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September 30, 2013

Attune to the Guiding Principle of Health

Once you are in tune with yourself and everything around you,

Sharing the aspect with others of  the interwoven aspect that the guiding principle of health is that healing starts in the home. The idea that we are all connected…. all people and things collectively.  It is the concept and understanding universally in maintaining physical activity, a positive attitude, visualization, harmonious relationships with others, and all things in a faith in a power beyond oneself connected to breathing and meditation.

Be A Participant

On this day I want to take a moment to thank everyone whom has come together in my journey as we have moved through aspects in support for one another, with one another to reinforce empowerment and healing.

I extend my sincere gratitude to those whom have embraced me  in all that I am and all that my life has been for this moment in the journey of my soul to come forward and share about the experience it has been. Give to the community aspects about it that they can relate to that proved them with the steadfast mindset to be victorious, remove the negativities and unhealthy aspects holding them back from their potential so that they cultivate the nourishing aspects of a healthy happy and successful love filled life. The power that the gesture of a gentle hand of kindness and support can uplift a person in the most amazing ways through the participating aspect of acknowledging them.

I have come to learn about the character of people in many ways. The ones who are self-serving and will look away. And the ones who step in with an outstanding level of integrity to assist and help another…. One of the first most aspects to really see a person in their truth and level of credibility of character. Seeing their level of participation in a space of compassion and nonego and in offering care and aid to someone in need or whom is suffering and needs support demonstrates an exceptional way of being .

I know what both aspect of this look like and I am taking this moment to acknowledge you all : Kathi, Kerri, Terry, Chris, Alexa, Bryan, Jodie, Brent,  Lance, Shannon, Jeff, Janette, Linda, Katherine to name a few…

As  I am recently coming into taking off with new and amazing vehicles to give back to the community and I join a collective of individuals with an alignment in doing the same.

I would like to acknowledge Dr Naghavi and the team that surrounds him. The magic in the energy behind cultivating a vehicle that supports the envisioned growth surrounding this energy in supporting wellness on all levels, mind, body, and spirit.  As we bring this forward and expand the outreach to serve other in a positive and uplifting way. Allow me to say what a profound aspect the figure arena and platform I am back in the circuit of is  that propels us forward as a team to give to others in such a way and in a vision to nourish the quality of their lives.

I am back on course with a few minor changes over the course of the past few months coming into completion. I am eager to announce that I will be on stage again before the end of this year… And in better condition each day!

To you…. everyone who are a participant in the aspect of allegiance and  vision to help make everything  happen as a whole and from the heart.

It takes everyone and we all have our part!!

September 29, 2013

September Released

My life as it is, has been, and in its becoming in the divinity portrayed purpose opens. Time unveils truth in the healing revealed in me, through me, for me and the strength that pushes me through the calling that illustrates the future aspects of what the message of the measure embedded in the autistic definition.

The unbinding waves of understanding the process in the synergy in the relationship in healing between energy, DNA, quantum healing and clearing out a completely old wave of energy  propelling and paradigm shift is transcendent in nature to evolution and in light.  Mind Body Spirit Congruency……is KEY

This month of September overthrows my know existence, in this lifetime and those preceding that are and have been in continuance to the perpetuating cycle that I am shifting out, unbinding and in a state of clarity healing. This process changes the code….  as it relates to the codes of our genetic incarnation, allow me to explain it is the children and adults with autism here to restructure the old codes, illuminating higher vibrations that cultivate and bring forth the energy to expand global awareness and assist humanity by showing what suffering looks like through what has been created through lower vibrations of self serving actions.

All matter of the Universe resonates with rhythms of energy, the body follows the brain, the brain sparks the intent and there is a ripple effect in the human experience based by intension from the brain carried out in action. The universe registers this action, in service or disservice corresponding to the energy behind the  thought intended.

Those rhythms in reality are serving or not in serving in accordance  to the energy system vibrations to all and even more delicately in sensitivity in nature to the autistic. Exuding the consequence to invoke awareness and realignment into a high field in how life is appreciated through the harm incurred in the community of autism is teach and serve as a vehicle to bring humanity into a place of common regard and awareness. Coexisting as the a whole with understanding from the perspective of the local and nonlocal planes of truth of self is key.

