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August 31, 2013

The Gift of Having An Autistic Friend

“I was deeply touched by the great sense of support and genuine regard for one another that was so obvious when Chris and Shane did their presentation at Vroman’s.  The total absence of being competitive in any way combined with their great sensitivity to one another is all to rare in our culture.  They were truly cheer leaders for one another– pointing out the other person’s talents and accomplishments and stepping in with prompts for the other person when necessary. Their friendship is truly edifying and sets an example for all of us of ‘how to call forth another person’s best.’  They know the true meaning of friendship.” Connie Kalter, Vromans, August 2013

by Debra Hosseini

There is a myth that autistic people can’t bond and make meaningful friendships. I’ve observed many on the spectrum who have closer friendships than many neuro-typicals. They may not have a lot of friends, but the ones they have are deep.

A couple of weeks ago I was at Vroman’s bookstore in Pasadena for a book signing, invited by the dynamic Kelly Green of As always we invited participants in the crowd to show their art and share the projects they were working on. Everyone in the crowd was impressed with Chris and Shane. Chris and Shane have been friends since the third grade. They seem to have a closeness and bond that only a few of us experience with friends.

When Shane was sharing his animation drawings, Chris asked questions of Shane which brought out the best of Shane and made him shine. Shane did the same for Chris. You could tell there was no competitiveness or jealousy in their friendship. Each of them truly wanted the best for each other. I was sitting next to the coordinator for the event, Connie Kalter, who was deeply impressed. Many think that autistic people are unable to make friends. The events I participate in show this is far from the truth.

Chris and Shane inspired this blog. They made me think of the many friendships develop over the years I’ve been facilitating the Art of Autism project. Often people on the spectrum make better friends as they seem to value important things rather than the superficial.

Many times friendships develop among different-aged participants. This ends up looking more like a mentorship-friendship. For example, last year in Ventura everyone was impressed when Andrew Mendoza gave Kai Viruleg a painting of a Collie that Kai admired. The gesture was beautiful and genuine

Andrew Mendoza and his mom Rosie received a beautiful painting in the mail a few months ago from Michael Tolleson. Wyatt, Kelly Green’s son also received a painting from Michael. That made me think of how the cycle continues. Generosity of spirit is what friendship is about.

Friendship can develop between nonverbal and verbal people. Last year, I wrote an article for Autism Eye about the artist Eddie Callis from the U.K. Eddie has developed a close relationship with the amazing vocalist Kyle Coleman. Kyle is nonverbal. Eddie encourages Kyle in the arts and thinks one day he can help Kyle to speak. They have a true friendship. Now there is a blog last year about the Autism Movement Therapy workshop, where Dani Bowman reached out to my son Kevin. Dani is a friend to many.

In Hollywood at Mr. Musichead, Dylan Aragon sang with Nick Guzman accompanying him. Nick stepped out of the spotlight to allow, Dylan to shine. The owner Sam, told me later, that our event was “life changing” for him. I think he told me this because the average person who doesn’t know many autistic people have preconceived ideas about autism, that may be far from the truth. That is because the media has done a number on us.The Art of Autism hopes to continue our events in the future. We hope to see many more friendships continue to blossom and grow. I would to share “Just Listen” because when we listen we can be better




August 26, 2013

Partners Resource Network

Wikipedia ( defines autism as a “disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. Autism affects information processing in the brain by altering how nerve cells and their synapses connect and organize; how this occurs is not well understood.”

Many do not understand the given threshold or know that it comes in an overload of contributing stressors specific to each individual without limit. Identifying what that exact trigger is when it happens is usually layered beyond just only the identified smoking gun that one would think was the sole catalyst. (an example of this would be vaccines) there are countless contributors that induce the altering neurological overload that becomes the impacting catalyst into a long journey of coping, understanding, and adapting to the permanent condition we as a society know as Autism.

Allow me to share with you below the Partners Resource Network that supports the collective autistic community and provides support for those whose lives are impacted by it and for those who join to provide care and support…

Partners Resource Network
Your statewide Parent Training & Information Center
Online Webinars available as well as videos on Procedural Safeguards


August 25, 2013

Intended Autistic Energy of Source for Collective Healing by Way of Unique Creation

I would like to share with you an awareness from the spiritual perspective that dictates the purpose behind each unique specific frequency of the autistic one… The Geometry behind the energy intended of these beings is to share the gift of cosmic healing energy brought forth to our new earth and ascension process of your individual evolution and choice.

