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April 6, 2013

I Am That I Am: My Restorative Journey

pic 04032013Sound Harmonics, the Holographic Universe, and Quantum Energy, (the basis of everything that exists). And the matter, of which our physical bodies are a part, is energy that is shaped by consciousness.


I decided to share some recent experiences I am having through my own restorative journey as I navigate a hectic schedule.  I noticeably became acutely aware that I had an accelerated heightened awareness and more pronounced precognitive projection than usual.  I was hypersensitive to sounds and how I was aligning with what I refer to as sound wave projections from other dimensions and my ability to calibrate to the pulsing waves of energy of a higher frequency dimension. I have been so very blessed to be recognized by those whom surround me in the energy that makes me all that I am and my ability to calibrate to higher frequencies, the understanding of what that looks like for me, the sensitivity in nature that pertains to all that it is and the healing energy frequencies that are brought forth in and around this energy field. I would like to share with all of you a little more about this aspect of my life and how I navigate and negotiate my well being and realities with a high vibrational existence and balancing engaging in aligning environments and individuals around me.

Physically we must have the point of reference specific to us in the intersection of quantum physics and spirituality.  Essentially, when an unbalanced energy frequency in someone’s consciousness is present we develop physical symptoms.  Fractal geometry, patterning, numerical sequencing and the grid that is laid out in the matrix of universal harmonics and symbols reveals to me the information that resonates with me to see, know and understand, that I heal through oscillating pulsar frequencies that reset or harmonize the conscious state of being with the subconscious state of being. The delivered or aligning frequency re-attunes the energy disruption by way of which the energy is transformed through a neuro-receptive calibration of receptive repetition that corrects or clears the physical frequency that has been disrupted and realigns me in harmony with my spiritual frequency.

Remember, when the energy-that-is-us falls out of balance, that imbalance eventually manifests on the physical level as illness. Restore the energetic harmony, though, and the physical illness disappears.

I have included a very powerful and special link to share and explain more about what I am sharing with you about sound healing…


Enjoy….Namaste~ Amber

April 2, 2013

How IGF-1 and Chlorella Helped to Improve My Health

Here is a brief on two avenues I have found that have helped me improve my health and heal. I’d like to share this information with you in hopes that you may benefit from it or know someone who can.

Chlorella is unicellular green algae that is very powerful against cancer, the ravages of age and whole host of bodily problems.

Chlorella’s benefits begin with the fact that it is a highly concentrated source of chlorophyll; more concentrated than any other known plant in fact. Chlorophyll has been known to balance blood pressure levels and support tissue repair. It also helps to assist liver function and the detoxification of the bowels.

Chlorella is also known as an “intelligent detoxifier” in the body because it selectively binds to toxins but not to any of the nutrients that we need. It effectively searches out toxins and helps us to eliminate them but leaves all the valuable nutrients that our body needs for nourishment. Chlorella has 22 different peptides that bind with their own specific toxins. Uranium, Plutonium and Arsenic are included on Chlorella’s search and destroy list.

It leaves plenty of nutrients as it detoxifies while providing a plethora of its own nutrition. Chlorella contains all of the B Vitamins along with Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It also contains beta-carotene, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, rare trace minerals, Omega 6 fatty acids, and polysaccharides. It is over 50% protein and contains all of the essential amino acids. Along with all of those important vitamins and minerals, Chlorella also contains one of the most vital “vitamins” our bodies need; Vitamin D. You can find out just how important Vitamin D is here:

Chlorella binds with toxins and binds with heavy metals and removes them from our bodies. Chlorella can bind with a multiple of its own body weight and acts like a powerlifter in the heavy metal detox world. Heavy metals like mercury, aluminum, lead and cadmium can be very toxic to our bodies and have been linked to many diseases including Autism, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Crone’s Disease, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue. Removing these heavy metals can have amazing cognitive and physical benefits. For those of you who eat a lot of fish you may want to consider adding chlorella as a daily detox agent just to help protect you from the rising levels of mercury being found in all types of fish.