I have worked to unbind the journey of my life to come forward at this time to give to you what this is. Revealed the suffering in my own real life humility in concurrence of what it has been, why and what I did to heal and never give up. Only find confidence in seeking answers in a confident and unique place  to share with you in and through the system of our universal code.

August and September in the cycles of my life present change, there is an identified shift annually, and sequential from there backwards, in turn propelling me forward to unbind and heal.

I have decided this month as much falls away from me to allow for the new experience I have been seeking. I am moving into to this expression as a place that begins showing more about the real aspects of my real life as yours is real to you. Overcoming past traumas and sharing with others about this chapter because I am not alone, nor are you.

Self trust has been a huge marker for me, and trust to reclaim my position on the fitness stage. I have done this and I am continuing on this journey, mindfully, with the care and support of those who understand the message behind the example of recovery, perseverance, and example of empowerment to all.  This bench mark in time is predetermined  for the “Kissing” of the old hardships and confusion, abuses from others, lack of regard observed goodbye….. Stepping into my shoes again in the perfection of me” IS PERFECT”

Make availability to give yourself permission for change.  Take from me the inspiration and tools that resonate with you to be empowered in your truth, essence and strength to manifest clarity and change for what you intend for yourself in high order. Cultivate a place to mindfully to understand your code, and  unbind what is no longer serving you in a place of strength to  keep you surrounded in positivity, good health, security, and grace as the old falls away from you.

Delete what does not serve you, let the past fall out, and make space for new. Accept yourself first and therefore you will become open, allowing, accepting to more.


September 27, 2013

Life Journey through Autism: A Guide to Safety


While nearly every parent is concerned for the safety of his or her child, “thinking safety” may not always be the initial impulse after receiving an autism diagnosis. However, as evidenced by the unfortunate series of wandering incidents among children and adolescents on the spectrum, doing so can mean the difference between life and death. Recognizing this need for information at critical points along the lifespan, OAR is preparing to deliver A Guide to Safety, the eighth resource in its Life Journey through Autism series.

The goals of A Guide for Safety, which OAR expects to release in June 2014, are simple:

  • Educate parents about the potential safety risks that may affect their children across the lifespan
  • Help parents teach good safety habits that will build a foundation for adulthood
  • Help teenagers and adults with autism detect, prevent, and address potential safety threats

The guide will begin with a discussion of the importance of safety and an explanation of why people with autism are especially vulnerable to certain types of threats. The guide will include an overview of the most critical threats from birth through adulthood, taking into account other characteristics such as environment (home, school, community, etc.) and severity. Each threat will be described in detail: How does it manifest itself? What are the potential impacts? Are there any relevant statistics I should know about? Most importantly, the guide will cover planning and prevention strategies, as well as tips for managing emergency situations as they arise.

A hallmark feature of every Life Journey through Autism guide is an appendix section that is full of details and practical advice. OAR plans to include a threat detection scale and safety checklists for both parents and self-advocates, a template for teaching basic childhood safety skills based on the principals of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), tips for interacting with law enforcement officials and other first responders, and more.
Have any recommendations for topics to cover within the guide? Interested in being part of the community review process?

Please contact Ben Kaufman, director, programs and community outreach, at 703-243-9762 or

September 26, 2013

Integrative Autonomic Manipulation


Over the past few months my life has been undergoing a warp speed of changes that continue to unbind the unpleasantries I’ve experienced in my life journey that triggered what we label as autism. My journey has been as expression of events, environments and conditions that became compiled in the most deepest and profound ways and inevitably took a toll. I have never really had others realize the severity of things happening in my life that occurred nor acknowledged neurologically. My energy system is unique, I know that, and I always have. What  I didnt know is that the negative situations and environments, things I had heard were doing serious damage to me on other levels and other ways.

