intuitive and someone guided to work with these children I spend a lot of time communing with what I call “the collective consciousness of autistic children” which is an energy that helps me to see, feel, know and hear the things they need so I can share them with their parents, caregivers and ultimately the world. This sharing of intuitive information will help create a paradigm shift in the perspective and treatment of Autistic Children. This energy I call the Collective Consciousness of Autistic Children are a group of souls who seem to watch over them and communicate with those who are chosen to work and represent their truth on earth. It was only recently that this has been more apparent to me. It took several months for them to introduce themselves and have me really tune into exactly who they are and their essence.

I also continue to work with the “collective consciousness of each wave of children, indigo, crystal, rainbow, star, diamond and most recently the golden children”. They come individually as separate energies specific to the child I am working with or they come as a united collective which I call “the collective consciousness of The New Earth Children” where they speak in a united way for ALL the children since many of them can carry an overlap of energies and some are able to effectively dance with all energies in a harmonious way. This seems to be what I have been taught to do over the years which has enabled me to better understand and serve the group.

Those known as Autistic Savants and/or Children diagnosed with Asperger’s are “savvy” in remote viewing and accessing multidimensional information to share with the world. They seem to do this in a robotic, detached way when they are delivering the information. They appear to be like a walking encyclopedia, GPS, blackberry application to explain it in a way that others can be understood. Many of these children are highly intellectual and highly scientific which can sometimes appear as cold and detached from the human expressions of emotions and feelings.

They have clear and uninterrupted high speed internet access to the Divine Universe/Cosmos and are here to usher in this information in the form of clear and precise robotic type downloads which can at times render them unemotional and/or highly detached from feelings. They have so much to share and many of them talk incessantly. This is true of those souls we also diagnose with Asperger’s Syndrome. These children are best served when they are listened to and allowed to speak uninterrupted about what they are here to share. Note taking on their behalf or providing them a recording device for them to keep their information on will be helpful.

These children tend to be overwhelmed by the amount of information in their heads and this can result in head banging, tapping their heads, covering their ears to outside noise in order to better hear their inside noise/information. The world feels loud to them, the world seems at times to be too noisy for them and they find it hard to manage all that is going on within them simultaneously with the noise of the outside world. They can often times isolate themselves and become really withdrawn as well. This is also a trait of Star like energy as well.

Autistic children are passionate about their missions and their life’s work and want to express it and have it acknowledged from a very young age. They are teachers and leaders and are becoming the masses, the norm. This generation will be the “next baby booming generation” which will drive the world and direct where, when and how we spend our time, money and resources. It is only when our Autistic children are able to get the recognition and acknowledgement for Who They Truly Are and their vital role in our evolutionary process that the world will fully wake up and do what needs to be done to honor these children and provide them with any and everything they need to thrive. It is only then that the world will be able to help create the environments and opportunities for these children to really flourish and be able to live vibrant lives filled with joy and grace.

Autistic Children are here to teach us unconditional love at the highest level, they are here to teach us non-judgement, they are here to assist in the last little bit of loosening from our egos and our material world. They are here to usher in the truest expression of acceptance, understanding and compassion. They are here to demonstrate the beauty that exists beyond form, beyond academic achievement, beyond status in the form of formal education and job position. They are here to debunk our previous thoughts and programming on what is truly valuable, and necessary for us to live our lives with contentment, joy and peace. They are here to create the opportunity for us to see through the eyes of truth, the eyes of original creation, through the eyes of God.

