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Fitness America Weekend 2012

Here are photos from the Fitness America Weekend 2012 held in Las Vegas, Nevada in November 2012.

Muscle Mania Space City 2012

Here are photos from Muscle Mania Space City 2012, held in Houston, TX.

Muscle Mania Lone Star 2012

Photos from the Muscle Mania Lone Star event held in Fort Worth, Texas in the fall of 2012. This was one of the first events that I competed in since getting back into competitive natural bodybuilding.

October 7, 2013

Fitness America Weekend 2013

My next major competition will be Fitness America Weekend 2013 at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 22-23, 2013!

I’m really excited for this upcoming event and I’m currently working hard on preparing to compete!


October 1, 2013

The Heroes Of Autism: The Ones Who Talk About It

The intimate aspects in the journey of life in what autism looks like. For the parents, clinicians, educators, researchers, siblings, therapists, care takers, and those of you who acknowledge the design of the blue print in this soul that is so unique….

It takes a special and compassionate, open minded individual to participate in the expression of the journey of an autistic soul. The presentation offered to assist to serve the challenging path speaks on levels more individuals need to become. Your delivered awareness  in realizing the depth in the reality of the interpretation of existence in this being within itself is a higher moral alignment . Each day I am observing in my work, and through events in my day that people are steadily becoming more embracing in really really seeing the unique way this is in relation to a different attunement to life.

For me, it is through those whom see my quality, the unique offerings I speak and through an abstract format. I am strengthened when I am treated as the rest and can offer my view and ideas on a goal, thought, etc and have it embraced, cultivated and put into action in the unique way I come up with it and explain it. Putting pieces together is easy for me…… Like matching pieces together, in a grid or matrix of parallels that have some sort of connection.

For me the energy behind those whom see that there is a system to this an influence of unique strategy that is uncanny to the common empowers me and I can do more. Feel confident to share more of this world and how it comes through. I have recently over the past few years come into a new experience with others that embrace my design and have stepped and engage with me in a gentle way to assist me with the basic NT aspects of the daily things in life that generally simple for the average, but more of a challenge to me.

Thank you all for supporting each Autistic Mind



“Every 11 minutes an American child is diagnosed with autism” – Autism Speaks

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability.  We need    your help to support families with children on the autism spectrum    and invite you to:
PLEASE JOIN US at one of our upcoming VOLUNTEER        ORIENTATIONS:

  • Tuesday, October 1, 6:30-8pm at Berry Hill Baja Grill, 13703        Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land
  • Wednesday, October 2, 9:30-11am at Classic Chevrolet, 13115        Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land

If you cannot attend, please share with others that may be interested in helping us to PROVIDE HELP and CREATE HOPE for children living with autism.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities, please visit   .
Together, we can be the difference.
Together Everyone  Achieves More    – we hope you’ll join our team