I am determined to prevent others who have an innate naivety in their way of being from ever being hurt in many ways that I have been. I intend to do this by sharing my journey and informing them about what they need to know to be safe, prepared, aware, and healthy. How to reconnect, in the event of disconnect…

I have intended this vehicle to share in service to others as a means to empower them, help them heal, and create a cultivated means of balance and homeostasis mind, body, and spirit. How to choose nourishing environments to flourish in the life that encompasses the journey of their soul in a magical way to reflect the magical essence of their truth.

In my projected awareness with the seemingly warp speed activated express train I am on with many ongoings in my life, I have to be very mindful. I create a space for myself that is sacred to my existence to serve me in such a way to stay balanced and focused. This includes the last wave in healing that I am moving through at this time and the physical symptoms that I must manage .As I connect with my guides and angels I specifically ask them to assist me in providing me with the means to access what I need to heal as part of the expression in my own unbinding and also in sharing about the experience with others in devotion to serving helping them.

Lately knew I needed assistance in activating my brain to restore another wave in the repair journey I have been on for the past 6 years.

In the same day I was blessed with exactly what I have not only needed, but exactly what I asked for pertaining to binaural sound vibration healing, and activation.

This is a practice that has been apart of my journey on a certain level through the unbinding and healing journey I have moved through.

I am delighted to share with you the blessing that crossed my path in strengthening homeostasis for me through sound…….

Integrative Autonomic Manipulation


I invite you to view this creative effort to help everyone achieve homeostatic balance. this is a paradigm shift in health and healing.

Namaste and Ansaluia

Evolution of the Soul in Modern Time

To Awaken.  This type of work is what could be called the Work of Spirit… to use Spirit in this sense can also refer to the Soul or the Ka which, for our current purposes, is You.  You come from another dimension; another world; another plane; another time??? Matters not, none of it.  What matters the most is that You ARE in fact ‘here’ regardless of your story/ies.  Not all souls are on the same stage of awakening and there are many levels of awakening on the path.

Awakening.  It is the subtlest and simplest of things, and therefore theoretically the easiest.  However, subtle and easy though it may be, quite often it is easier said than done.  To understand better what is meant here, we should want to seek a simplified model to relate to.  Things that are simple and easy should be(and usually are) fun, if not effortless.  Let us begin,

Suppose that the essence of becoming Awakened boils down to the art of shifting Awareness?  And, to make matters easier, let’s suppose that the amount of shifting required is only a few degrees!?  Wouldn’t that be fantastic?  Oh wait a second, we are taught by generations of lessons that good things usually are produced from hard work and that it needs to be difficult in order for the fruit to be worth it’s weight in gold, right?  Sorry, but no not this time.  With the Art of Awakening you just need to play the worlds most simplest game -Simple, but cunningly subtle.

The object of the game is to learn how to shift Awareness by Degrees!  And you only need 2 degrees!  If you do this then the winnings of the game will be all-apparent.  Now then, as with any cunningly subtle and simple game it wouldn’t be right if it didn’t offer some form of challenge – just ask any crossword puzzle person what crosswords they would consider challenging, not the easy ones I bet.  But how can the worlds most simplest game offer any challenge?

It’s simple: the amazing degree of cunning subtlety!! It is right there in front of you 100% of the time throughout life and yet you miss it, you walk by it, you do everything else but it- day after day, night after night and you are totally fooled by it.  What a predicament, is it not?  To help this model along let us take a look at how we are set up being-ship wise.


Hi! Welcome to Earth.

To be here you have to undergo certain arrangements.  As you will recall, this level of world isn’t exactly the same as the Soul’s Home.  Heavy dense reality… time is slow as molasses; beings here show up as people and they are locked into one form and can’t morph.  Ack! It is SOOOO not home.

We, soul-beings are essentially formless in our natural pure state of existence.. You bet! come on folks, we are points of awareness, we form into whatever we need or want. How did it come to be like this? Stuck in a slow moving reality? Well to be honest We are here to wake up- and if we were already awake before coming here then we came here to help others to wake up- and over all our awakening activity on the planet helps her to Wake up (more).