Enjoy this video explanation to tap into the gateway within you and into the grand calling for all by source unique for the collective. Namaste`

August 24, 2013

Integrative Therapeutics, Immune and GI Support

Glutamine Forté delivers a therapeutic level of L-glutamine in combination with Theracurmin™, a novel water-dispersible form of turmeric with dramatically enhanced curcumin bioavailability. L-glutamine has been extensively studied and shown to restore healthy gut barrier function and permeability.* It also enhances immune system function and tissue repair.* Theracurmin is over 27 times more bioavailable than standard turmeric, for optimal support of the body’s inflammatory pathways

August 21, 2013

Autism, fifty years since known discovery

The first generation of children who were first diagnosed with Autism in the 1960′s are now moving gradually towards old-age. What needs to change to enable society to deal with the specific needs of an Autistic person who is nearing old age?

There is no research into how this population of people diagnosed with Autism  will be supported into old age. Governments are aware that people in general are living longer lives, and have policies in place to provide for people post-retirement, but what about those who require extra care?

Those that surround the number of individuals that contribute to the number of the ones aging with disabilities is predicted to double. It stands at around 1.5 Million at the moment, not including the thousands that are living in the country undiagnosed. Autism brings with it communication, socialization and sensory issues, but physical and mental health issues could have a far reaching effect as the individuals grow older.

Those aging will not be under the care of their parents for ever as life processes take natural course. So, who will care for them in later years?

The National Autistic Society of Great Britain has just launched it’s campaign Autism in Maturity to explore the difficulties of supporting an older generation with Autism. It’s aims are to fully research the problem by conducting case studies, providing support for families, and working with Government to make sure provision, as in housing and personal or social care,  is adequate for the older Autistic individual to ensure ‘good practice’ is maintained.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Caroline Hattersley, head of information, advice and advocacy for the NAS said that it was imperative that government bodies work together to “grasp the idea of the challenge of ageing with Autism.”


August 18, 2013

Lite Lunch Dazzling Desserts


I invite you to share and join us as we enter our third year advocating for awareness and help fund therapies for children with autism.

Presented by WESTPORT BUILDERS, Hope for Three and Honorary Chairperson Barbara Jones invite you to our Annual Lite Lunch and Dazzling Desserts Luncheon. Along with food, fellowship and fun, is an opportunity to assist in Hope for Three’s mission to bring hope, to one child, one family, one community at a time. Details for the event can be read at



The Many Faces of Autism

Announcing Hope for Three third annual photo calendar contest, The Many Faces of Autism.

To learn
It’s a great way for us to share in understanding about Autism and 100% of proceeds raised benefit our Family Assistance program to help fund therapies for children living with autism.   Cover winner awarded $250 and the contest ends 9/20.  Any child on the spectrum from anywhere can enter. The calendar is intended to be available early October for a tax-deductible donation of $10. I invite you to share this with those whom surround you for the collective efforts to assist in many aspects for the common purpose.


Mary and Max

I know as an adult with Autism expressing the reality of what this world looks like is somewhat unique in the expression of how it really is, and why…. For the community to have a more clear point of reference I have come to learn that sometimes a useful vehicle is toward movies and TV shows to learn more about Autism in a less clinical and more personal manner. On that note please allow me to share with you a little movie called Mary and Max. A small Australian animation that is a beautiful piece of work and it has a really touching and sensitive portrayal of a adult living with Asperger’s  syndrome.

Mary and Max (2009)                   

Directed by Adam Elliot. With Toni Collette, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Barry Humphries, Eric Bana. A tale of friendship between two unlikely pen pals: Mary, a lonely, eight-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Melbourne, and Max, a forty-four-year…

August 14, 2013

Autism, Entangled Energy – Sending, Joining, and Receiving Thoughts Through Paranormal Channels