Autistic Children are here to help us loosen the grip on the old world structures, systems and ideologies. They are brought to this world with an energy and presence that provides us with the transparency needed to clean up our world. They are here to show us through their own sensitivities on all levels what needs to be “fixed” and “cleaned up”. They are revealing to us the toxins and chemicals in our world, in our homes, in our workplaces, in our food and in essentially everything. They are doing this so that we may wake up and pay attention and move into action to do something about it. Many of them have manifested diseases and illness that will create a massive shift in how we operate in the world and what choices we will make moving forward. With their heightened sensitivities and awareness many of them are forcing us to take note of the products and services we support. They are forcing us to take a look at the great number of man-made materials and chemicals that are killing us and are responsible for much of the disease and illness on the planet. Their bodies are unable to handle these impurities. By forcing us to clean up the environments they are responsible for bringing us one step closer to cleaning up our world for good. The more and more of us that become aware of how far we have come in creating a toxic world the more and more of us will begin to do something about it.

Many of these children may show heightened levels of toxicity, a larger chemical burden as well as high levels of heavy metals. Often times I have worked with these kids and have seen the high levels of toxicity which I have been able to assist in releasing and lessening with energy work and Young Living Essential Oils. I have also witnessed so many of their profound messages for both their parents and our world.

I had one Autistic child even provide awareness to his father about the effects of his metal fillings in his mouth which allowed the father to seek further understanding and have them removed with care. Another child I worked with was adamant that his mother learn to smile and laugh again, he felt so disheartened by his mother’s disappointment and frustration with him and it deeply saddened him, he was anxious for me to let his mother know he is happy and o.k. with who he was and hoped she would be too. Acceptance of these children is vital to their wellbeing. They are highly clairvoyant, telepathic and feel and sense energy so when their parents are sad and angry they know it, feel it and it can even affect their health.

They are here to help us return to harmony with Mother Nature and self-sustainability. They are here to reveal to us the importance of the indigenous people and their role in this evolutionary process. They are here to help to bring them forth and return the indigenous people, their knowledge and wisdom to their rightful place on the planet. They are here to represent and qualify what the indigenous people have tried to share and impart on us for centuries only to be mistreated and exploited. Autistic children refused to go overlooked and unacknowledged; they are shaking up our homes, our world, our classrooms and our medical systems.

Autistic Children are far from dysfunctional, problematic and abnormal. These labels are detrimental identifications only seek to disempower them and suppress their true gifts and abilities and life purpose. They are far from needing to be punished, institutionalized and removed from society. They are far from a burden on our medical and financial systems. They are far from needing to be isolated or Oster sized for who they are. They are divine beings of light with lessons for all of us and messages of the forgotten.

They are masters! They are wise ones! They are powerful! They are strong! They are “Awe” tistic.

It will be our ability to shift our consciousness and awareness enough to allow them their rightful place in our world. It will be our ability to shift our focus and perspectives and to widen our understandings which will allow us to arrive at a place of full and complete acceptance and gratitude for these children.

It is only when we as a humanity can arrive at a place of fully welcoming and embracing these children that they be able to shine.

We will soon come to a place within ourselves when we will begin to sing their praises, rejoice in their presence on our planet and commune with them with the essence of truth and unconditional love completely allowing them to fully unlock the beauty within them for all of us to see.

The time is here, the time is upon us, the time is NOW

December 24, 2013

Universal Antioxidant “Alpha Lipoic Acid” and Brain Function

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful anti-oxidant.  It’s main function is to increase production of glutathione, which helps dissolve toxic substances in the liver.  It helps neutralize free radicals and protects cells from damage.

Many physicians who follow the Defeat Autism Now (DAN) organization’s autism lipoictreatment protocols use alpha lipoic acid in the treatment of mercury toxicity.  Chelation.  According to parent surveys compiled by Defeat Autism Now of autism therapies, parents report that chelation single the most effective therapy in the treatment of autism for children under the age of 5.

According to DAN doctor,  Amy Holmes, “Lipoic acid fits the molecular criteria of a good chelator. It has two diametrically opposed sulfhydryl groups capable of tightly binding mercury. It also has the advantage of being lipid-soluble which implies an innate ability to cross cell and mitochondrial membranes and the blood brain barrier.”