As souls we also have a day and night.  We get up in the morning and get ready for a days work.  AH yes (here we go- the Work of Spirit)! We get up with an idea of our day ahead of us… we get ready to go- and we don energy suits… now, since we are essentially formless soul beings and we are mostly comprised of marvelous glorious pure energy (OMG! so divine) we actually have to extend ourselves out.. into a form, a model of our to be, human body.. This energy suit is our undergarments- kind of like long-johns.  But you’re wondering, didn’t I just say we are made up of glorious energy and then we have to extend ourselves into a energy suit? Yep, that is correct, but the Energy suit is a stepped down degree of energy that is what we call Ethereal or Astral- (any like term works here).  Once we are wearing our to-be human forms we ride that beam of light (This part happens instantly it seems.  What a rush.. so seamless.. I remember the white light ride, do you?)  and Whamo! we end up in our Mother’s womb.  I know what you’re thinking at this point:  Great! Further encased in Time and Space.. ACK! It’s crazy I know, now we have to wait for the flesh body to catch up with our Body suits.. What? you didn’t think it was ALL genetics did you? LOL not all- There is a great deal of mingling going on between flesh body and energy suit 😀

So that is that- our life in the fleshy suit is a day’s worth of work (or ‘class’ whatever metaphor you want to play with) When you get to the end of your work you discard the fleshy suit (icky work clothes yuck!) and punch out, then it’s relax time.. go find a bar and chat up your friends while you decelerate.. then later on when you’re ready you retire for the evening get a good rest and come back for more the next day.

Is this all speculative? Sure!  However, I happen to think this is probably a close parallel to how it actually is- if you leave out the cases of exceptions.  The takeaway here is the idea of a double suited body system with an implied 3rd element.  Take off your flesh body and you will be standing in your energy-long johns- take those off and what is there? You, soul you.. the original-original you.  Basically You are Twice Removed from your true Home.

Once we moved down a notch to the Ethereal plane where we wear our to-be-human forms.. we became Once removed from our true Homes… then once we entered our mama’s womb, we became Twice Removed from home.  My how we have been fooled! Folks, this is not home at all.

Now you see why it’s important to play the Shift Awareness Game!  Right now, the only way you can possibly feel present in the body is exactly because the presence of the Soul is warming the Corpse!  And this is done, via the energy Suit!  Make sense? Once the light of the soul and the warmth of the Soul leaves- the body then becomes a Corpse.  It is a corpse now, but our presence keeps it animated and stimulated so it doesn’t decompose.  but if you give it a chance it will.    So Your Awareness can be seated (nestled if you will) in either 1 of 3 places.  Ready to play the game?  Here’s how you can go about it:


Start by thinking in earnest and with contemplative-reflection. I am here because of my ethereal suit.. right now, right here- the only reason why I feel as if I am here is  because of something that is not of the earth.  Remember, the challenge is in the cunning subtlety.

Are you a human being with a soul? or are you A Soul being wearing a flesh-body?  Your Awareness probably is stuck in the human being part, – but alas, how doth the mind complicate things.

Think of the lunacy folks! ‘Humans with souls’??.. and what is this nonsense about sucking your soul away?  Are you kidding me? Wow, it’s not even close to the reality- the Soul is so Sovereign and Divine that not even the universe would dare interfere.  And yet the people of this planet talk about the soul as if it is a commodity that can be taken away.   Can you see how all this type of thinking merely reflects where the Awareness is seated?

If your Awareness is Seated in the flesh body then of course you would look back at the soul as some obscure and distant or vague abstract thing- that you may or may not have.  The Ego as we like to call it is also in High Tide when the Awareness is seated in the body.  However as you begin to play the worlds most simplest game- you put into motion gears that help that needle shift to move the Awareness back.

You can actually learn to identify with your Energy Suit.. and for a while you will feel as if that is the Original You- why? because the Energy Suit is your ideal human form that came first- all you did with your flesh body is make it grow to fit. When at this stage of the game you know that what you feel as being present in the flesh is the presence of your energy body.  At this stage you are mid way to returning the Awareness back to Soul-

After a while you will begin shift awareness back further and realize that you can step out of your energy suit even! like holy crap! Just imagine that.. to be freer after being free of the flesh awareness? Yippie!  And then, that big day comes when you stop to say- wait a second.. who is this awareness that is able to step outside so many bodies?  I think it is safe to say- that that moment is utterly indescribable.