Greetings Dear Friends,

Through the journey of my daily activities and those whom surround me there is always a new presentation implemented in some way that invokes a potential change and open direction. Seemingly this occurs for me in the most unique ways, and the paradigm shift intended for me by way of the Universe opens for me to share more about the energy and soul connection behind what Autism is in the nature of all that it is. For adults and children with autism it is profoundly important for the NT community to see, know and understand the sensitivity in nature of how deeply impacted we are (be it either negative or positive) and the spiraling waves that follow in the reality of pertaining to the mind, body, and spirit connection. Over the past week radical changes propel me forward and I have to pace myself through the balancing act of keeping congruency in the reality of  what this looks like and managing it. New presentations force me into a reality that is not familiar to me and I know I must learn to objectively prepare…. But what does that look like? How do I do that? If I don’t have a file to find options to create choice other than what I know… Yet, I on some level know that much, how do I manage the evolving states of change and unfamiliar aspects of them.  Through the detail of all of this I came across a wonderful article that is informative and very well describes what people need to understand as a collective society in seeing the conscious state of the innocence about the autistic mind more accurately. This article brings forward the connection of the Universal energy that autism encompasses subconsciously, and why the most simple things are innately the most challenging for us to grasp. I have included this piece as follows to share in a greater light of understanding the multiple aspects surrounding what this is….  And how to embrace the unique qualities of the gifts that truly need to be supported and nourished in the reality of this unique way of being.

Joining at higher levels of consciousness with my friends with autism broadened my conception of the universe, as they led me on an internal journey to an ever-evolving belief system. Intuition, joined energy, direct knowing, and telepathy had now become part of my perceptual reality.

To send, to join, and to receive are the three key terms I have chosen to describing the process. Each has its purpose.

It is difficult to describe, but I will try.

“Sending” is a conscious effort to send mental prompts telepathically. I do this to help the student stay on track. I am allowing him to access answers through me. I purposely use this as a prompt in an attempt to help him organize his thinking which is often free flowing and lacks organization. Like visual, auditory motored, and gestured prompts, I fade

the mental prompts as acquisition of the material improves. It is like the student is lost in the woods without a map, I lend him my map, (brain) until he forms his own trail. (neurological pathways) At that point, I remove my map. (mental prompts) when I feel he has developed his neurological pathways enough so that he is capable of using his own map. (brain)

The purpose in this exchange is for me to be the dominant party or teacher as I invite the student into my consciousness. My objective is to reign in the student’s free flowing thought to help him understand conscious thought patterns and express them using our language system.

“Joining” is a meditative dance where I work in communion with the individual. I am holding the keyboard, sitting in close proximity, or offering some physical facilitated support. The purpose in this type of exchange is to lose my dominance and allow the person typing to lead me. Since they are so sensitive to my thoughts, or perhaps we are sensitive to each others thoughts, it is difficult to tell what is coming from their consciousness, what is coming from my consciousness, or what is coming from our joined consciousness, spiritual realm or universal cognitive field. The objective is to create a channels of free flowing subconscious thoughts.

“Receiving” is an intuitive narrative that I choose when my autistic partners are not physically present. I mentally ask them for guidance as I and scribe the answers received. It is similar to what is referred to as a stream of consciousness or automatic writing. Although this intuitive narrative, I suspect, may be somewhat influenced by my personal bias and knowledge base, I take the information very seriously.

The following questions and answers are examples of “received” thought or intuitive narrative.

Do you understand what I am “sending” mental prompts for teaching purposes?

It depends, for abstract thought is plentiful but concrete reality is different. It is an inverse relationship to your own way of thinking. You meditate to raise your vibration and to see energy, feel the touch of spirit, or hear its voice. It demands training and concentration on your part. The more you do it, the more astute you become at uniting self with soul. In order to access this realm, you must acknowledge the universal connection. When you are engaged in higher-level thought, we are more apt to engage and comprehend not only the words but also the meaning behind them. However, when you expect us to let go of that universal connection and operate in your ego language based reality, our free flowing thoughts often lack the organization to explain in the context of the physical body. Limit our field of possible responses or choices and we will be better able to access your domain. As acquisition occurs, slowly broaden the field. (E.g. what would you like to eat? Initial choice cards might be limited to two options-cookie and pencil.) Repetition, broadening of the field of options, and systematic removal prompts will assist us in developing receptive language.

Please explain the process that is occurring during thought “sharing” and “receiving.”

You are about to transcend the ordinary as you seek instruction from the extraordinary. It will come to you through the process of whispered voices. Any questions we are unable to answer, we will defer upward. Ask and you will receive!

What do you mean by defer upward?

We are guided by divine energy that unites all things and is devoid of ego.

Do you want to integrate fully?