The fact that alpha lipoic acid autism treatment works is a consensus that many medical practitioners have.  Before going to the depth of these facts on the subject matter, an understanding of what autism is of great important so that a clear correlation could be easily drawn. Autism is a disease in which people who suffer from this condition develop some disabilities. It normally occurs with the first two or at times years of life. yet not always. Autism comes from a neurological disorder where brain functioning for some areas becomes poor, and usually acute rather than gradual.. The problem affects 1 of every 1500 persons and some of the main effects it has include impaired brain development, social interactions challenges as well as communication ones – See more at:

With this clear understanding, it is time to go back to alpha lipoic acid autism interactions and treatment. The Common Alpha Lipoic Acid Autism Treatment Research has shown that the use of carnitine together with alpha lipoic acid could help people have an increased performance of memory and delayed mitochondrial decay. From these benefits that the supplement has, it could be possible to apply this knowledge to alpha lipoic acid autism treatment. It is commonly known that vitamins C and E helps in reducing the chances of developing autism from the point of view that a reduction of free radical that are toxic to the brain reduces the effects as well as chances of developing autism. In a similar respect, there is an alpha lipoic acid autism connection which works in a similar manner and this will help in easing some of the symptoms of this disease being an antioxidant too.

Going further with this alpha lipoic acid autism discussion, it should be noted that one big advantages of using alpha lipoic acid autism treatment is that alpha lipoic acid has hardly any side effects and this makes it the best alternative to use. It is with this respect that people call it a universal antioxidant. However there might be some slight side effects of using higher dosages. Some of them include nausea, gastrointestinal problems, and low blood sugar. For people who are struggling with autism, the alpha lipoic acid autism treatment could help easy the symptoms by 40 to 60 percent if combined with other minerals and vitamins.

Another powerful way in which alpha lipoic acid autism treatment works is through chelatin. For those who are new, this is one of the common methods used in treating children who are of age 5 years and below and have autism. Chelatin is the process by which heavy metals and some toxic substances are gotten rid of from the body. Among the agents used in chelatin is alpha lipoic acid being an antioxidant. Alpha lipoic acid helps in neutralizing some of the toxins in the body. This is how this supplement can be used in dealing with autism via the chelatin therapy.

Furthermore, people who are suffering from mercury toxicity, alpha lipoic acid autism treatment is the best. Most doctors are now using the famous Defeat Autism Now organizations treatment which uses mainly alpha lipoic acid. This treatment has been a success due to the fact that alpha lipoic acid fits well in the molecular criteria as a good chelator. This is because it has two sulfhydryl groups which are diametrically opposite thus will easily grasp the mercury molecule. It also has the ability to cross the blood brain barriers,

Moving slightly away form the alpha lipoic acid autism discussion, there are numerous reasons why alpha lipoic acid should be the choice of an anti oxidant you should settle for. First of all, it not only helps in dealing with autism but will handle other problems such as cancer, obesity, heart diseases, skin problems and the list is endless.  Remember that alpha lipoic acid autism treatment is the best for people of all ages especially if combined with the other known antioxidants.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is frequently used with other chelators and supplements such as Milk Thistle to ensure the chelated mercury is excreted from the body.  Some Herbal Detoxifiers can be used with Alpha Lipoic acid to promote and support the liver and kidneys during the removal of heavy metals, as it includes the detoxifying Milk Thistle, and other several ingredients to promote detoxification and support the liver and kidneys

December 21, 2013

Ease Life With Stem Cell Advancement

Stem Cell Therapy

stem cell reatments pages header

What is autism?

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism Icon

Autism Treatment

Autism is a spectrum of disorders characterized by marked abnormalities in communication and social interactions. Two common consistent findings are associated in children with this disorder are diminished oxygenation in specific areas of the brain and a chronic immunologically mediated inflammatory condition in the gut.


What is the rationale behind using stem cells to treat autism?