That is the game- move your awareness back- see if you can shift.. it’s easy but subtle— and yes of course you can do all of this shifting while living. This is the reason for being born don’t forget!  We are here to do this very thing I believe, and the very act of moving awareness is undeniable! you can’t miss it either and there is no guess work, it happens in flashes and insights-

Namaste £ Ansaluia


September 24, 2013

Involver Encodes Key?


The expression of design resides in the translation encoded by the vehicle of which the symmetry of harmony is attuned.  That which we have labeled as “autism” is an imbalanced being of a khz electrical system that need to find homeostasis here in the human experience.

Taking a person and understanding the energy system of their divinity will allow greater understanding to the point of reference of what is going on with them and the aspects they need to heal, this encompasses harmonizing sympathetic resonance through facilitating energy frequencies that align each being from a biospecific  postion and identified space of the translation of their individual specific frequency ratio.

I am encouraged to bring forth at this time a documentary of how I balance and carry  a kHz vibration of over 200, ( autistics carry high resonance frequency, no two are the same or from the same origin of source creator ). I will be blogging more personal details of my life expression and daily journey of what this management system looks like and who the players are that assist me in the balance of how this works.

Ill begin with bringing forth awareness of the Autonomic Nervous System and the Endocrine System, how binaural vibration is a noninvasive alternative approach to rewiring trauma in the brain that blocks its ability to connect and function in harmony.

The body seeks balance…… If the brain isn’t firing the proper codes through electrical circuits because they misfire or do not fire from a trauma there is no ability to have homeostasis in the body to maintain internal equilibrium or adjust to ongoing physiological processes.

In short I am conducting how Binaural beats assist me in my journey and what this has done for me and the recovery of my physiological homeostasis after many years of suffering with now answers or balance. In turn, the reconnect, demonstrates that we can, together, “GET OUR CHILDREN TALKING”

I have and I am still moving into a complete repair created by cultivating a vehicle of harmonic sound frequency healing. Binaural Beats create a coherence in both hemispheres of the brain, Coherence is  demonstrated  during transcendental meditation (International Journal of Neuroscience # l4: 147-151, 1981)

The brain follows sound………The body follows the brain…………………..

Binaural Beats utilize the body’s core biological structures and triggers the body’s physiological processes into alignment with source creator or the divinity of the individual ( natural healing key and optimal performance)

I invite you to surround yourself in love and an atmosphere that embraces nurturing you in your balance and in a place of support and positivity and care.

Energy and matter of environments are essential to the fundamental in these polarities of the same substance: Vibrational Content  moving at different rates. (Einstein)

Storing its form and memory in the compressibility of core geometry and the universal numerical system


September 20, 2013

Hope For Three

THANK YOU to those that attended the 3rd Annual Lite Lunch & Dazzling Desserts last week!  It was an inspiring afternoon full of fun, food and friendship.

We also invite YOU to PLEASE JOIN US at one of our upcoming


  • Tuesday, October 1, 6:30-8pm at Berry Hill Baja Grill,
  • 13703 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land
  • Wednesday, October 2, 9:30-11am at Classic Chevrolet,
  • 13115 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land

If you cannot attend, please share with others that may be interested in helping us to PROVIDE HELP and CREATE HOPE for children living with autism.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities, please visit    or please call 1-800-317-0787.
Without YOU, we could never have achieved so much.

Love and Light!!!!