Individuals with Autism have a compromised immune system. Chlorella is also a powerful immune system booster as it encourages T-Cell activity. This increased T-Cell activity makes Chlorella a powerful cancer fighter. To find out more about what T-Cells do in our bodies you can go here:

Chlorella also aids in the digestion of food because it contains enzymes like pepsin and chlorophyllase.

If all that weren’t enough, Chlorella also helps to support the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract which can easily be depleted with antibiotics, harmful foods and stress. These beneficial bacteria are absolutely vital to our health and well being helping to prevent yeast overgrowth and encourage our elimination process.

Chlorella is also 18% chlorella growth factor (CGF) which is similar to Insulin Like Growth factor (IGF-1). IGF-1 has been referred to as a fountain of youth and excellent muscle repair supplement. CGF has been shown to enhance the RNA/DNA functions responsible for the production of proteins, enzymes and energy at the cellular level which stimulates tissue repair and protects cells against some toxic substances. IGF-1 has risks concerning tumor growth but obtaining it in the form of CGF from chlorella might actually offset these risks since Chlorella is such a powerful cancer fighter. You can find out more about the risks and benefits of IGF-1 here:


April 1, 2013

My Child Is Not Misbehaving …

“I look at my boy and reflect upon all of the times he has been treated as though he is bad or misbehaving by others because of his processing differences, and then the connection that this has had and the ongoing negative impact.  This can be changed – we need to support the positive perspectives of his differences.  Autism needs to be seen as a set of differences, instead of a set of deficits”.   ~~  Mom to an amazing son with unique differences.

On March 20th, the CDC announced “1 in 50 school age children has autism”.  Families need us now more than ever.  It is time to bring about change.

April is Autism Awareness Month.  This month is a celebration acknowledged both locally and nationally.  To commemorate the month long celebration in helping others view the positive differences for our differently able children, we invite you to show your support by joining Hope for Three in raising awareness and resources throughout the month of April.

April 2 and 10 – They’re being sweet and sharing treats! Enjoy a delicious treat at Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, 4767 Sweetwater Blvd.       

April 7 – Suds and duds will shine a light on autism!
Car Wash for Kids, Chase Bank, 4997 Sweetwater Blvd., 11am – 3pm.  Over 70 local high school students turn suds into support with an eco-friendly car wash.  

April 8 – It’s TEE time, bring your best swing and carry on!
Red E Golf – Stop by and take a swing at supporting autism awareness!  19875 SW Frwy. , Suite 140 (59 & 99).  Bring the family for fun, food and festivities; golf, shuffleboard, X-box and karaoke too!  Tickets $25. 

April 21 – Strike Out Autism!  

Join Hope for Three, the Sugar Land Skeeters and City Mayors opening weekend as we load up the bases with a Family Fun Day at Constellation Field.  Game time: 1:35.  We’re going to bat for families as we celebrate our unique and special children.   To purchase tickets:   Promo Code: H43


At Hope for Three our mission is simple:  Reach one child, one family, one community at a time by creating awareness and providing support to families living with autism.  

On behalf of Hope for Three and the families we serve, THANK YOU for your commitment in bringing about change and helping us give the gift of HOPE!


The Autism Society, Improving Lives of All Affected by Autism


  • The Autism Society’s efforts are focused on meaningful participation and self-determination in all aspects of life for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.
  • The Autism Society promotes individual, parental and guardian choice to assure that people on the autism spectrum are treated with dignity and respect.
  • The Autism Society proactively informs, influences, guides and develops public policy at the federal, state and local levels, including setting agendas for policymakers and legislators, for the benefit of the autism community.
  • The Autism Society is the respected voice of the autism community and the primary source for information by providing timely, frequent, relevant and professional communication.
  • The Autism Society works to ensure that every affiliate is a successful affiliate, sustained by a collaborative relationship between the national office and affiliates to realize mutual benefit and to protect the interests of both.
  • The Autism Society advocates for multi-disciplined approaches to autism research focused on improving the quality of life for individuals across the autism spectrum and their families.
  • The Autism Society works to ensure financial self-sufficiency and growth for all Autism Society operating units and integrated operations across all levels of the Autism Society.
Join the Autism Society in getting involved with the autism community this April.