Current investigative therapies for autism attempt to reverse these abnormalities through administration of antibiotics, anti‐inflammatory agents, and hyperbaric oxygen. Unfortunately, none of these approaches address the root causes of oxygen deprivation and intestinal inflammation.

Mesenchymal stem cells can regulate the immune system. It is thought that they may help to reverse inflammatory conditions and is currently in the final stages of clinical trials in the US for Crohn’s disease, a condition resembling the gut inflammation in autistic children.

Through administration of mesenchymal stem cells, we have observed improvement in patients treated at our facilities. The biological basis for our scientists in the peer published treatment method reviewed in the Journal of Translational Medicine: Stem Cell Therapy for Autism.

Which types of stem cells are used to treat autism and how are they obtained?

The adult stem cells used to treat autism at the Stem Cell Institute come from human umbilical cord tissue (allogeneic mesenchymal). These stem cells are recovered from donated umbilical cords. Before they are approved for treatment all umbilical cord-derived stem cells are screened for viruses and bacteria to International Blood Bank Standards. In some cases, we also utilize stem cells harvested from the patient’s own bone marrow.
Stem Cell Therapy Patient Testimonials
Umbilical cord-derived stem cells are ideal for the treatment of autism because they allow our physicians to administer uniform doses and they do not require any stem cell collection from the patient, which for autistic children and their parents, can be an arduous process. Because they are collected right after (normal) birth, umbilical cord-derived cells are much more potent than their “older” counterparts like bone marrow-derived cells for instance. Cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells pose no rejection risk because the body does not recognize them as foreign.

Because HUCT stem cells are less mature than other cells, the body’s immune system is unable to recognize them as foreign and therefore they are not rejected. We’ve treated hundreds of patients with umbilical cord stem cells and there has never been a single instance rejection (graft vs. host disease). HUCT stem cells also proliferate/differentiate more efficiently than “older” cells, such as those found in the bone marrow and therefore, they are considered to be more “potent”.

What are the advantages of treating with allogeneic umbilical cord tissue-derived stem cells?

  • Because HLA matching is not necessary, anyone can be treated.
  • Allogeneic stem cells can be administered multiple times over the course of days in uniform dosages that contain high cell counts.
  • Umbilical cord tissue provides an abundant supply of mesenchymal stem cells.
  • No need to collect stem cells from the patient’s hip bone or fat under anesthesia, which especially for small children and their parents, can be an unpleasant ordeal.
  • There is a growing body of evidence showing that umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells are more robust than mesenchymal stem cells from other sources.

How are the stem cells administered for autism treatment?

The umbilical cord-derived stem cells are administered intravenously by a licensed physician. Depending upon the age and physical size of the patient, the stem cells might also be administered intrathecally (into the spinal fluid) by an experienced anesthesiologist. Intrathecal injection allows the stem cells to bypass the blood-brain barrier and migrate throughout the central nervous system. In certain cases, bone marrow-derived CD34+ stem cells are also administered both intravenously and intrathecally.

Stem Cell Treatment: Autism *Protocols

*NOTE – Treatment protocol will be assigned by staff physicians after the patient has submitted all requested medical information and received approval. A patient’s recommended protocol may differ from the examples given below.

Below are a few examples of typical autism protocols:

Example 1:
  • Treatment length (Monday – Friday): 1 week
  • 4 intravenous infusions of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells
Example 2:
  • Treatment length (Monday – Friday): 1 week
  • 2 intravenous infusions of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells
  • 2 intrathecal infusions of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells
Example 3:
  • Treatment length (Monday – Friday): 2 weeks
  • 2 intravenous infusions of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells
  • 2 intrathecal infusions of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells
  • 1 intravenous infusion of bone marrow-derived stem cells
  • 1 intrathecal infusion of bone marrow-derived stem cells

What about follow-up after we return home from Panama?

