Amber Black: Friend. Competitor. Advocate


Amber is the founder of Autisticfit Society, a 501.c3 nonprofit organization providing support through nutrition and exercise for those managing autism. She is AADP Board Certified Practitioner, World Champion Figure Universe Pro Athlete, GBO Pro Athlete, IBFF USA Womens First World Fitness Model Pro and nutrition expert, healer, world culture lover — and lives with autism.

This site was created to not only share her unique perceptions, insights and experiences as someone that lives with autism, it serves as a place where people can learn about autism and realize that there is a lot more to those that live with autism or any ASD condition than a lot of people think.

Be educated. Be inspired. Be empowered. We strive to update this website with the latest information available so that the world can have a better understanding of autism and ASD conditions.

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