We are all different, just as you are. Some of us serve as channels. Some of us are here to experience love just as any integrated human being. Some of us prefer to stay aloft, for it is our reality. In truth, it is an exalted state-one that allows our souls access to the universe.

While engaged in the process joining and receiving, please clarify what is occurring?

Trance is second nature to many of us, but it is an individual situation. Without the interference of ego, we have access to spiritual truth. It does not require a channeled experience amongst us. However, it does require one to share it with you. When you open your heart and join, everything else moves forward, intermingling energy so profound that one ceases to be alone. It is commingling that gives us strength.

Are you saying that it is our “joined subconscious thought” that is integral to the process?

Yes, however it is often more than the two of us. Our initial joining increases our ability access the spiritual realm, divine knowing or the universal cognitive field. We serve as a catalyst for each other when merged. “Joined” consciousness of two or more people can be more powerful than either one is alone. When “receiving” you also surrender to subconscious knowing and connection with all there is.

Are some of you able to communicate with each other?

Of course – we are of a similar vibration, but it is more like simultaneous knowing since we have access to the universal mind.

Do some of you have precognition?

Since we have access to the universal mind through the subconscious, it is not precognition for us. We operate in two worlds. Thus we understand both what is happening and the meaning behind it. But it is often difficult for us to communicate in the context of the physical body. We do not know outcomes because they are transient, but we can surmise trends based on current behaviors of the collective subconscious. We realize that a shift in those behaviors changes outcomes. That is what we attempt to do.

Do you prefer a particular philosophical thought?

We prefer a feeling state that is spiritual, loving, uniting, and knowing. Our thoughts are unbridled and separate us from self.

Do you believe joining energy can affect world consciousness?

Yes, we do. It is within the ability of all of us to manipulate mass consciousness with love. If people sit in loving meditation for an hour each day, tension subsides. Unencumbered movement of spiritual essence appears in its wake. This essence heals as it flows amongst us, removing the layers of negative thought and debris that have attached to the spirit of each person. Know that to acknowledge lack is to create it. Abundant love has no boundaries. It encompasses all in its path to embrace the oneness of spirit.

As you know I often anticipate what is going to be typed and fear I am influencing the outcome. How can I become less dominant and still keep the interaction going when “joining?”

As you know I often anticipate what is going to be typed and fear I am influencing the outcome.

Your next step is to transfer your dominance to those coming along for the ride by submitting to the unconscious thoughts of your passengers. Give them the wheel, so to speak, by stepping back and entrusting the vehicle to them. It is your fear of the upcoming crash that holds you back. It is your fear of letting go that is holding your passengers in a submissive position. Let them drive.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Truth is supported by the universe and eventually will move to the forefront. You are just meant to share, you are not meant to prove.

I worked with kids with autism for many years. They taught me more than I was able to teach them. My ever-evolving experiences with them suggest there is more to life than my preconceived sensory reality allowed me to believe. My work and ideas have been the result of “personal experiences” that I believe need to be studied. I am amazed that these incredible souls are being so under utilized. It is my belief that they should be paired with experts in various fields. Although they need the knowledge base and vocabulary of the agent or facilitator, their easy access to spirit, subconscious mind and/or universal field of knowledge gives them an advantage over more integrated souls. They may never be totally independent in their ability to express these higher level thinking skills, but believe me, they make incredible teammates. What a privilege it is to join with such a soul! The possibilities are limitless!

Article Source:

August 11, 2013

I See Angels

Dear Friends, I’m very happy to announce that my good Aspies friend David has his new album “I See Angels” –  “songs inspired by the Bahai Faith”  now available for download at CD Baby
He has been wanting to make this album for a long time.
It contains songs that deal with themes such as the Oneness of Mankind, the  Oneness of Religion, the troubled times in which we live and the hope for a  better future for us all. The wonderful flood of the Love, Grace and Blessings  of God, the importance of fellowship and unity as well as social concerns of the  times and the Spirit of the Age. These songs are suitable for use at Feasts, Devotions, Firesides and other spiritual gatherings.
They are a gentle way to introduce people of all faiths to the principles  of The Bahai Faith. I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you and support David’s talent. This is the latest of his recordings as every purchase you make goes towards helping him write and record more music.
(For those of you who use iTunes, the downloads can be easily transferred  to your iTunes library simply by opening iTunes and then dragging the files into  the music space)
Thank you all so very much for your support and encouragement in the circle of continuance.