Proper follow-up is an essential part of the autism treatment process. Our primary goal is to ensure that your child is progressing safely. Regular follow-up also enables us to evaluate efficacy and improve our autism treatment protocols based on observed outcomes.

Therefore, our medical staff will be contacting you after 1 month, 3 months, 4 months, and 1 year to monitor your child’s progress.

May I speak with the parents of any successfully treated patients?

Yes, you may. Once your child has been evaluated and approved for treatment by our medical team, your patient coordinator will be happy to put you in touch with a few.

We also welcome you to view testimonials, news articles and videos from treated cerebral palsy. Please take a look!

How do I request more information?

You may contact us by telephone 1 (800) 980-STEM (toll-free in US) and 1 (954) 358-3382.

Apply for treatment today

To apply for stem cell treatment, please complete this Patient Application Form.

Scientific Articles

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism
Ichim T, Solano F, Glenn E, Morales F, Smith L, Zabrecky G, Riordan Neil.
– Journal of Translational Medicine 2007, 5:30

Matrix of evolution or .. Paradigm Convergence of the Other world Frequency?

For those of you who know how I move through my world. It is abstract and digital. A numerical configuration of specific numbers or patterns that navigate me in my directions. The numerical value system of sacred geometry is the basic way I share it. To provide an expanded version idea that autism might be an evolutionary response to rapid technological change and back to the parallel of autism that is the alignment. Scientifically implausible? Many suggest evolution ordinarily takes thousands of years. Yet, what about quantum shifts, and energetic expansion? We are now in the 4th dimension and among  beings whom are able to shift into the nonlocal existence. For those of who are awake!!!!

A recent article discussing autism research, however, suggests that such rapid evolutionary adaptation may indeed be possible because some genes connected with autism are located in a part of the genome where mutations can occur much more quickly than average. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Consider a mutation on chromosome 16 recently tied to autism. The glitch is in a DNA region containing so-called “morpheus” genes, which changed very rapidly as evolution produced ever brainier apes. The genes may well help shape cognitive capacities specific to apes and humans, including ones affected by autism.

Since fast mutation goes hand in hand with fast evolution, it’s likely that the new autism-linked gene lies in a DNA “hotspot” prone to spontaneous mutation. In short, the same phenomenon that helped to rapidly evolve our braininess may contribute to autism.

An interesting read. And I usually find perspectives quite interesting to my interpretation of what life looks like and the energy vibration that dictates a certain level of maturity, intelligence, love, or cruelty. Unfortunately, the article then goes on to quote a spokesjackass for Autism Brays on how to cure and prevent evolution. Some people seriously need to get their cognitive dissonance sorted.

Even if it turns out that we really are fast-evolving mutants, which I have to admit is a pretty cool sci-fi-ish idea, And I could go into another topic of conversation pertaining to the ” only to witness in state” rapid rate that an autistic individual has to mutate dna, might not intend that it doesn’t mean that we are cognitively superior to everyone else or that the entire human species will eventually become autistic. Its a variable in each specific human that validates a level of energy in the vibrational field of their dna that can heal, shift, transform and change at warp speed!!!!

It may mean, at most, that we are better adapted to certain niches in the modern environment; and, like the X-Men, we don’t need a cure. We need assist and understanding to continue to move into all that we are intended to be and carry in form on earth.

December 19, 2013

Before You Head Out The Door To Your Holiday Parties

As tradition goes, St. Nicholas was known for his generosity and as legend grew into what we now know today – Santa, stockings, chimneys, a belly like jelly and all that good stuff, many children still believe in Ole Saint Nick.

The holiday season is here and as we near the end of 2013, we take this time to reminisce and look back at how your thoughtfulness has provided help for “ausome” kids.

YOUR kindness supported over 160 families living with families.
YOU helped us reach thousands in the community by raising awareness.
WE educated others to view autism as a different ability and not a disability.
TOGETHER we give families hope and ….

Children with autism need a little help, hope and someone who believes in them too!