September 19, 2013

Connecting Autism, the Brain and the Hologram

AUTISM is a biological disorder which affects social cognition, and understanding brain abnormalities of the former will elucidate the brain basis of the latter. We report structural MRI data on 15 high-functioning individuals with autistic disorder. A voxel-based whole brain analysis identified grey matter differences in an amygdala centered system relative to 15 age- and IQ-matched controls. Decreases of grey matter were found in anterior parts of this system (right paracingulate sulcus, left inferior frontal gyrus). Increases were found in posterior parts (amygdala/peri-amygdaloid cortex, middle temporal gyrus, inferior temporal gyrus), and in regions of the cerebellum. These structures are implicated in social cognition by animal, imaging and histopathological studies. This study therefore provides converging evidence of the physiological basis of social cognition.[Abell]

The amygdala is made up of nuclei
and is the size of an almond
and in the shape of a pinecone.
It is located in  the temporal lobes,
of each hemisphere of the brain,
left of the hypothalamus
and adjoining  the hippocampus.
together with the
coordinates the actions of the
Autonomic Nervous System[ANS]
and the
Endocrine System[ES]
The amygdala sends impulses to the
hypothalamus for activation
of the sympathetic nervous system.
The amygdala is the ALERT center,
triggering the secretions of the hormones.
It is the FREEZE, FIGHT or FLIGHT center
The alert to the creative process,
the alert to our opportunity of choice,
how we direct our focus and intent.
which chakra,
which meridians,
which organ systems
 we are holographic fractals of the whole
because of our sympathetic resonance
with the whole
we influence the whole
and we are influenced by the whole
we are part of the fabric
go in peace.
The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA or HTPA axis), also known as the limbic-hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (LHPA axis) and, occasionally, as the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-gonadotropic axis, is a complex set of direct influences and feedback interactions among the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland (a pea-shaped structure located below the hypothalamus), and the adrenal (also called “suprarenal”) glands (small, conical organs on top of the kidneys).
The interactions among these organs constitute the HPA axis, a major part of the neuroendocrine system that controls reactions to stress and regulates many body processes, including digestion, the immune system, mood and emotions, sexuality and energy storage and expenditure. It is the common mechanism for interactions among glands, hormones, and parts of the midbrain that mediate the general adaptation syndrome (GAS).[1] While steroids are produced only by vertebrates, the physiological role of the HPA axis and corticosteroids in stress response is so fundamental that analogous systems can be found in invertebrates and monocellular organisms as well.
The “social” brain is comprised of a network of neural regions which includes the amygdala [Brothers]

The amygdala is one of several neural regions that are affected in autism.
I_A_M_KEY reaches these
and triggers their alignment with
Social intelligence is defined here as our ability to interpret others’ behaviour in terms of mental states (thoughts,
intentions, desires, and beliefs), to interact both in complex
social groups and in close relationships, to empathize with
others’ states of mind, and to predict how others will feel,
think, and act. Using the term social intelligence
synonymous with theory of mind [1].1
Autism is a neuropsychiatric condition that disrupts the development of social
intelligence. Studies of autism can therefore allow us to
study the neural basis of social intelligence.
The idea that social intelligence might be independent of
general intelligence comes from four sources.
² There are individuals who are capable of considerable
understanding of the non-social world (e.g. physics,
maths, engineering) yet who readily admit to finding
the social world confusing [2,3].
² The opposite type of individual also exists: people who
have no difficulty interacting with the social world but
who find non-social problem-solving confusing [4].
² Certain kinds of brain damage (e.g. to the amygdala) can
cause selective impairment in social judgement [5] without any necessary loss to general problem-solving ability.
Loss of social judgement can of course co-occur with
memory and executive dysfunction [6], but the functional
double dissociation between social and non-social intelligence suggests their neural independence.
² Many primatologists now believe that social problemsolving (independently of other factors such as tool-use
or other non-social problem-solving) was a key driving
force behind the evolution of primate intelligence [7].
A neural basis of social intelligence was first proposed by
Brothers [8]. She suggested from both animal lesion studies
[9], single cell recording studies [10], and neurological
studies (cited above) that social intelligence was a function
of three regions: the amygdala, the orbito-frontal cortex
(OFC), and the superior temporal sulcus and gyrus (STG).
Together, she called these the “social brain”. Elsewhere, we
have considered the contributions of the OFC and STG to
autism [11,12]. The focus is on the role of the
amygdala in social intelligence, and develop an amygdala
theory of autism. The theory proposed that the amygdala is
one of several neural regions that are necessarily abnormal
in autism.