“A little bit of help goes a long way,” says Jane. “One time Johnny was having a melt down and this woman approached me. I thought she was going to complain – people always say things like, why don’t you punish him?”  When she kindly said, “What can I do to help, dear?” I could’ve hugged her.  “It must have taken some bravery for her to do it, but it made such a difference to me. For the first time, I felt someone was on my side and believed my son was not bad”.

Before you head out the door to your holiday parties, we ask you to consider making a year-end gift. Your support is needed now more than ever and your kindness can change a life – it only takes a moment.  By making a donation YOU give the gift of HOPE and help differently-able children like Johnny be the best they can be!

Your generous support truly makes a difference for children and their families.  Kindness is free, but also priceless.

Warm wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season,

December 17, 2013

Gifts to Delight the Senses

Christmas is around the corner and many parents are wondering what would make their autistic child happy to unwrap from under the Christmas tree. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Pagan or otherwise, the holidays coming up require some sort of special present for the children in your family, whether or not they have been diagnosed with autism.

Types of Autism

Classic Autism or Kanner’s Syndrome: A lack of emotional contact, need for routine, speech impediments, high visuo-spatial skills, learning disabilities, etc. can define a child in this category, the name adopted from Dr. Leo Kanner of John Hopkins University in the 1940s.

Asperger’s Syndrome: With a high level of misdiagnosis, 35 out of 10,000 people will have this form of the disorder, first discovered by Hans Asperger in Austria, that makes them absolutely genius in the one this they are obsessed with, with social deficiencies, absolute perfectionism and/or intolerance of change. Sensitivity to different stimuli, unnatural phobias and limited food preferences are also markers to look for.

  • Autistic children, including those with Asperger’s Syndrome, love to play with toys that stimulate the senses and have them moving about. That means that the traditional doll or matchbox car just is not going to cut it. Some children with autism might also be savants, while others might have synaesthesia and see music or taste colors. They may be high-functioning or low on the spectrum. Each child reacts differently to the same object.

So what do you do?

According to one study, autistic children asked about their favorite activities mentioned climbing stairs to throw a ball down, spinning the arms of windmills, and sifting through a bowl of rice.

National Autism Resources shares a few toys that might come in handy. My personal favorites?

  1. Archiquest Classical and European Architecture
  2. LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp
  3. Original Tangle with Texture
  4. Nature’s Fire Soothing Volcano
  5. Mosaica
  6. Light-up Helicopter Candy Pop Fan

Go for something with lots of lights: Whether it’s a starry night or a simple flashlight with added funky features, lights will make an autistic child happy. I love lights, glitter, and anything shiny

Go for something that allows for creativity: Minecraft has been recommended by mothers everywhere. Video games are great for children with autism, so long as they do not interfere with their sleep. Leggo, K’Nex, and other such building tools are perfect, both for motor skills and inspiring creativity.

Go for something that stimulates movement: If you are getting a game system, a Wii is probably your best bet. Roller blades, interactive games that require stepping to a beat (dance mania style), jump ropes (they are repetitive as well as a workout and fun to play with) and a multitude of other games, both expensive and inexpensive are great.

Go for something that incorporates as many of the senses as possible: A toy car that has wailing sirens, flashing lights and moves around to a remote control? Something akin to Heaven there. If it is one of those which climbs stairs as well or goes down stairs with flair, your house will be filled with chaos but that child will be having fun. A LeapPad might also work in this case

Healing by Acknowledging

On this blog dear friends you will begin to find deeper revealing aspects about my journey. This next year moves me into the complete transition and transformation that the healing journey has been for the past 13 years. The 10 before that, inducing the catalytic events within those 13 years that compounded the seriousness that saving my life became. The detail in my story is to share with you  to learn and take what serves you well….and so with careful thought and support from friends, this next year propels me into what my life has looked like, why, and what you need to know about the delicate nature that living a life with autism really is. What I want for you to know is that this isn’t a story about grief, hardships and loss or hurt. Yes, I’ve gone through those emotions, health conditions, and physical struggles, and still do at times. We all have our stuff… This is a personal story I am choosing to share to serve as a place for people to come to realize that in their journey, whatever that may be. And continuing my healing in overcoming the shame of the pain, the tragedy, suffering, depression, and humility of story to share with you what the journey looks like in that experience of that truth. May my adversity be an inspiration to you as a pinnacle into survival, healing, and success. That you are not alone on your journey whatever that may be and that with time, self awareness and healing….  life can change.

My story is to provide understanding, and not to inflate an emphasis on  the more unsettling aspects of previous times. More to explain why what happened to me happened and how it relates to the autistic mind. The importance of protecting the spectrum individual and child through conscious knowing about them.

The innate naivety, amazing, dysfunctional, different, or unique genius some call us. Either way its a reality many others like me live each day. A reality that I have observed that the majority of the neurotypical take for granted. Imagine, if you think your life is complicated with the daily grind of things that happen in your world. Imagine what that would translate in mine.

In my reality my observation comes to me because most people judge me by appearance mostly. I do have amazing people around me that see me beyond the physical be it a positive or a negative.  Few take time to really get to know me, based by their formulations and lack of awareness that I too, as they do have a journey I have come through. My journey is not that journey the perceive it to be based on my appearance. This sometimes shocks those who get to know me.

I will say to you don’t be too quick to judge, on a regular day I like to blend in. Wearing no makeup and staying low key. I can be social and carry the energy in a room. Yet behind the grandness of it all I prefer the stillness in my room. Today I had a conversation with a young woman about 15 years younger than myself. She doesn’t feel well. I can relate to that…. And the countless visits to doctors  that yield no answers, break the bank, and then petition a need to retest you again. Of course at your cost. She said to me, Amber, I know your different, and we always connect when we have conversation, but today…. This conversation took a different level, at least for me, She said,”Im young”, and already looking at health issues. That most at her age aren’t dealing with. I understood….I’ve been there, at her age, and now on some days I still am healing certain aspects of the past as they compound me with stresses  of the ongoing process and the reality of aging. In our conversation of sharing our experiences we both found salvage. We both found in each other someone who could relate, even though we move through a different journey.

Its the support in knowing that someone cares and who is there,. Knowing your safe and that someone is there who  “gets it” , changes everything!

As time moves forward, may my story, as it is unveiled be a story to create levity in the path that you need support and inspiration to move through.   I live in my world each day in complete awareness of my reality, how to manage it,  and that there are other realities right here along with mine. I credit that, and I live each day to the best of what Im given and apply it to what is intended for the journey of my soul and in navigating it by the core of who I am. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my world with you and all that it is.

December 16, 2013

Identity Kingdom


Self-advocates with autism, like self-advocates in the deafness community, and others have replaced the medical model of label “illness” with the language of “diversity and identity”.  Anchoring independence petitioned in a unique right. Along with many in the educational and disability communities, autism commonly viewed as a difference in need of adapting and accommodation, as opposed to as a disorder in need of cure. Perhaps the conscious are beginning to be sighted that the autistic is spiritually connect by source, and source is not worldly… Concluding that the autistic living in an other worldly reality is here to bring forth an inter-dimensional perspective of existence and creation. The identity kingdom was founded by young adults with a past or current autism spectrum diagnosis who can live independently but who face a range of challenges in what they describe as the “neurotypical” world. Rather than seeking to become “neurotypical,” they advocate for acceptance or inclusion (“nothing about us without us”) as well as recognition that autistic thinking may yield innovative solutions. Some self-advocates interpret genetics research as eugenics, see causal explanations as irrelevant, and view treatment as coercive conformity. As with many other disability communities, their focus is on community supports, educational and occupational services, and civil rights. Incorporating consciousness and fitting out ignorance and unconscious persecution